January 13 Teun Castelein Show in Corrosia · Omroep Almere

On Friday January 13, 23, starting at 4 pm, the exhibition opens in the EXPO arena of the Corrosia, Expo & Film Theatre. flower objects.

This solo exhibition by artist Teun Castelein will provide Almere Haven with interactive flower decor for three months.

flower objects

Welcome to Teun Castelein’s photo studio. He built a decor that reflects the versatility of Almere Haven. With gerberas, flowers grown in every color of the rainbow in the Netherlands.

Visual artist Castelein is interested in tourist installations, including sculptures that invite the viewer to hold their head. They can be found all over the world. Castelein sees it as a folk art form and associates it with the flower parade culture.

Sculptures like this create a direct connection between the viewer and the art. Castelein adds a digital layer to this and makes a second connection: with social media and selfie culture. “The art of selfies is also pop culture. Everyone takes pictures of themselves, on a horse or a mountain, in this case among flowers. By sharing it on social media, they hope to win hearts and thumbs. It seems consistent, but we all crave to be seen.” And he loves. If I can help with that, I think that’s a great idea.”

Allow yourself to be immortalized among the flowers

exhibition flower objects Almeerders who visit Corrosia – for a show, a movie, a cup of coffee, a visit to the community center or a visit to the library – offer the opportunity to step out of reality for a while in the photo studio and gallery space. It’s a little intrusion into everyday life, an experiment and a search for something beyond holeshot folklore. Almere Community Selfie Museum.

Everyone is welcome and can take their own picture. Castelein will be there in three days. He will immortalize (if desired) visitors in the floral decor, and freeze a single moment in life, with the focused attention that reigns in a photo studio.

Also space for Corona project

Corona Corsos, which Castelein made during the Corona pandemic, will also be shown during the fair. With his one-man flower parade, he paid tribute to the folk arts in the Netherlands and abroad. For example, he commented on the one and a half meter community, which is the opposite of the binding force of the flower parade, which is the action of the community. Corona Corso has also been an antidote to the boredom of life during lockdown, a bright spot in Corona’s dark times.

About Teon Castelyn

Teun Castelein (1980) grew up among the flower greenhouses at Roelofarendsveen. In 2007 he graduated from the Sandberg Institute. The art projects he has since realized often stem from anger at social phenomena, social injustices, or the contradictions in life. Castelein’s conceptual art disrupts, wonders, and confronting projects where wry humor and bloody seriousness go hand in hand. Perhaps the strongest example of this is Rederij Lampedusa, which he founded during Sail Amsterdam 2015, an event that welcomes the most beautiful historic ships. Castelen bought two former refugee boats on the Italian immigrant island and used them to organize cruises through Amsterdam. Made up of Dutchmen and newcomers from Syria, Somalia, Eritrea and Egypt, the crew tells how immigrants shaped the city 750 years ago. It is a reminder of the contrast between rich and poor and the wealth that immigration can mean. The project won the Dove of Peace Award. The Lampedusa freight company still offers round trips every week.

The 2012 cultural cutbacks led to Halbe beer, the profits of which should go back to the arts. The idea of ​​drinking beer was for the sake of art. The cut line in the middle of the bottle is not a reference to Foreign Minister Halbe Ziegelstra’s pruning in the cultural sector, but to the German habit of asking for “eine Halbe”.

Other examples of projects include Castelein Wietkaas (two major Dutch attractions in one), MyPolarIce (a numbered ‘original’ piece of polar ice in a cryogenic capsule, to keep it in a freezer until better times) and The Geert Wilders, a pop band that Keeps the news with the number Wild, Wilder, Wilders.

With his floral projects he chooses a lighter tone. As a child, Castelyn would go door-to-door selling flowers. Seas of flowers in greenhouses, annual flower parades in the street and selling flowers yourself have shaped more than once thought. He now wants to delve into flower culture and explore its conceptual potential.

In addition to his creative work, Castelen teaches Branding at the Willem de Kooning Academy and, since 2017, also teaches Social Dreams at Underground University.

Corosia Theatre, Exhibition and Cinema

Market 43

1354 IP Elmer Haven

The exhibition is open: from Tuesday to Saturday from 12-5 pm and one hour before the start of the show. free access.

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