Hello sir! Kick off the Binnenhof with the lackluster polarizing campaign

Princess Ehrenbad 1, 2595 BG in The Hague

That time has come again. A new campaign for the Raised Finger Foundation. It was funny, “You’re a cow if you’re into fireworks and stuff,” but then came the #doeslief because Camiel Eurlings had given his girlfriend a little beech and then it all got a little disguised. Now there is the thing about polarization. “Nitrogen, asylum policy, climate, vaccinations. These are topics that can have a polarizing effect. They divide people.And then you can do all sorts of things to ‘prevent it’. Then we will explain briefly to SIRE (“aligning subjects with government”) why. With faulty maps, noise, regulations from Brussels, fingers raised, back-chatter, threats and means of coercion, with large parts of the ‘boycott’ (Farmers) under mysterious and absurd circumstances by the rubble parties in the coalition are in danger of being robbed of hearth and home. And if those farmers rebel and then the townspeople (these kinds of people) revolt against it, it is presumably the fault of those elements in the community. b Asylum policy, according to which villages (Ter Apel for example) have been burdened for years with a tsunami of resounding asylum crime, terrified businessmen behind the wall, women no longer daring to walk the streets and stabbing is the order of the day. You’ll come across that total whistling of the foreign minister who has espoused the saying ‘the more asylum seekers the better.’ He only visits Ter Apel because he makes a good impression on social media: as a resident, entrepreneur or bus driver, you can sink into the grave. directly and you have to watch how this foreign minister forces the other villages, without any possibility of contradiction. to build a refuge (/r) amp. It’s asking for grumblings and troubles, especially since the COA is a completely backward club of incompetent idiots, and if you took to the streets to say something about it, you’d be on the front page of a national newspaper, where every political party stormed into a certain messenger, and then you’d be painted as a racist or a fascist. or even worse. C, climate, where frequent travelers like Rob EasyJetten first travel halfway around the world and now, clinging to the most luxurious for €100,000+ a year, preach to the right parishioners, mainly with do’s and don’ts. You’re no longer allowed to fly, you’re no longer allowed to eat meat, hunters are bullied, farmers are bullied away, wood stoves are outlawed, diesel cars are outlawed, advertising is outlawed, boats are outlawed, everything is outlawed. What does he get in return? The whir of heat pumps, biodiversity-abusing solar gardens, and towering windmills in your backyard, closer than the distance experts say, because these things have had to come and they will come. Have you ever wondered why there are so many “No Wind Farm Here” signs along highways? It is because the Climate Church gives so much crap to the citizens, and these citizens are helpless. Helpless against types like the fat (thick) millionaire Frans Timmermann, who devour buffets all over the world to point out their shortcomings to others. Types like Jesse Claver, who as a child flashed into a magical cauldron with long, raised fingers. While making you responsible for destroying the Earth, he throws entire Baltic forests into a biomass stove with his Aquafresh face, but global warming is your fault. What you are still permitted in the climate church is to put a frugal penny in your pocket, to buy your soul and decency. Maybe you still have €10,000 on the shelf for Samsum Doctrine? D, vaccinations, which were cycled with all sorts of detours – or just straight to the point – and those who didn’t feel comfortable with that shot, or simply refused to comply, were irrevocably kicked out of society by the government. Restaurant visitors dismissed, protesters blasted against the wall, parents dismissed at the pool – we were all sewn into a suit by the lying and fact-free nonsense of Hugo de Jonge and every evening Diederik ‘ass’ Gommers or Ernst Kuipers again joined us with Jinek to push oath A certain from the community to the corner. Kuipers, who is now a minister. Very nice, such a consumer campaign; Start well in The Hague.

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