Doe Bob has not one but two children in December, and a third is on the way Watch

In December, Doi Bob not only became the father of his daughter, Bobby Lou, but also of a second girl. And the singer confirms this after letters from Yvonne Coldvier known to her juice-Channel. “At first, her mother and I agreed that I would stay out of the spotlight in her life, but now that she’s here, I feel obligated and compelled to say something about it,” the singer said.

Doi announced this afternoon that he and his ex-wife, Anouk, are expecting a child. And that news followed very quickly after the birth of the artist, Loes van Delft, with whom she welcomed her daughter, Bobby Lo, last month. Earlier today, Yvonne Coldifer, who made a name for herself last year with her celebrity gossip vlogs, reported that there will be a third child. It turned out to be true.

‘Yes that’s right. Last month, I became the father of a second girl, Doe Bob wrote tonight on Facebook. “At first, her mother and I agreed that I would stay out of the spotlight in her life, but now that she’s here, I feel obligated and obligated to say something about it.”

The singer says he’s “still trying to find the right path in this parenthood.” But, he says, “Whatever happens, I am also there for her when she needs me.”

It is not yet known the girl’s name and who her mother is.

The text continues below the message.


The 29-year-old singer announced earlier today that his ex-girlfriend Anouk is expecting a baby. “We are proud,” Baby News began. “We’ve been trying for nearly three years and been successful for almost five months.”

Most likely, Doi and Anouk are not a couple at the moment. “We love each other so much all over the place, and Bobby Lou is going to have a cute little brother,” said Doe, who said life is “a whirlwind.” “ride it“.

Doi Bob Postuma, as the singer’s full name, was with Anouk between 2018 and Spring 2021 with a few breaks. He announced in June that they were separating, but he didn’t have to stay that way.

He said, “I love women very much and they love me, but sometimes it’s hard.” “But you don’t know how it goes. I think we’re soulmates. Maybe one day it’ll be something again, and we’ll continue to love each other.” He said it had nothing to do with the fan letters.


Doe Bob announced his ex-girlfriend’s pregnancy tonight RTL Boulevard “Funky and maybe not as it should be.” Still very happy and happy. “I can’t wait to get another one.”

According to the artist, there is no tension between the artist, Louis Van Delft, and her ex-husband, Anouk. The artist had nothing to do with Van Delft. “They give it to each other wholeheartedly. There is no resentment at all.”

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