17 Unforgettable Moments From Best Kept Secret History

We still have to wait for the first trailer of 2023’s Best Kept Secret, so there’s even more reason to dive into the history. Eight editions later, there are an abundance of highlights and memorable moments. Before the ninth edition finally begins, we’ll dive into the history books together and reflect on BKS’ finest moments in the past 10 years.

1. Best Kept Secret (2013)

In December 2012, booking agency Friendly Fire announced that they would be launching a new festival. All of this was kept secret until the first week of January (2013), which brought New Holland Festival.

2. ‘Brianstorming’ with Arctic Monkeys (2013)

With Arctic Monkeys closed for the first day, the tone was quickly set. Alex Turner is always a step in the right direction, but the excited audience that got on “Brianstorm” from the very first moment can best be described as “unprecedented.”

3. The Rainy Set of Two Door Cinema Club (2013)

For some the glass is half full, for others it is half empty. However, at the Two Door Cinema Club performance, the glass overflowed and the rain formed a magical combination with the dancing indie rock.

4- Icelandic Close (2013)

There is only one way to end the festival in an unforgettable way: Sigur Rós. The performance of the men resulted in the death of a stunned and stunned silent audience.

5. The Red Devils beat Hilvarenbeek (2014)

It became clear at Best Kept Secret 2014 that football and music often go hand in hand. That year, the festival was dominated by the Red Devils. After a tense 88 minutes, Origi scored the winning goal in the World Cup match against Russia, prompting huge celebration in the A-camp.

6. Raising the decibels in Mogwai (2014)

Would you like to rest in peace from your Sate-man meal sandwich? Before that, the emergence of Mogwai may not have been the best choice. The decibels circled around the ears. Hearing from behind the tent was nothing but a problem.

7. The Rickroll of Alt-J (2015)

There is only one that could be better: Rick Astley’s internet meme. Alto-J keyboardist Gus Unger-Hamilton pretended to forget something, gave the go-ahead and the ge-rickroll record spread like wildfire through the crowds.

8. Machine Gun in Future Islands (2015)

Future Islands captain Samuel T. Herring has received a lot of praise online after a very public stunt. However, new heights were reached at Best Kept Secret 2015. During the performance, Herring climbed fences, only to jump again seconds later. Not only were the acrobatic arts shown in the live broadcast, but also the wild urine, which was emptying its bladder at a distance of less than a meter, was shown life-size.

9. Self Serve BBQ (2016)

Standing in line for potato mayonnaise with fresh-from-the-fry fried chicken? They just don’t know it at Best Kept Secret. And to make the assortment of delicacies even cooler, the site is decorated with beach barbecues, where you can get yourself a Michelin star.

10. “Editors Saturday” (2016)

Where the site wasn’t quite full on other days, every square centimeter was filled on Saturday. Delighted, at least 25,000 people in gowns watched the editors perform. Backed by the requisite pyrotechnics, this ensured an exciting end to ONE’s Saturday programme.

11. Life-size horse in a horse troupe (2016)

What makes a band of horses perform? Yes correct. A life-size horse was hoisted above the audience like a saint. Welcome horses!

12. Radiohead Fifth Edition (2017)

The organization announced at the end of last year that it had secured its dream title. Radiohead played a full headline at Best Kept Secret 2017. This close on Sunday night could best be described as the wet dream for many festival-goers.

13. The Question Mark Lineup (2018)

In the run-up to Best Kept Secret 2018, the big question mark kept the block schedule at FOUR, the stage hosted by DJ St. Paul, things are quite busy. In the end, it turned out to be unannounced compilations by several DJs. For example, each made STUFF. and Niek Nellen and Khruangbin additionally.

14. Meryl Frikandellenvlaai (2018)

In 2018, Aldi introduced every third-year havo’s dream: frikandellenvlaai. They were sold in the supermarket as hot sandwiches (fricandelines). However, visitors to Best Kept Secret got a second chance to sample the delicious snack. In the Mirelle Frikandelle food truck, 3,000 portions of Frikandellenvlaai can be scored.

15. Return of the Arctic Monkeys (2018)

Five years after its first release, Arctic Monkeys returns to Beekse Bergen. Their new album has just been released and they are playing a lot of new songs. You can say what you want about the album, but this performance was right for the books!

Lollapalooza Berlin 2018 Kraftwerk
Photo: Stefan Vlad (Lollapalooza Berlin 2018)

16. Kraftwerk Offers 25,000 3D Glasses (2019)

None other than Kraftwerk closes day two of Best Kept Secret 2019. And they don’t just do that; Gentlemen take no less than 25,000 3D glasses, which are distributed to visitors. The consequence? Crazy picture when you look around and see a whole audience with red/blue glasses on their heads. And if you still have your 3D glasses as a keepsake of the great show? Then do something fun with it!

BKS 2019 Bon Iver
Photo: Ben Hodig/Best Secret Festival

17. A Magisterial Bon Iver (2019)

On the first day, Bon Iver closes the main stage. Justin Vernon and Associates. Fully packed, majestic, magnificent and stunning are the words we see more than once in visitors’ reactions. With half of the votes for the Top 25 Best Kept Secret 2019 shows, Bon Iver is on the list, and then the band — not surprisingly — took home the title of best performer of the weekend.

18. Swimming With King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard (2022)

There are a few bands that use as many different styles on as many different albums as King Gizzard and Lizard Wizard. On stage, the first half of the show is mainly filled with long songs that use unusual time signatures, solos and different beats. The audience is not left behind and, after the moshpits, form a rowing boat with a large number of people at once. The concert finally ends with “The Dripping Tap”, as frontman Stu MacKenzie decides to take a dip in the lake. Take off your T-shirt, put on shoes, and surf all the way to the lake. to that time drip Back on stage to finish the song with the band.

The festival ranks in the top 100 of 2022
Photo credit: Ruben Bodelier/Festileaks

19. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Strike a Sense of Meaning (2022)

At the start of the show, Cave actually warned, “Get ready for love!” The audience takes a stand, but is stunned nonetheless. The performance feels like a spiritual experience late on a Sunday evening and everyone on the beach listens intently to the man in black. There was singing, wiping goosebumps and tears. The perfect finale to a release that will be remembered for many.

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