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Twitter spat with Greta Thunberg and shortly after the news of his arrest were the first encounters with Andrew Tate for many teachers and parents. Shame. Knowing who influences children online leads to fun and meaningful conversations. And it prevents them from hearing only Tate’s side.

a When I show pictures of Andrew Tate at my guest lectures, something amazing always happens in the classroom. Whether I’m teaching at a famous Gymnasium, MBO, VMBO, Practical School, VSO or HAVO: There are always a few boys who automatically say “Top G!!!” (top bands) shout out. Some boys start laughing, eyes start to sparkle, primitive voices are heard and many girls feel disgusted by them. The teacher at the back of the class often looks around in amazement and usually doesn’t know who Tate is.

Then I ask what is beautiful about Andrew Tate. Fans unanimously say that he gives good advice, for example, how to get out of depression, how to make a lot of money and not use electronic cigarettes. “Breathe the air” Tate shouts in his videos as he smokes a fat cigar. “But it’s funny!” says his fans. “Madam, he also has really nice cars!”

We know 33 years ago that he challenged Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg on Twitter.

Women as property

Then I asked the opponents, mostly girls, what was so terrible about him. They answer: “Well, he thinks women are king and you can beat them!”

Then his true fans start defending him, saying that it’s just not true. I ask them, “How do you know that?” He said it himself, madam! Then I explain how the effect works (online). Then we talk together about what the ratio of man / woman / Leptiq + should be.

It’s still surprising that a “Top G” like Tate appeals to the imagination. Although of course the wicked They often exert more attraction than those who are oppressed. It is clear that the display of power and possessions arouses the desire to identify. I myself have worked with victims of human trafficking for sixteen years and have met many lovers (traffickers). They all had feelings for Tate in their own way.


The distortion of facts or words, for example, as seen in the Thunberg-Tate portal is an ideal. For example, in a court case that I attended on behalf of a client, a boy in love said to the judge, “But, madam, I am the victim here!”

It is unlikely that Tate would portray men as victims. It appeals to boys about their manhood. He tells them to take their place. Moreover Who did Behavior his fans find attractive: He isn’t afraid to show off his weapons while smoking a cigar. They laugh at that. Some say “cool”. It is precisely because this behavior is so irresponsible that they find it “ridiculous”.

When he was arrested late last week, Tate said the Matrix attacked him. Tate claims we are just like we are in the movies matrix It is controlled by, among other things, the mainstream media. However, he escaped from there. If you subscribe to his platform for $50 per month The real world It also helps you escape. Tate seems to offer the boys a way out of their uncertain adolescence. Instead of looking around for who they want to be, they embrace his advice and see him with both hands: “Guys, stand your ground!”

They say they take his misogynistic remarks with a grain of salt. At the same time, they do not believe the stories of the victims and accuse them of lying.

meaningful conversations

Explain to them that you don’t have to agree with someone you love. And this is not always easy, precisely because you are affected. My conversation with them may seem logical, but it is remarkable that teachers and parents often do not know who is influencing their children.

Not many adults have heard of Tate until Thunberg-Tate Gate. Too bad, because whatever fun, meaningful, and necessary conversations you could have about his sayings. In fact, if you don’t have those conversations with young men, there’s just the story of Tate, who embodies women and a human trafficking suspect. It affects an entire generation almost unnoticed. And that can have dire consequences.

Influencers don’t just play a role in influencing the internet. Parents often do not know how severe it is the wicked It could be in certain games. So you can play the game GTA (Minimum age 18) Only really play if you torture someone on a mission. I noticed this during my guest lectures GTA It is especially popular in elementary schools and in the lower years of high school. You can enter GTA By the way also visit strip clubs and in the game Cyberpunk (Also 18+) You can actually have sex.

private identity

Anyway, kids/young people sometimes lose sleep because of what they see on the internet, or get affected by numbers like Tate. As an educator, just talk to them about what they see and experience online and offer some balance. Give them tools for life online. They need you to argue, form an opinion, and learn to appeal. to form their own identity. I myself can hardly wait for the guest lectures to come with these new entries from the Thunberg-Tate portal.

Speaking of the stabbing, Thunberg’s response was silly when Tate tweeted it: ” Please provide your email address so that I can send you a full list of my vehicle range and the massive emissions of each Thunberg replied, Yes, please enlighten me. Email me at Of course, she actually tried to get the already legendary email address from her response to Tate Especially . But it was already occupied. Better too. Because as I always say to myself: owning your own identity is better than controlling who others are.

Jacqueline Kliger is a media educator on identity (online) and sexuality and effect. This piece stood earlier this week De Volkskrant .

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