Winter competition Jan van Arkel: A tough fight with surprising results in Groot-Ammers

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GROOT-AMMERS • The RC Jan van Arckel winter competition for cyclists and MTB riders was won Saturday in Groot-Ammers by Ruben Nederveen (Class A) and Manoah de Groot (Class B).

Behind the embankment in the harbour, a path with long straight straps has been laid along the summer embankment. It looked fast, but it seemed to be deceiving. Participants talked about the toughest competition of the winter so far. The rain made the surface wet and sticky, which affected the tire’s grip. When twisting and turning on the slope of the dam, many riders fell. It made for an exciting fight with surprising results.

Class – licensees (25 participants): From the start, the competitors reported immediately at the front. It was Ruben Niederveen who took the lead, followed by Joas Holling, Mika Baumann and Tim van Luebek. Jens van den Dool, Luc Vivienne, Jamie Dean Decken and Gilmer Bassa all put up a valiant resistance and Christian van Rees also wanted to put himself in the spotlight in his hometown. After a week with the flu, he was in eighth place.

It soon became clear that Robin Niederveen was the strongest. Without ever being threatened, he drove to victory by just over a minute. Lightweight Mika Baumann went smoothly on the difficult track and was able to win the battle for second place with Jens van den Dool. Tim van Luebek closes in on the podium with his fourth, Jimmy Dean Dicken had a good day and Joas Holling is sixth. Wim de Bruyne is in a training camp in Spain and is losing the lead in the standings to Ruben Niederveen at the moment.

Grade A result: 1. Robben Niederveen (Hardinksfeld) 2. Mika Baumann (Riswijk) 3. Jens van den Dool (Hugeblokland) 4. Tim van Lubeck (Gorensheim) 5. Jamie Dean Decken (Hardinksfeld).
Rating A-class: 1. Ruben Nederveen 2. Tim van Lopik 3. Jens van den Dool 4. Joas Houweling (Gorinchem) 5. Luuk Viveen (Woudrichem).

Class B (recreational) – 56 entrants: We saw a great battle between rating leaders Peter van der Sluijs, Nijs den Besten and Manoah de Groot in the Entertainment category. They did not give each other an inch of space and changed their driving position regularly. Van der Sluijs ended up in the ditch, but quickly got back up with the front runners.

Remarkable was the good riding of young Martin Bosse, who slowly but surely moved up to fourth place at the expense of expert Giggs van Lith. The front runners kept it exciting, but in the end Manoah de Groot was the first to cross the finish line. Pieter van der Slweg had to go to extremes to defeat Nijs den Besten in the sprint.

B-class score: 1. Manoah de Groot (Molenaarsgraaf) 2. Pieter van der Sluijs (Werkendam) 3. Nijs den Besten (Molenaarsgraaf) 4. Martijn Bos (Giessenburg) 5. Gijs van Lith (Gorinchem).
Classification B: 1. Pieter van der Sluijs 2. Nijs den Besten 3. Manoah de Groot 4. Frans Kleijn (Nieuw-Lekkerland) 5. Gerben van Stigt (Giessen).

B-Masters (Entertainment +45 years old) 63 entrants: After four consecutive victories, Andre Huijsers is fifth this time. Rien van der Dussen clearly felt more at home on the heavy surface. He took the lead from the start and won by a large margin. Peter Wonink was second and Bert Pessels came back after an injury for third. Jaco de Sieux was fourth, ahead of André Huizer.

B-Masters score: 1. Rien van der Dussen (Arkel) 2. Pieter Wonink (Hoornaar) 3. Bert Pesselse (Giessenburg) 4. Jaco de Zeeuw (Giessenburg) 5. André Huijzer (Hardinxveld).
Ranking B-Masters: 1. André Huijzer 2. Rien van der Dussen 3. Pieter Wonink 4. Jaco de Zeeuw 5. John Mostert (Giessenburg).

Class C (women) – 14 Entrants: At first Brett van Stecht took the initiative, but Marek van Leerdam didn’t give her much space. Ladies with more power had the advantage. Van Stecht passed Mareke van Leerdam and Rika Frijswijk Kielja steamed into second place.

Result C – Women: 1. Marek van Leerdam (Arkel) 2. Rica Friswick-Kilja (Gorensheim) 3. Brett van Stecht (Gesin).
Category C – Women: 1. Brett van Steget 2. Marek van Leerdam 3. Noah Stolk (Neuwendijk).

Class D (Youth 13/14 years old) 20 participants: a tit-for-tat battle between Darian Groeneveld and Andreas van de Strick. Andreas was the strongest this time around and took his second win in a row. With the girls, Isis led Vercellus to victory without ever being threatened.

Boys score: 1. Andreas van de Strick (Ottoland) 2. Darjan Grunfeld (Reiswijk) 3. Jurgen Den Harder (Maslaus).
Girls score: 1. Isis Versluis (Meerkerk) 2. Rosalie van Bruggen (Ridkerkerk) 3. Anri van der Sluijs (Werkendam).

Boys’ classification: 1. Darjan Groeneveld 2. Andreas van de Strick 3. Luke Vd-Bijelaar (Tilburg).
Classification of girls: 1. Rosalie van Bruggen 2. Anri van der Sluig 3. Julian Korff (Leordam).

Category E (youth 11/12 years old): 14 entrants: Unsurprisingly, the winner was Eric Becker. Max van Kolveskoten finished third on the podium. Milla Prince beat Girls ahead of Emke van Howellingen.

Boys result: 1. Eric Becker (Rotterdam) 2. Xavier van Geldrup (Rotterdam) 3. Max van Kolfschoten (Giesenburg).
Girls score: 1. Mila Prins (Hank) 2. Imke van Houwelingen (Hardinxveld) 3. Agnes Koorevaar (Ottoland).

Boys classification: 1. Eric Becker 2. Xavier van Geldrup 3. Max van Kolffschoten.
Ranking girls: 1. Imke van Houwelingen 2. Mila Prins 3. Agnes Koorevaar.

Class F (Youth 9/10): – 18 entrants: Sem Knip finished on the podium for the first time and was immediately in the lead. He was joined by Jelani van der Wiel and Willem van Wijngaarden in second and third. Marit Elgesma won with the girls and was faster than the boys.

Boys result: 1. Sim Kneipp (Blacerdam) 2. Gilani V de Viel (Hardinksfeld) 3. Willem van Wijngaarden (Giesenborg).
Girls score: 1. Marit Elgersma (Waspik) 2. Nikita Verhoeven (Kaatsheuvel) 3. Zoë van Waardenburg (Rhoon).

Boys classification: 1. Willem van Wijngaarden 2. Zeb Mesker (Merkerk) 3. Sina de Noyer (Oosterhout).
Girls Ranking: 1. Marit Elgersma 2. Nikita Verhoeven 3. Zoë van Waardenburg.

G category (youth 6/8 years old): – 29 entrants: Sven Mastenbrock continued again to book his sixth victory. Keet de Ruijter won for the girls.

Boys score: 1. Sven Mastenbroek (Rijswijk / NB) 2. Jelte van der Leer (Dongen) 3. Jitse Flach (Dordrecht).
Girls Score: 1. Keet de Ruijter (Hardinxveld) 2. Charlotte vd Graaf (Groot-Ammers) 3. Anna Knip (Alblasserdam).

Boys classification: 1. Sven Mastenbrock 2. Guilty van der Leer 3. Otto Rongen (Tilburg).
Ranking of girls: 1. Charlotte in de Graaf 2. Anna Kneipp 3. Brigie van Doesburg (Giessenburg).

The next race is on Saturday 21st January around Slingelandse Plassen in Goudriaan.

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