VTM should chase the presenters who can win prizes themselves: five amazing results in the nominations “Kastaars!”

Lowest VTM Nominations, Big VRT Binge

If you only watch classic TV, VTM lags behind VRT and SBS. With One and Canvas, VRT has garnered 25 nominations, including six for “Media Personality of the Year” and the same number for “Fantasy Series of the Year”. SBS has fifteen nominations with Play4, including four for “Best Media Moment of the Year” and three for “TV Show of the Year”. On the other hand, VTM only has eight, including one for Dina Tersago (media personality) and two for the “TV Show of the Year”. Although the channel is not The Masked Singer A crowd favourite.

‘Home’ and ‘Family’ Nominated in ‘Fantasy Series of the Year’

Gone are the days when soap operas were made fun of. It wasn’t just the traditional one-person Sunday evening novel that was nominated, such as Under pressure at bayAnd Two summers And under the cover. also residence And family I got, like Thirties And and kotmadam, nomination. Streamz also has two nominations with this one Uncles (in association with Play4) and deja vu.

Online series mainly come from broadcasters

Average rob is the only one online content maker in the “Internet Video Series of the Year” list. Moreover, only series from broadcasters and media groups were nominated. The same goes for the “Podcasts” category, where Alex Agnew and Andres Beckers are considered “independents.”

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Also room for unknown people

Participant 2022 and Media Moment 2022 don’t just put famous Flemish people in the spotlight. It was also nominated for Best Media Moment of the Year: Philippe die uit the mole Steps and Caroline want to quit smoking Blind bought Because she is not satisfied with the million dollar house. In “The Participant” we see nominations for a movie Misunderstanding of the restaurantAnd Brecht and Dzyube Blind marriedMoms out Take care of my mom and adoptive mother, Ingrid George’s taxi.

The presenters have a chance to win a cup

Coyne Waters is the only host of the January 28 show not to be nominated. Danira Boukhris Turksides has been nominated three times, including for Media Personality and winning in the The smartest person in the “Media Moment” category. Verhulst changed his name to his name: “media personality”.

These are all candidates

TV show 2022

The Masked Singer (VTM)

The smartest person in the world (play 4)

the mole (play 4)

On the road (a)

Misunderstanding of the restaurant (a)

Coppins code (VTM)

travel wales (a)

perfect world (canvas)

Muharram (a)

James the Musician (play 4)

Radio show 2022

inspector (Radio 2)

Martin and Dorothy (Qmusic)

Finn Jermins (Brussels studio)

mystic world (Radio 1)

Sven Wanke (Atmosphere)

Radio 2 mix with Anja Daims (Radio 2)

Immortal (Brussels studio)

Rav saw me (Atmosphere)

generation m (MNM)

Kawther and Kiert (MNM)

2022 Online Video Series

average rob

The smartest 20 (go play)

behind the mask (VTMGO)

Camille – Welcome to my life (VTMGO)

# in Riyadh (VRT NWS)

Danny’s choice (HLN)

the rooms (VRT MAX)

Security Checkers (VTMGO)

2 decitus (Stream)

Victor vs. Francesco (go play)

Podcast in 2022

Bjorn in the USA (VRT NWS)

Nerdland weekly overview with Lieven ScHere (Qmusic)

Crown witnesses (HLN)

Lotte goes deeper (MNM)

grandmothers voices (Newspaper)

The ten most searched questions on Google (Qmusic)

last witnesses (HLN)

Misers fun (Newspaper)

Zillion legend (Brussels studio)

Welcome to AA

Media personality of the year 2022

• James Cook (SBS)

• Dieter Coppens (VRT)

• Fien Germijns (VRT)

• Eric Van Looy (SBS)

• Philip Goebbels (VRT)

• Gert Verhulst (SBS)

• Tom Weiss (VRT)

• Danira Bouhkriss Terkessidis (VRT)

• Dina Tarsago (VTM)

• CSKA Shooters (VRT)

Fantasy series for 2022

Thirties (a)

Chantal (a)

Uncles (Play4/Streamz)

residence (a)

family (VTM)

Under pressure at bay (a)

under the cover (a)

and kotmadam (VTM)

deja vu (Stream)

Two summers (a)

2022 contestant

• Princess Delphine Dancing with the stars (play 4)

• Bart Kannertz The smartest person in the world (play 4)

• Cast Misunderstanding of the restaurant (a)

• Denira Boukhris Turksides The smartest person in the world (play 4)

• Miss Boyce Camille Donut Masked Singhr (vtm)

• Enter Brecht & Dziubi Blind married (VTM)

• Radishes in Eric Van Looy The Masked Singer (VTM)

• Tom Weiss as Doorman Those were the days (VRT MAX)

• Exit mothers Take care of my mom (a)

• Ingrid’s adoptive mother George’s taxi (canvas)

Informative moment of 2022

• An unexpected turn: Philip leaves the mole (play 4)

• Danira Boukhris Trixidis wins The smartest person in the world (play 4)

• The disclosure of Connor Russo The Masked Singer (VTM)

The hottest week (VRT)

• Viv and Louie break up in tears residence (a)

• Farewell to Mimi Clara Chateau Blancart (a)

• Radio 1 session with Arnaud (Radio 1)

• Years later, Eric Van Looy sees the Cowboys again at The Village People’s James the Musician (play 4)

• Caroline wants to stop Blind bought Because she is not satisfied with The House of a Million (Play4).

• SAT for women perfect world Laughs FC champions (canvas)

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