These animal species are returning to our county, but some are slowly dying out

For a long time, Dutch nature was so fragmented that large wild animals could hardly find their way into the Netherlands. This is changing: Large contiguous nature reserves are slowly but surely emerging in the Netherlands, with space for private animals. Northern Holland is also preparing for majestic new beasts. What monsters can we enter interrupt us?

Lars Soerink is an ecologist at ARK Nature Development with an interest in nature in North Holland. He is positive about recent developments. Soerink believes that the creation of larger nature reserves can ensure the return of special animals to the northern Netherlands. Some of these animals enter the province on their own, and others need a helping hand. Unfortunately, it’s not just the goblins: there are also monsters who have a very hard time.

1. European fish eagle
This bird of prey is the largest in Europe, with a wingspan of up to 2.5 metres. “This animal has already returned to other parts of the Netherlands, which is why we can expect the first breeding case in Northern Holland soon. It went badly all over Europe, but now it is on the rise again. Also in the Netherlands. This is really because The evolution of nature in recent years.

European sea eagle

2. The crane
After centuries of absence, this bird has also returned. It is slightly larger than a stork and has a wingspan of up to 2 metres. Although they are often migratory, they often breed here. “Just like the European fish eagle, we expect this bird to breed rapidly in northern Holland. In recent years, we’ve seen them having a great time in the Netherlands.”


3. Skiing
It can be a bit shocking if you encounter it while swimming, because this giant ray can reach a size of 2.5 meters and a weight of 80 kilograms. This makes them the largest species of rays in Europe. “This is the wolf under water. This used to be a symbol of the North Sea, but because of overfishing, that species has completely disappeared. The animal depends on everything that lives on shellfish reefs. Because of overfishing, all those corals are gone, but we are working on it.” The chance is really reasonable that we will see them again.”


1. The Dalmatian Pelican
With a wingspan of 3.5 meters, the Dalmatian pelican is considered a specimen. It is even one of the largest species of birds in Europe: “It can now only be seen in zoos. We know from the remains of bones that this species lived here, but we ate it all. Because of its size it was easy prey. Because it was easy prey.” This is not a migratory bird, He needs help from humans. We want to launch it near the IJsselmeer, where it will be better off.”

Dalmatian pelican

2. The wise
From a winged giant to a legged giant. The Wasent, also known as the European bison, is the largest land mammal on our continent. It can weigh up to 1,100 kilograms and reach 2 meters in height. “In fact, this animal has already returned to the North of Holland. It can be found in the dunes of Kennemerland. We dream of a coastline with many bison, and we expect to bring them back in several places. In addition to being impressive, it is also very useful: the dune area closes We have it quickly because of the nitrogen and these bison are destroying and eating this crop.”

the wise

1. Godwit
Unfortunately, not all species can be saved and this also applies to the black-tailed godfather. This meadow bird can only be found in the Netherlands. “This is our national bird. North Holland is a very important province for this animal, but they are doing really badly. The population is in free fall and the end is not in sight. Farming is so intense here, this animal can’t compete with that.” Have fun while you see it, because it won’t be long. “


2. Northern mouse
This type of rat was christened in the former NH One of the top five in our county. “This is the giant panda of the mouse world. It is really a croquette van Duben on two legs and can be found mainly on Texel. Its habitat has become very small due to construction, among other things, so the numbers are decreasing tremendously.”

northern bean

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