Real Girls In The Jungle 2023 contestants and Valerio Zino

Real Girls In The Jungle will be back on TV in 2023. The show, which was last on TV in 2013, can now be seen on Videoland and hosted by Valerio Zeno. Find out here all about Real Girls In The Jungle cast members Gabi Blazer, Louisa Jansen, Diva Maria Bruns, Janice Block, Michaela Cox, Lena Semenova, Jill Guede, Kelly Hirwer, Esme Ippema, Fabiola Volkers, Anibelle Fisher, and Shana Kuerten.

Real girls in the woods

Real Girls In The Jungle is back! The program which premiered on RTL5 in 2011 (with presenter Quintis Ristie) can now be seen every Monday on Videoland. Where Ad Visser presented Season 2 and Patty Bradd Season 3, Valerio Zeno presented the Videoland version of Real Girls in the Jungle. Under his leadership, the participants – well-known Dutch reality TV stars – fight with each other in the forest. For this they are divided into two teams: Si Fah Sweethearts and Si Deng Babes.

Real Girls in The Jungle contestants

Who will take up the challenge in 2023? These are Real Girls in the Jungle participants Gaby Blaaser, Louisa Janssen, Diva Maria Brons, Janice Blok, Michella Kox, Lena Semenova, Jill Goede, Kelly Heruer, Esmée Ipema, Fabiola Vollkers, Annebel Visscher, and Channah Koerten. The Real Girls in the Jungle contestants are in two teams: Si Fah Sweethearts (Channah, Michella, Lena, Diva, Louisa, and Kelly) and Si Deng Babes (Janice, Gaby, Annabel, Jill, Esmee, and Fabiola). Michella Kox’s name stands out right away, she previously participated in the first season of Real Girls in the Jungle (2011) and Real Girls on the Prairie (2013).

Discover the Real Girls in the Woods participants in 2023; Here you know the reality stars who.

Michelle Cox

We got acquainted with Michella Kox from Arnhem (Klarendal) in 2008 as a participant in the second season of Dames in de Dop. She won that season, and then made her Real Girls in the Jungle debut in 2011. The part you might recognize from that time is the altercation with fellow co-star Amanda Black. Two years later, she was on Real Girls on the Prairie. But we’ve also seen her in Lust, Liefde or Let Walk, Shopping Queens VIPS, Boxing Stars and last but not least Worst Holland VIP Driver, and then she got her own show Driving Michela on Videoland. I previously made De Rijdende Vechter for RTL XL and saw her as the intro to Temptation Talk. Last year we saw her as a participant in Celebrity Apprentice on Videoland.

forest bellows

We got to know Gaby Blaaser as Jolé in Spangas, but she also appeared in Thick and Thin as Sascha Kramer between 2014 and 2016. She appeared in the first Dutch edition of De bachelorette (for short: Dutch Elke Clijsters). But in the Netherlands she’s also known for star ratings and has her own fitness show in Videoland. She also participated in the first season of VIP Special Forces. Recently it became known that Gabe Blaser is pregnant. Or, as she herself calls it, “the best accident that ever happened to us.”

Shanna Corton

Channah Koerten, like Gaby Blaaser and Louisa Janssen, is one of the most popular Real Girls at De Jungle 2023. We’ve already seen her in various capacities on TV. We got to know her on Ex on the Beach: Double Dutch season 3. Her ex Quentin came to the beach and the two had a great time on TV and then again. This was followed by participation in Temptation Island VIPS. The couple had to leave the series because Shanna was pregnant. The couple is then followed on TV during their pregnancy (everyone can see the birth of their second child at lightning speed) and their plans to emigrate to Curacao in de Cuertes to Curacao. Chana Kuerten is the host of MTV’s Watch With…. You’ll then watch the episode with one of the participants in Ex On The Beach: Double Dutch and his friends and family. I wrote a book that still shunned it from the block

Louise Jansen

You’ve seen Louisa Jansen – just like Michela Cox – earlier with her husband Rowan van de Bovenkamp (who first lived Rosanna’s life) in Holland’s Worst Driver. But they are of course known to the general public for our transgender love (as they also shared a pregnancy and the arrival of their baby). The series was such a hit that more reality shows for Louisa and Rowan on TLC followed. Louisa Jansen is transgender. She herself was born in 1985 as Lowieke Janssen. In 2003, she made her television debut through an idol audition. Man then tells Pigeon Hound that she doesn’t feel young; Something her parents didn’t accept at the trailer park. Later we see her as Cher on My Name Is. She has released several singles.

Reading tip: Transgender book

Diva Maria Bronze

We met Deva Maria on The Bachelor. She was one of the participants who wanted to win the heart of DJ Tony Junior. She stood out for her eye-catching voice. We’ve also seen her in The Stars Videoland Special. Diva Bruns is the daughter of businessman David Bruns. He founded the software company Davilex and then found success with the Matrixx disco in Nijmegen. He is also the organizer of the Emporium Festival and Dreamfields, for example. Diva Maria Bruns is also an entrepreneur; You may know her from Force Vintage Beauty and Maui Loa. You may also recognize her as DJ Sugarush.

Gene Block

We saw Janice Block – I think – for the first time on TV when she took part in the talent show X Factor in 2011 with the girl group Sway with Aïcha Gill and Saja Katte. Later she also participated in this solo show. We also know her as a vlogger/influencer and now the ex of Donnie Roelvink. You can find out about her in 2023 from Fucked Up Social Life.

Lena Semenov

We met Lena Semenova from Leeuwarden at Ex on the Beach: Double Dutch season 4. This was the season with Sjessy, Stacy, Viktor, Brody and Diaz (whom we saw in the documentary Chasing beauty, Elias and Robin. After that she was also on Eating With My Ex. Lena recently said she was suicidal after EONTB. Everyone suddenly recognized her on the street and she wasn’t ready for that. She was also in the news after she got into a car accident under the influence of time. She was “super addicted to that stuff.”

Good generation

VlaamsKijken readers know Jill Goede as the winner of the first ‘new’ Big Brother. Then everyone hoped for a romance between her and the Flemish participant, Thomas. Landsmeer’s Jill Goed now lives with Leroy de Rouw, who she knows from Big Brother 2022. She also has a clothing webshop. Now she is one of the participants in Real Girls in De Jungle 2023.

Did you know that the new season of Big Brother has started again?

Kelly Hairware

You can learn Kelly Hero from A Star is Born on Videoland; Followed when she had a baby with boyfriend Jethro Gallong (who first wanted to be a husband to other Real Girls in The Jungle contestant Gaby Blaaser on The Bachelorette). In her daily life, she runs the No Everage Brand.

Esmee Ipema

We are introduced to Esmée Ipema along with her sister Sharon as the terrorist twins from Ex on the Beach. We first saw the duo in Season 2 and the ladies returned in Season 5 as well. In that fifth season, for example, we also saw Harrie Snijders. Like Kelly Heruer, you saw Esmée in A Star is Born; One of the series’ central stories was the pregnancy of her sister, Sharon. You’ve also seen Esmée Ipema on their special show Double Trouble with her twin sister. Now she is one of the participants in Real Girls in the Jungle 2023.

Fabiola Volkers

You probably know Fabiola Volkers from Holland’s Next Top Model; After one episode she actually had to leave the competition. In 2018 we saw her in Temptation Island VIPS. Then it caused a break between Niles and Rosanna (whom you later saw together in the OnlyFans Uncovered documentary). We recently saw Fabiola Volkers in the documentary Please Hate Me. Did you know that she wanted to be famous from a young age? For example, she participated in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and in The Host of Holland.

Noble Fisher

We got to know Annebel Visscher last year in Temptation Island: Love or Leave (the season in which the open relationship between Ivo and Maris was a much-discussed topic). She had been with Renee for five years at that time. At that time, Annebel worked as a customer service representative, but now she can mainly be seen on the Internet. For example, she has the necessary followers on Instagram and TikTok.

Lieutenant Colonel Valerio Zeno

For Valerio Zeno, that also means a return to television. Of course we know him as the presenter of various programs at BNN, such as Proefkonijnen with Dennis Storm and Dennis vs Valerio. He has also presented seasons of You Have It and Over My Corpse. In 20218, Valerio Zeno launches BNNVARA. Real Girls in De Jungle means going back to “big” for him. However, he has not completely disappeared from the spotlight. He hosted the podcast talk show Sneakerjagers On Air. We also know him as DJ Phalerieau.

Real girls in the woods look back

If you want to watch Real Girls in The Jungle, you can do so on Videoland. Here you will find the 2023 edition. A new episode will be online every Monday. The match started in the first two episodes. If you want to look back at old seasons of Real Girls in the Jungle, there is no option (for now). It is possible that seasons will be shown again on Videoland if this return is successful. On YouTube, there are still some parts from the previous versions to watch.

Photo: Videoland

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