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An artist who fell from a great height during a Christmas circus show in Harlem is out of danger. The circus reported that the acrobats are easily accessible and need a lot of pain relief. He will undergo additional examination for fractures or internal injuries, for example. Lisa Adriansen, 36, and her two children, ages 7 and 10, watched the stuntman fall up close. “It was really cool to see him.”

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The accident occurred at around 8:45 p.m. Wednesday. At that point, the show had just started for an hour. There were about a thousand spectators in the circus tent, many of them children. “At first everyone thought it was part of the act, but then it became clear that it was a very serious accident,” says Adriaansen. She and her children came from The Hague to the circus in particular. “It was a great show that sadly ended in a drama.”

According to Adriaansen, the stuntman did a kind of somersault on a large spinning wheel. An error has occurred for an unknown reason. The victim, a male acrobat probably in his twenties, fell “about fifteen metres,” according to prankster Hans Kluck. Adriaansen estimates it should be about 7 metres. “Anyway, it was great. The boy fell to the ground with a big bang. Then a wheel of some kind hit his head. My youngest, 7-year-old, reacted so intensely.”

Visitors reacted in disbelief to the incident, Adriansen says. The organization immediately asked not to make videos. Unfortunately, there were still those who did. The rest have addressed them.”

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Busy for an hour

The circus performer was injured and taken to hospital, and aid workers removed the audience from the circus. “The show was obviously cancelled. They had been on the road for an hour, and the accident happened right after the break. I’m glad the acrobat is doing better now, ”adriaansen concludes.

The circus provides assistance if the spectators need it. “Among the thousands of spectators, there were also many children who saw this person fall. This is very intense, so we advise you from the police to contact a doctor if they receive complaints afterwards. Victim support is also available.

The Christmas Circus has been at the Burgemeester Reinaldapark in Haarlem-East since December 22nd. Performances are planned until January 8, including with Hans Klok. The circus stated that the coming days’ shows will continue as planned.

Hans Kluck’s reaction

Kluck told Shownieuws that he didn’t see the incident happen because he was changing for his second act of the evening. “Very tragic,” he said of the accident. According to the prankster, it happened while working with a big spinning wheel. “A lot of accidents happen,” he tells Chunyu. The victim, a male acrobat, fell “about fifteen metres,” Klock said. “Now we wait. (…) Let’s hope it goes well.”

An employee of the Harlem Christmas Circus was seriously injured. The artist fell from a great height during one of the performances © ANP

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