“Epidural in C-section, I felt it all”

And suddenly you’re standing there with a baby in your arms. From wanting a baby to pregnancy to motherhood: Bringing a baby into the world is one big roller coaster. Alana (27) had a horrific birth. Her epidural had worn out when she had an emergency caesarean section, which made her feel everything. She and Simone, 27, are now Jolyon’s proud parents.

“I’m not going to beat around the bush: I didn’t enjoy being pregnant,” says Alana. I suffered from all the pregnancies you can name and felt obese. I didn’t enjoy this period, which is unfortunate in hindsight, because those kicks I’ve been feeling over the past few weeks have been really special.

Heartbeat gone

“My gynecologist warned me early in my pregnancy that it was going to be a big baby and that I would give birth earlier than my due date,” says Alana. “But that day was approaching and the baby showed no signs of being ready to come out. Then we planned a date when I would be stimulated, but the night before I suddenly had contractions.

In a very short time, our unborn baby’s heart rate dropped from 155 to 50 and after a few seconds it dropped completely. Everyone was in a panic and I was taken to the operating room.

“Our baby was a stargazer, so I had to lie on my side with a pillow between my legs so he could turn,” says Alana. You have been given medicine to induce contractions. I was already eight centimeters dilated and the contractions were weakening, but my waters had not broken. A few hours later that was the case, however In no time, the fetal heart rate dropped from 155 to 50 and a few seconds later the heart rate dropped completely. Everyone was in a panic and I was taken to the operating room.


“They quickly unbuttoned my press shirt and before I knew it the gynecologist had started cutting it,” says Alana. “But the epidural I had when I came in had worn away in the meantime, so I felt everything. I started screaming, because at that moment I really felt like a pig being slaughtered. It took a while for the painkillers to take effect, but despite that I still had this sharp pain. It was a great relief when they put our son on my chest, but I was in too much pain to enjoy him. “

“For the first two weeks after this horrible birth, I was too weak to take care of our son, and luckily Simon was there to take care of all the duties,” says Alana. “He did this fantastically, but after a few weeks he ran into trouble. Suddenly I was deeply moved that the baby had turned our whole life upside down and by taking over all the tasks from me he had no time to process the painful birth he had witnessed with his own eyes“.

Relationship test

“I had no choice but to intervene for him while I was still very weak and in a lot of pain,” says Alana. “But Simon was so deep he needed some space to give everything a place. I lived on davalgan and ibuprofen, but thought the pain was just part of my caesarean section. When the midwife looked at my wound, she saw that it was completely infected. At the hospital, they reopened the wound twice to clean it. Eight weeks after giving birth, the wound has almost healed and I can finally say that I am no longer in pain.

A child is a real test for a relationship, but we give each other the necessary space and continue to communicate. We came out of this stronger anyway.

“So we were in anything but a pink cloud during our first weeks on the job,” says Alana. I felt like a failure because I didn’t really give birth. I think they just opened my stomach and took the baby out. I also lived on autopilot because of the pain. In the meantime, I realize that I shouldn’t have such thoughts and that I am enjoying our son. A child is a real test for a relationship, but we give each other the necessary space and continue to communicate. We came out of this stronger anyway. We have found our niche and are very happy with all three of us! “


“By the way, we baptized our son Jolyon,” says Alana. We loved hearing about both Leon and Jules, but since both names are common, we’ve put them together. I underestimated the importance of motherhood. Finding the right food, getting used to a new sleeping rhythm, cramps or other aches and pains for your little one: these are all things you can’t prepare for. Being a mother has changed me in the sense that I am calmer. I now live at my child’s pace while often roaming around like a chicken without a head (Laughs).

This ultrasound was taken when I was 28 weeks pregnant. You can already see his upturned nose.

The last hours of pregnancy

This picture was taken a few hours before we went to the hospital. My stomach was about to explode!

My dad is proud

The pediatrician had just examined Jolyon and Simon was allowed to hold him for the first time.

one day

Jolyon is a day old in this photo.

Christening sugar and birth card

Christening sugar and birth card

Christening sugar and birth card

Simon is a graphic designer, so we designed the birth announcement together. I prepared baptismal sugar myself. I opted for the classic beans, but also handmade candles, soaps and biscuits.

Big hug

I was still too weak to take care of Jollion, but fortunately his father took good care of him.

baby shower

This photo was taken at a baby shower. Here the pain finally disappeared and I could fully enjoy the little bud.

Photographer Dieter Ross.

proud meter

Simone and I have an older sister, and neither of them have children. We asked them to be godparents, so Jolyon will be spoiled by his cute godmother anyway.

Photographer Dieter Ross.

Great grandmother

Grandma Martha is very happy with her grandson. This is her first grandson.

Photographer Dieter Ross.

Best friends

We have a French Bulldog Donna. We were so excited to introduce her to Jolyon. Luckily, she has responded very well and we get her involved in everything so she doesn’t get jealous.

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