Angry Bolsonaro fans re-storm the Capitol building in Brasilia

Thousands of fans of former President Jair Bolsonaro took over Brazil’s Congress, Supreme Court and presidential palace on Sunday. They vandalized buildings and attacked police officers. “This is unprecedented,” said President Lula da Silva.

In what instantly reminiscent of the January 6, 2021 storming of the US Capitol, fans of former radical right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro took over Three Powers Square in Brasilia on Sunday. This is the huge square in the architecturally famous “modern capital” Brasilia, where the most important government buildings are located. “We are witnessing an attack by terrorists,” news anchor Eric Pang told GloboNews as soon as the first images of the attack emerged.

Thousands of Bolsonaro fans in the yellow and green of the Brazilian flag (which the Bolsonaros recovered for their movement) broke through the fence into the park, as well as a police cordon. They took over the lawns around the National Congress, the Planalto Presidential Palace and the Supreme Court. They popped onto roofs and smashed windows to get into buildings. Riot police deployed tear gas but failed to control the resistance. The impression was also created that the police had little zeal to stop the rioters. Bolsonaro has always had a loyal following in the police and army. President Luis Inacio “Lula” da Silva criticized the police in the evening: “They did nothing, they let these barbarians in.”

The Bolsonarians restored the national flag as their symbol.

Photo: Reuters

He got off the horse

Police officers who tried to maintain order were dealt with severely. Pictures appeared on Twitter of a policeman on horseback being beaten off his horse by demonstrators with sticks. It was not clear what happened to the man after that.

Extreme violence was used in the storming of the Capitol on January 6, and seven people were killed, directly or indirectly. It is still not clear if there was any loss of life in Brasilia.

All congressmen from the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies and the Senate were gathered together in one building to provide them with better protection. Meanwhile, rioters have reached the Senate chamber and wreaked havoc. They jumped on chairs and sofas.

No one was present at the Supreme Court and the Presidential Palace. The judges were not in hearing and President Lula da Silva was on an official visit to his hometown of São Paulo one week after his inauguration.

Supreme Court recommended

And this is a good thing, because the attackers broke into the palace and ravaged the finest rooms, scattering documents and destroying furniture.

As with the 2021 invasion of the Capitol, the occupying rebels themselves have posted images on their social media. Commenters tweeted messages like “Brazil now has its own Capitol Day” and “Our institutions are under attack by terrorists.”

But just as in Washington in 2021, the stormtroopers see it differently. We must restore order after this fraudulent election. I’m here for the history, for the sake of my daughters,” Lima, a 27-year-old woman, told a news agency reporter. France Press agency.

Angry Bolsonaro fans re-storm the Capitol building in Brasilia

Photo: AP

In the High Court, many windows were smashed and chairs thrown by the assailants. The court is unpopular with Bolsonaro’s supporters because it monitored the proper transition of power and helped quell calls for a military coup. The chance that Bolsonaro himself and his sons accused of serious corruption will come into the crosshairs of the judiciary also makes the Jute Supreme Judges a Bolsonarian president.

Order was not restored Sunday night when the president announced the dispatch of the National Guard to central Brasília to enforce a 24-hour curfew.

An angry Lula called the rioters “fanatic fascists”. He said, “This is a black day in the history of our country, and the perpetrators will all be found and brought to justice.” to me Watchman 150 people have already been arrested. Also Sunday evening, the public prosecutor ordered the arrest of Anderson Torres, the former justice minister under Bolsonaro who is now responsible for Brasilia’s security.

loyal to Bolsonaro

It is unclear whether Bolsonaro was personally involved in organizing the violent act. The ex-soldier is often referred to as the ‘Donald Trump of the tropics’ due to his right-wing populist politics and dramatic inaction in addressing the coronavirus pandemic. In the run-up to the presidential election in October, he, like Trump, spread a rumor that if he was not re-elected, it could be due to massive fraud. Like Trump fans in the US, Bolsonaro fans also believed this story, despite there being absolutely no evidence of fraud.

Unlike Trump, Bolsonaro seemed to lose his fighting spirit after the defeat. Bolsonaro will get depressed. He fled to Florida and sent his cat to install his successor, the re-elected former President Lula da Silva.

However, Bolsonaro fans have shown through demonstrations in recent weeks that they still do not believe their preferred candidate has lost the election fairly.

Militants gathered in camps across the country, often near military barracks. The Bolsonaros chanted slogans to their hero and called for a military coup to restore Bolsonaro to the position of president.

The intrusion did not come as a bolt from the blue, but the scale of the work nonetheless surprised the police.

Support from world leaders

During his swearing-in last week, Lula said his first task is to “rebuild this country from ruin”. But since there were no irregularities on Inauguration Day, resistance to devolution seemed broken. On Sunday, it turned out that the regime’s services had underestimated the stubbornness of that resistance.

Many world leaders, from Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez to Chilean President Gabriel Boric, immediately expressed their support for President Lula and for democracy.

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