weekly overview: news recap of week 1

What happened in Alvin aan den Rijn last week? From an accident on the N11 and an accident on Produktieweg to 200 hemp plants in a commercial building on Koperweg. You can read this and more in our weekly overview on

GGD Dutch Central This week I decided to open Nieuwe Sloot for one day less. This is because the end of the corona pandemic is approaching and fewer people are being vaccinated.

last week , Postal code lottery Ten postal codes are known each day in which an amount of money can be distributed to the participating residents. On January 4, a postal code was announced in Alphen aan den Rijn.

Alvinar D’angel Tohomina He joins the second season of The Tribute, Battle of the Bands on SBS6. In this program, eleven bands compete to perform live at the Ziggo Dome. The eleven cover bands participating in the program do their best to resemble the original band as closely as possible.

Good start to the new year the prison In Alvin aan den Rhine. They were able to congratulate no less than 35 “new” employees during the swearing-in ceremony.

In 1951, many KNIL soldiers of Moluccan origin came to the Netherlands, not knowing if they could return to the Moluccas. In 1965 a group of KNIL soldiers came to live in Alphen aan den Rhine. The mayor proposes that they be given eternal rest.

public holidays

There will be one on January 9th New Year’s Reception at Alvin’s City Hall. All residents of Alphen aan den Rijn can join the New Year’s reception at 7:30 pm. Mayor Lisbeth Spies will deliver a speech at 8:00 pm.

During the turn of the year, there was not only a gloomy atmosphere and commitment to the Middle East. Community police officers in Alven Noord look back at the turn of the year at Gemstones-Planetenbuurt.

also for Thomas Berg The holiday was nice and especially special. His son Saint was born on Boxing Day. Thomas Berg’s friend Ellen wrote: “This Christmas we received our most beautiful gift, our son.”

At the start of the year, the Fire Service processed 111 reports in the Hollands Maiden Safety Precinct. This is significantly lower than the 148 reported during the previous period of the year.


among young people padel is a fast growing sport. Several parties have submitted reports to the municipality in the past year for the establishment of the Surrogate Court. The Board will decide the most suitable party through the selection procedure.

ATTC Table Tennis Association It is not possible to offer training sessions or play competition matches in Marsdiep’s gym for the next month. This is the result of a fire caused by sabotaging fireworks during the end of the year.

the animals

Zegersloot petting zoo The year began with rusks with mice, for Molly the Pig had given birth to seven piglets. Molly’s due date was December 31, but Molly waited a day longer.

On Tuesday, January 3, A.J Another muscovy duck which was dumped along the Goudserijweg in November 2022. Animal Ambulance volunteer Bob managed to catch the duck.

Police and enforcement

Last weekend, a resident of Korenmolen in Alphen aan den Rijn was well prepared for the start of the year. He had more than 25 kilos of illegal fireworks to lie. The police confiscated fireworks.

Last weekend became a The driver of the car was arrested on the N11After the police wanted to check his car. Police found a 56-year-old driver under the influence of alcohol, after which the driver was taken to the police station.

On the afternoon of Wednesday, January 4, a The accident occurred on the way to production In Alvin aan den Rhine. Two people have been arrested for making threats. almost Two people were released The suspects are no longer in the case.

On the afternoon of Tuesday, January 3, the police raided a building in Köpperweg in Alven aan den Rijn. The agents found 200 cannabis plants in the commercial building. Six people were arrested in connection with the opium law, failure to show identity, and theft of water and electricity.

Traffic and transportation

using Areva bass for each other It will be extended for another year in Alven aan den Rijn. A few years ago, the municipality started a two-year test with Voor-Elkaar-Pas. With this pass, regional taxi passengers can use the bus for free.

Thursday morning on N11 Accident between a truck and a passenger car. This caused a lot of static traffic. Two people were injured. Two employees animal ambulance They were going to report when they saw the accident.


Also in 2022 andKnown Christmas package campaign Organized by DPA (Diaconal Platform Alphen). This again was a huge success.

December 31 was the last Food Bank Distribution Day In Alvin aan den Rhine. For the Food Bank, this was the last day of distribution in an eventful year with many changes.

Alvin Ann Dunn Rhine wants one Be an inclusive community. Everyone is accepted into such a congregation, regardless of origin, sexual orientation, or appearance. The municipality is trying to take care of this in several ways.

sustainable school, This is what Ashram College wants. Teachers work with students to make the school more sustainable. They do this in their sustainability platform De Green Office.

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