We close the windows first so the neighbors won’t hear my screams.

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If your husband is a skipper, take it easy when he’s home, Elaine knows. Since losing weight, she enjoys it even more.

Ellen, 38, has been married to Peter, 40, for 21 years, and is the mother of Milan (13), Julia (11), and Dan (9).

“With a man sometimes away from home for weeks as skipper, his own company and three kids, our family could be described as hectic. Peter and I have limited time together and sex is an issue. But that doesn’t mean it’s boring. It’s gotten more intense and exciting over the years.” years.


I was barely seventeen when Peter and I started dating. We have been together for 21 years and are still very happy. The secret of our success is that he was away a lot because of his work, sometimes three months or six weeks at a time. This keeps it spontaneous and exciting and increases our libido.

“I just wanted to kiss and touch him at such a moment.”

In the years when he was gone for weeks at a time, I didn’t undress his body when he came home. I was disappointed when I went to pick it up from Schiphol and my husband’s parents drove “for fun”. I just wanted to kiss and touch him at that moment. After such a long period of abstinence, I was about to explode.

High libido

I’ve always been crazy about sex, but since I’ve lost twenty kilos, I feel freer, bolder, and do more. It improved my self-esteem and made me act and dress sexier. I also notice this in the reactions of other men. Then I walk down the street in shorts and a truck driver whistles or the window cleaner whistles. This has never happened to me before. I play with my womanhood now. Challenge Peter with a flirty look or a plunging neckline and drag him into the bedroom.

Recently stopping birth control pills has had a beneficial effect on my libido; It is much higher. The only drawback is that Peter does not dare to be sterilized. I think it should, I’ve taken birth control pills for years, and have given birth three times. Until then, we have to make do with condoms and we don’t always have one on hand.

openness to sex

I am the one who takes the lead most of the time. Especially after two weeks have already passed, I really miss calling. I just need sex to function properly. We have a mobile app that offers fun sexual dilemmas that can get you in the mood. I also love sending him sexy texts when he’s on the plane. Peter thinks sexting is 2019, but I love teasing. I like to make him crazy when he’s busy with his mates and then text him how much I like him and crave him.

Peter is wiser than me. I talk more easily about sex and walk around the house naked. He finds it strange. Soon the neighbors will see me. Well, enjoy it. During the carnival, she gets into a conversation with a few women and men at the bar about sex toys. Years ago, I had an old-fashioned vibrator—it still had a plug, so to speak. But these guys let us know about the vibrations with the pneumatics function and how nice they are in the dog pose. very funny.

After a week, Kruidvat had such shakers. I bought one right away. Since then, it’s been an added plus for lovemaking, but I also take it when it’s sailing and I need to unload myself. Perfect, they are waterproof, so I just take the vibrator with me in the shower.

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shower together

I am completely open to pedophilia. I regularly tell them they can ask me anything if they are curious. Or I put a packet of condoms on the stairs and have the oldest of them, fourteen, take them upstairs and put them in our bedroom. This is my way of letting him know they are home if he ever needs them. Until now, Milan doesn’t want anything to be known about him and calls us tactful when we kiss. “Wow mom!” Sometimes he screams loudly.

“We really enjoy soaping each other and fondling and feeling each other’s bodies”

I prefer sex more often, but making time stays hard. Especially now that we have two teenagers at home who don’t sleep until late. We often get very tired of having sex. Peter and I make sure we shower together twice a week. We don’t necessarily have to have sex, but we really enjoy smooching each other and fondling and feeling each other’s bodies. I say to the children, “Be more economical in consuming water.” This is not always true, if it turns into an overload shower and we are busy, while the water is pouring over us. Then I’ll make sure the bathroom is locked, because I don’t want to get caught.

All doors are locked

In the time of Corona, it was very difficult to have privacy. We would sit on each other’s lips as a family all day. Then I had to get creative. Sometimes I let them go into the woods on purpose or swim all day, and then they were so exhausted in the evening that they all went to bed on time and we had plenty of room to spoil each other without a hitch.

When Peter isn’t at sea and I’m working at home, it’s a godsend during the day, because then the kids are all at school and we can get to work undisturbed. Although my mother-in-law called Peter a while ago: his father had just passed by for rehearsals. He came in through the back door, didn’t hit us, so he put the machine on the table.

“To be on the safe side, we now close all the doors when we have sex.”

At that moment we were just recovering from lovemaking. I’m sure my father-in-law has noticed we’re home. Because I’m not very quiet when we have sex: we close all the windows in advance so that the neighbors don’t hear my screams. The idea that my father-in-law overheard us is deeply embarrassing to me. On the other hand, he would rather hear this than argue. But just to be on the safe side, we now also close all the doors when we have sex.”

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