Max Verstappen ‘phenomenal’, Ferrari worried: ‘We can’t do anything about this’ | Formula 1

Max Verstappen’s performance during qualifying for the Belgian Grand Prix has sparked admiration, but also concern among the competition. Because what can they do against the Dutchman tomorrow?

Verstappen was by far the fastest during qualifying, but has to start Sunday’s race in 15th due to various grid penalties. That’s one place ahead of Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc, who was also dropped for several engine parts to be replaced. Carlos Sainz starts on pole in his Ferrari, and Sergio Perez is second in his Red Bull.

“Unbelievable,” Red Bull team principal at SkySports Christian Horner said of Verstappen’s qualifying. It was all weekend on fire.

Max Verstappen ©AP

“It’s always a risk when you have to start in the middle of the field, but we can expect a great race with Max and Charles on their way to the front. Then we have Checo (Perez’s editor) who will go up against Carlos at the front. We have a lot to watch tomorrow.”

“Something is still possible,” Leclerc said. ,, Because we did not prepare for the playoffs as we usually do. But when you see the gap with Max, it’s concerning. They are very fast and have been all weekend and we don’t know why. We have to go to work. We’ll have to do our best tomorrow, but it looks like they found something this weekend. It’s so fast, there’s nothing we can do.”

Or does Sainz expect it to be a battle between him and Perez? “No, not quite. Especially with the pace Max has. Once the safety car arrives, it can help him close the gap. And at 44 runs he can come back with his pace too. We’ve seen him do that before. Not that I’m focused on at first, this It’s the battle with Checo, and with Mercedes if they have the speed. Of course we’ll try to get away.”

Watch Verstappen’s lightning-fast lap below:

Applause for Mercedes

“We came here with great optimism and we think we’ll be close,” said Lewis Hamilton, who could start fourth on Sunday thanks to the seventh fastest time. “But we’re missing about two seconds per lap and that’s really a blow.” We’re still struggling with the car and we’re not going to miss it at the end of the year. I’m focused on next year and how we’re going to build and design the car. “

“The teams ahead of us are on a different level,” said Hamilton. “And our car was very different today. We have a lot of work to do and we will have to make the most of it for the rest of the season.”

Hear Hamilton’s reaction to Verstappen’s time below:

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