Cavalluna’s Sylvie Willems and Laurie Tesor: “The kids come to say thank you after the show with their sparkling eyes, and that’s enough”

During the “Cavalluna” show in Germany, we had a conversation with Laury Tisseur as well as with Belgian contestant Sylvie Willms.

Laurie, you’re a household name on this show, how can you keep reinventing yourself?

“For me, it’s not the same show every year, so it doesn’t feel like a repeat. For me, it’s a new show every day. Of course I hold the same major every year, but it’s nice to discover a different audience every time. They are also different horses every year.”

I heard explicitly during the show that you have all your fans?

“Yeah, and that’s exactly what motivates me every time, and I always try to get better. It gives me a lot of motivation to see the audience and hear their reactions.”

Sometimes things go wrong, I can imagine with 6 horses. So are you disappointed?

“Look, sometimes things go wrong, but we still work with animals. Every day is different. It’s the same with horses, and of course I can fall too. I try to solve the problem in the arena. Then people look curiously at my reaction. I always try to seal With a positive feeling, so that people also know that everything is fine with me, and also with the horses. I want people to feel good about the horses. This is important to me. I love being on stage, and I know I am lucky to be here. Every moment during the show I smile for that, the audience also sees that and appreciates that.”

Did you notice that while you were concentrating?

“I feel like people see that it’s not easy. Every act in the show is hard, but keeping 6 horses under control involves risks. They feel that, sometimes something unexpected can happen and they understand that. They see the relationship I had with the horses over a period Freedom “.

Do you always work with the same horses on this tour?

“I have 7 horses with me, one of which is not included in the Hungarian post. All other horses always participate in this show.”

Am I correct in saying that the show has gotten more emotional in recent years?

“Well, yes, the concept of the show has really evolved. It’s not just about horses and different disciplines anymore, there are also great dancers, beautiful music and extra light effects. Even if you only love dance and music, you’ll enjoy it. It’s become a complete show.”

What drives you to participate each time?

“I am always in competition with myself and yes, I always want to get better every day. I like to challenge myself and push boundaries. I accept that challenge myself and that excites me in a positive way.”

How do you want people to feel after the show?

“This is an answer that I have answered myself many times. When I was a child and watched the artists, I dreamed that I was the one performing. Now I am that artist myself and when I see the children’s eyes sparkle… This is the best appreciation you can get. Sometimes the children come after the show to say thank you with those sparkling eyes . that means alot to me.”

Sylvie Williams © PADI / Sandro

Sylvie Williams

We are very proud to have a Belgian artist on the show, how is it for you to come to Belgium in March?

“I’m very happy to be back in Belgium and back home. I’ve been many times. From 2002 to 2012 I’ve always been there. After that I paused a little bit, but I did occasionally. The show has changed over the years, a lot of decoration and technique. It might make It’s more difficult, because we have to act more. My way of working requires a lot of communication with the horses through my dressage method. My movements are very important. I have to watch the horses where I stand and how I react, so it’s not always easy to act and stay in my role and what I keep watching my horses what they expect of me. With my horses I have to be honest first and foremost, that’s the most important thing to me. Showing requires some imitation of me and you have to make something of it.”

What is the difference between what you do in this specialty and Bartolo Messina?

This is a difficult question, people have to decide for themselves. Every artist has their own personality, and that’s what makes the difference.”

How is this offer different from the previous offer?

“Also a difficult question. I am actually a person who does not speak much with words. That’s why I’m better with horses, because I don’t have to use words (Laughs). This is easier.

As we are doing this interview, I see that your horses are very nice to you.

“The horses are very sweet indeed. We have a very close relationship with each other.

The show is really for the family, but the organization ensures that everyone can enjoy it, for example through the decor, the lights and the music.”

Do horses respond to the reaction of the audience?

“Yes, horses recognize and acknowledge applause. They already know that when people applaud, they have done something right. It comes from working with them, if they do a good job I will say to them, ‘You did a good thing.’ They expect me to congratulate them, so as to encourage them and then they are happy to cooperate.” “When people clap, they’re doing something right and I usually tell them that. That’s how they recognize something positive in the applause. Some horses appreciate it more than others.”

Do you get more nervous when all seven horses are in the paddock?

“It can be seen. I’m always nervous, but I feel good pressure though. It’s because I want to do it as best I can so that people can have fun. Show is important, but for me the love of horses. The emotion is more important. It’s also necessary for the horses to also feel comfortable and have fun.” They must be happy, if I see them unhappy I personally am very unhappy.” (PADI)

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