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Did you miss news?Don’t have time to follow the news? We have the solution. De Gelderlander lists the most important messages for each day. This is a selection of news from Wednesday, January 4th.

Bees escaped from the New Year’s disaster? | A pyrotechnic bomb made, 350 kilograms of illegal fireworks including twelve Cobras, car tires, several liters of oil and a caravan that was to be set ablaze in the center of Beside on New Year’s Eve. This says the police, who have arrested five men on suspicion of, among other things, preparing to set fires.

Hospitals clash dramatically with insurance companies | Never before have hospitals and health insurance companies been at odds for so long about health care costs. With soaring energy costs and wages, hospitals are at risk of running into financial trouble this year. Patients may be victims. “It will be really exciting this year if all hospitals can stay out of the red.”

SEND THE TRAINING STAFF HOME | Yesterday morning, Co-Med sent the staff home from the deBolleBieste General Clinic in Zwolle. It concerns three assistants and a nurse. Ten others don’t have to come back either. Due to reports about several locations in the Netherlands, the company is under the magnifying glass of the inspection service.

Mighty Mike Loses Legendary World Cup Final | There is no world champion, nor the first place in the world rankings. The grapes are particularly bad for Michael van Gerwen after losing the World Cup Final against Michael Smith (4-7), who lifted the Syd Waddell Cup for the first time. Van Gerwen responded emotionally: “I’m so sick of this.” This is very painful “.

Carnival costumes for a fee | From clown and mermaid to red riding hood short or navy cap. You can’t think of it that crazy in terms of a carnival costume or that it can be obtained from the big blank sale of the Kruitwagen clothing rental in Zevenaar. “I hope to make many carnivals happy with it.”

Evicted from his home after a police raid | He himself says that he only helped two girls, but according to the housing company Elke1, the 30-year-old Deventer knew very well that prostitution was taking place in his apartment in Achterberggaarde. Since the housing company wants to make it clear that this really cannot be tolerated, the man has to leave the home in which he was raised. “I’m portrayed here as some kind of crazy person.”

Manege Morse to Rob | “Rob, is Fei still alive?” Patricia van Riemsdyk posed the question to Rob de Voogd via Messenger against her better judgement. On the way home from her shift at the Mustang Riding School, a car with a horse trailer was badly damaged at Middelsluissedijk in Numansdorp. Blinded by the lights of fire engines and police cars, she couldn’t see Rob’s new white Chevrolet. Unfortunately, he had the money for a long trip he wanted to take.

KLM passenger killed A passenger died on a flight from Paramaribo to Schiphol. The KLM flight departed from the capital of Suriname on January 3. “The passenger became seriously ill on board and unfortunately subsequently died,” a spokesperson for the airline said.

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