News from Berkelland » Yacht slip on Saturday at Beltrum

By the editorial staff on 01-05-2023

BELTRUM – Thanks to the mild weather of late, a yacht can be deployed around the beltrum again on Saturday afternoon. A pheasant hunt, in which riders on horseback accompanied by hounds follow a predetermined scent trail. The search for the slip begins at 13:00.

The road runs through Mölleweg and through the villages of Avest and Lintvelde. There will be a recess in the grass behind the contractor Blumenc. The drag chase continues to the Stroet in Waterdijk. Here the slingshot will be crossed. From there you continue on to Beltrum, which will again be in Survival atmosphere from next Sunday.

Photo by Truus Stotteler

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Martin Koopman

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