Lambie, a series about the girl from the lighthouse: Oh, how sweet she is

It’s TV week Light. Well, from more new software, of course, but subway He chooses the youth series Light From VPRO (NPO Zapp). Because oh, what a beautiful thing he’s become.

If you’re still thinking “what kind of annoying headline is that, you’ve never heard of it”; Sure you can. But we’re talking about the film adaptation of the most popular Dutch children’s book of all time (see box below). Magic Mickey de Young and director Margin Rogar Light to a four-episode TV fantasy (since Monday on TV, but can also be broadcast in full). We’ve been hearing for some time that something beautiful is being made, so… subway I went for it Look at the tube Sit in front. In this section, reporter Eric Yonk discusses new or amazing programming from regular TV broadcasters and streaming services.

Light hits from the first count

The youth series (which is also very suitable for older viewers) revolves around an 11-year-old who cannot read Lambie (Lotte Jonker) and her father Augustus (Gyges Nepper). Their mother and wife (Mirul Polat) died of illness. Actually it is Light From the first count, when a quiet, sonorous narrator says: ‘Actually, Lambie is not called Lambie, but Emilia, just like her mother. But her father would find it awkward when two people looked up when he called only one. And then he didn’t want to hear That name at all. So he calls her … the lamp.” Delicious text. Bert Lopes’ narrator’s voice is so beautiful and controlled that it sounds as if he’s voiced a nature movie.

Augustus and his daughter live in a lighthouse which Lambie must light each night. Her father, with his prosthetic leg and his alcohol addiction, shouldn’t have initiated it. Every day the girl counts the steps up, every day there are 166. Immediately lovely again, when Lambie has only one match left: “Do your best, or I’ll throw you into the sea.” make it. The next day – as always without money from her father in her pocket – she wants to buy matches at the last minute (“Two boxes please, can you write it please?”). Then things get worse. That wonderful voice again: “The day when everything changes, begins windless. But if you listen carefully, you will hear the seagulls calling.”

The weather was so bad that Lampe could no longer reach the lighthouse. A ship was wrecked in the night, after which she decided to take the blame. Lambie has to work for seven years to pay for the damage and thus ends up in the great court of the Black Castle. Somewhat sinister building as everyone knows there is a monster living there. and that it is in a tower that Lambe is not allowed to climb to view her private lighthouse. But then you don’t know Lambie yet…

1 million per Lambi episode

for everything in the series Light Shows that not half the work has been done. By the way, there was also some money for it. The budget was a minimum of €1 million per episode (the series consists of four manageable episodes of about 40 minutes each).

Lambie is sexy, honest, touching, in fact all at the same time. The themes of bravery, friendship, and more that you thought possible are well laid out. Giggs always delivers the beat…well, he delivers. We hardly notice it anymore. But Lotte Junker as Lambie, what a sweet kid (can you still say that nowadays?). I’m sure you understand: a good face for the role of this enterprising girl. And how ridiculously behave for a young man.

Hopefully, this will be the standard of TV for 2023

As said, all in Light To be honest it’s very touching. Whether it is the repeated images and the voice of the child’s mother. The woman from the store (that annoying teacher from Mother of lice) who wonders why Lambie has put three currant cakes on the list of eternal writing, when her father can’t even afford ordinary bread. The location (cliff) where the series was filmed. Or her mother’s keepsake which Lambie constantly carries in her hand clenched into fists. Yes, the book that achieved such success has been made into a really great TV series. If this were the level of 2023…

In addition, lesson packages are designed for primary school groups 7 and 8. In six lessons, students walk around Light Themes of identity, diversity and solidarity are dealt with in an easy and playful way. Look, so as Makers you’ve thought of absolutely everything.

Lampje can be seen tonight and tomorrow at 7.20pm on VPRO on NPO Zapp. You can broadcast via NPO Start.

Number of cans from 5: 4.5 (can easily go to 5, Metro has 2.5 rings left).

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Lambie, a series about the girl from the lighthouse: Oh, how sweet she is

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