It is very easy to talk about “solutions” to the wolf problem, also in the media Opinion

Monique Anote worried about the wolf. As a resident of the Drent-Friesian countryside, she sees wistfully what the animal does and how easy it is to discuss “solutions” elsewhere. Also in the media, as in the “Elke Dag” podcast of De Volkskrant.

I listened with increasing amazement De Volkskrant Podcast every day (November 1 episode). It is suggested that the wolves are fed extra. They don’t have to, because they become less shy because they are constantly communicating with people.

It could not be otherwise in our country of almost 18 million people. Even if they take a night walk, they will always be spotted by someone (and the report will be sent in live app). Surprisingly, a conspiracy theory like feeding the wolves is audible on this podcast.

Then the advice is to use a herd protection dog (KBH). Have the makers ever witnessed a fight to the death between the King Hussein Bridge and the Wolf? It’s filthy, disgusting, and has serious injuries and/or dead animals on both sides. Dog fighting is forbidden (and rightly so!), but apparently that’s okay.

fencing and fees

Then a duel with a wolf and charges. Already dead sheep are compensated. But not the costs of the vet and the surviving sheep that were later killed. Sheep farmers get subsidies to build the fence, but sheep need many hectares of land and have to be moved regularly. Most often this happens on land owned by other owners.

Moreover, these actions are wolf-proof and not wolf-proof. So there have been many attacks within these walls by wolves, with many victims because they have nowhere to go.

Coyote proof fencing is not suitable for large livestock, because horses and cows can panic blindly due to a wolf in the herd and then run right through the fence. With the recommended five sutures laying on top of each other, this leads to many cuts in the cut bones and tendons. This is why horses almost always use wire or tape that breaks under sudden great pressure.

Pay all costs yourself

The subsidy and payment scheme does not apply to large cattle and hobby animals other than sheep and goats. Owners of cattle, horses, and alpacas must pay all costs themselves. This is because wolf experts claimed that large animals would not be attacked.

They also claimed that wolves are shy and do not approach people. Reality has outpaced the latter as well, because wolves are regularly spotted in breeders’ yards and in the riding stables located next to residential homes.

The claim that most of the victims are caused by dog ​​attacks is too foolish for words. This means that we are suddenly dealing with an absolutely exponential growth in the number of dog-related accidents. We are stunned daily with dead and injured animals, from sheep, cows, calves, horses and ponies.

viscera out

What was found were not only dead animals, but also animals still alive the next morning with entrails hanging out, cows where the wolf ate itself through the anus until a large hole formed, and parts of the hind legs were also found. eaten away. Try to imagine for a moment what someone who finds this is going through.

Then he thought of that girl who found her pony Shetland torn to pieces in the pasture after he didn’t answer when she called him. Aside from the werewolf-proof webs, whether they are set in place or not, these scenes are both horrific and haunting. Also with farmers, because they are not only custodians of production animals, but also just people.

Then there is the issue of animal welfare and landscape pollution. It doesn’t make landscaping prettier if every character is surrounded by a fence. The Game can no longer access the Promoters they would normally be participating users in. There are many examples of deer entangled in such a fence and electrocuted.

All in one fell swoop

In terms of animal welfare, everything that has been carefully built through animal welfare campaigns and more activist organizations has been killed in one fell swoop. The animals had to be kept outside and in herds in as natural an environment as possible. Most animal breeders have taken this into consideration and adapted their animal housing accordingly.

Now these animal breeders are being urged by the same organizations to put their animals in stables at night and behind a fence (unsuitable for cattle and horses) unsuitable for cows and horses. In winter (short days) this means many animals stay indoors for up to 17 hours, with all the ensuing muscle and joint stiffness and heat exhaustion.

Tapas plate with toothpicks

With all the stamps, the Netherlands is meadows and bushes, villages and developing strips, roads and industrial areas like athletics tracks with hurdles in front, we’ve mapped every square centimeter and culture. So there are traces and smells of people everywhere. What we call the wooded nature of wolves is a tapas bowl with a few toothpicks in it.

Even “our nature” is a carefully cultivated and preserved landscape. It has nothing to do with virgin nature. You’ll find that elsewhere on earth, but not here.

In a very disappointing short, this one-sided and somewhat stupid portrayal of a situation demands more background information from different angles and vigorous investigative journalism. I hope this broadcast was a “slip of the pen” and not all topics were covered every day It is dealt with in this way.

Monique Anotte is a native of Nordwald (France) and a hobbyist for Icelandic horses

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