Girls Who Ride Season 3 contestants! Find out all about it!

Meiden die Rijden – the new Dutch version of Lady Truckers – can be seen weekly on TV again from Tonight (Thursday 5 January). Every Thursday evening at 8.25pm ​​on NPO3 you can watch Meiden die Rijden Season 3. Find out all about the participants in Meiden die Rijden Season 3 here.

The girls who drive season 3

PowNed Meiden die Rijden is back for a third season. Once again follows 15 women who fulfill their childhood dream of becoming truck drivers. Women of spirit and strength, who stand their ground in the trucking world. Because truckers aren’t just fat, smoky guys. In Meiden die Rijden season 3 we see a number of old acquaintances, but especially a lot of new participants.

The girl contestants who lead season 3

Curious about the girls who lead the Season 3 contestants? We list them below. Meet Yvonne, Wilma, Samanta, Melissa, Melissa, Michelle, Marian, Jessica, Heidi, Fabian, Connie, Amy, Anita, Anne and Claudia, among others. And of course the voice over Ton Kas should not be missing.

The girls who drive the racers

  1. Iphone. Specialization: Distribution of natural manure – You can call this cheerful woman in Groningen to haul manure. They transport golden-brown hyacinths all over northern Holland, and are not deterred by the stench. She’s always had a thing for the farm life. She also lives with her parents on the farm, where she helps her regularly.
  2. Wilma. Specialization: Exceptional transportation Horse power is central to Wilma’s life. On the one hand, its truck, which can be extended up to 30 meters, drives exceptional transport structures such as bridges across Europe. On the other hand, she takes some of her horses to dressage competitions with her other van, where she also earns handsome pocket money. With both of her passions together, she spends about a hundred hours a week.
  3. Samantha. Specialization: Containers – We still know Samantha from last season’s MDR. Then we saw how it found its way into the world of big truck driver. And she did it in the van of her friend Melissa, who was on maternity leave at the time. Now the two ladies are back in the van and brave the Dutch motorways of East Brabant together.
  4. Melissa. Specialization: Containers – This container princess changes containers faster than Hans Klok can summon his assistants. Along with her friend Samantha, the two hold their own in the trucker world. In addition to hauling containers, Melissa and Samantha are also participating in Truckrun this year, where disabled people can ride in the truck for a day.
  5. Michelle. Specialization: Refrigerated trailer – With its refrigerated trailer, this Zeeland van transports fruit and vegetables to the market in Paris. She still lives with her mom, but since she’s so far away, she doesn’t mind. Family is very important to her. When she’s not riding, she’s riding one horse: hers. She loves to take part in one well-known Zeeland tradition: ring riding.
  6. Melissa. Specialties: bus driver – This blonde moved from Rotterdam to Amersfoort to become a bus driver there. A large part of her family has always worked in public transportation, so the move from hauling goods to a bus makes perfect sense for her. She’d like to get more women excited about riding the bus, and don’t mince words.
  7. Marianne. Specialization: Miscellaneous Transportation – This tiger print enthusiast from Drenthe also impresses with her voice as well as driving a truck. She loves to dive into the studio to make songs about the truck, which she also performs live. Its biggest hit to date is the humble Blood Group Diesel production. Her employer created a 9-to-5 job especially for her, so this single mom could take her kids to school herself.
  8. Jessica. Specialization: old iron – This self-proclaimed “Queen of the IJzers” drives her grapple truck around the Randstad all day loading and unloading large piles of old iron. Cardio, kickboxing and strength training are not alien to her, which is why she has already lost twenty kilograms. She has also been on the Lady Trucker Calendar three times in a row. Moreover, like many of her colleagues, she has a penchant for tattoos.
  9. Heidi. Specialization: Wholesale Catering – Heidi Brabant supplies food and drink to catering establishments. The clientele is very diverse, from lunchrooms and cafeterias to upscale restaurants. If she’s lucky, she can sometimes prick a fork. But then she first has to maneuver her refrigerated van through the narrow streets of Brabant’s city centres.
  10. Fabienne. Specialties: building materials – Last year we saw her shine not only with her truck, but also with her looks. Fabienne is a finalist in the Miss Holland World election. We’ll go to the competition this year and see if she can take the crown. Plus, we of course get to ride in the truck where she is so happy to tell us about all her adventures.
  11. Claudia. Specialization: Hazardous Materials – The gentle licking of the caravan called Claudia. She is driving a tanker with life-threatening substances from the offshore port of Rotterdam. She is not very skilled at learning other languages, but with a little hand and foot she will get by. When she has some free time in her truck, she catches on to her plot. This way she can pass the time.
  12. that. Specialization: Flowers and plants – Anne travels to Germany with a truck full of flowers to sell her wares at local flower shops. She often has to spend the night outside, but her protective employer allows her to go to a hotel. When you’re on the road, you practice with the local German softball team for a game every Sunday in the Netherlands.
  13. Anita. Specialization: Miscellaneous Transportation – Cannibal Anita is present again. This mourner is now growing to become a household name on international asphalt. She still doesn’t mince words and has a sober view of the world of trucking and the world in itself. Which results in interesting commentary and dry analysis. Plus, she takes us in tow to a real trucker party.
  14. Amy. Specialization: Miscellaneous Transportation – This is the third season in which we are riding with truck driver Amy. She told last year with tears in her eyes that she was finally pregnant. And now she gave birth to a beautiful daughter! Which is great, of course, but it also means she has to get back to work. We ride along through her first day on the job.
  15. Cosmic. Specialization: Coach – Even though she made the switch to a PostNL van during Corona, Connie from Achterhoek can’t resist taking the bus every now and then. She is so excited and rattles over and over again. When she’s not kicking the big car, she’s riding her motorcycle. Her ultimate dream is to drive Route 66, in memory of her father. The rest of the time she takes care of the grandchildren who live nearby.

Girls watching driving

Season 3 of Meiden die Rijden can be watched weekly from tonight, Thursday 5 January, at 20:25 on NPO 3. Episodes can also be watched again via NPO Plus and NPO Start. You can even look forward via NPO Plus. Unfortunately, you can only use NPO Start from outside. You can do this by working with a VPN connection, which you set for the Netherlands before going to the NPO Start website. You can then watch this week’s episode again. All episodes of Season 1 and Season 2 can also be watched via NPO Start.

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