Column: Animals and fireworks don’t go well together

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A letter from a resident to the municipality of Sliedrecht is the reason for this column. On Sunday, January 1, 2023, New Year’s Day, the letter was written and sent to the local government.

She says: “I live in the center of Sliedrecht and have had enough of the fact that I can no longer walk my dog ​​because of the fireworks in recent weeks. My dog ​​and many dog ​​owners I talk to are in a state of panic and fear because of this. We are trying everything to reduce this Fear with all sorts of resources available here and the costs associated with it which does not solve the problem for our dogs and other animals.With fireworks New Years Eve at night there is no problem for me that is manageable for my dog.Weeks before and unfortunately also afterwards is too mad for words.I would like I would like to see a solution to this from the municipality/mayor. This is not possible for our pets! Just put yourself in stress mode for weeks. I would like to bring this to your attention and hope that action will be taken so that young people (and their parents) understand that this is not normal and that measures will be taken against it. I hope that by the end of 2023 our animals will be able to run a lot or stress-free due to the measures taken, which will be preserved in Sliedrecht. I am very angry at the moment about the way things are going. Young fun! Misery animals! And grieving the owners For seeing their dogs like this and the costs they have to bear! Animals also have the right to live in good health in Sliedrecht. If you can’t do anything about this? Should I have sent it to someone else? Please forward my email to the appropriate person/department or mayor. Waiting for your reply…and her murderously nervous dog, who really wants to be able to relieve himself outside.” End of speech quoted.

This lady has a point. It would be nicer if the lighting times for the fireworks were different nationwide. Now that’s between 6pm on New Years Day and 2am on New Years Day. Bring that back to 11pm-1am. Setting off fireworks for two hours at the end of the year is a no-brainer for many people.

Now take as an example. Halfway through New Year’s Eve, they decide on the ASVZ site Merwebolder with their fireworks display full of loud explosions. Because I’m a neighbor across the street from the establishment, we were able to enjoy it. Meanwhile, our bunny (I went to have a look in his outside cage) was running madly back and forth in his cage (until discovering on New Years Day that the wet feces of the animal were in his changed cage more than usual). I think this monster was traumatized. The fireworks lasted for hours and continued for some time after midnight. Meanwhile our dog broke into the house and so we had to watch the fireworks (beautiful btw) with loud music playing in the house. Yes, on you. And really. Pet walking is no longer an option. The animals in Sliedrecht are clearly not used to “fireworks all year round in Sliedrecht”, because they are a bit more during the end of the year.

I feel so sorry for the message lady. She’s right and I would like to know what the municipality of Sledrecht will do about it. Why the mayor as head of public order and safety would not test a fireworks-free zone. Think an institution (after all, ASVZ also has a lot of animals – think the local riding school – and in the area CenterParcs there’s a lot of nature with birds and other wildlife) or other parts of the village (which is just off the National Park de Bispush).

But that moment when the fireworks are set off is also taken into account. Is this time still? Bring that back to 11pm-1am. Best of all! Better for health, the environment and all animal owners. Only two hours left to enjoy the end of the year.

As a municipality, consider an alternative if necessary. Think of a fireworks-free municipality, a fireworks moment or a fireworks display time.

Now there’s too much room for fireworks to go off, I guess. Make it fun and interesting for everyone.

Peter Dunk

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