Zinedine, Denzel van Het-Meulenhof, Aghanix, and Plot Blue New Captain Horsetelix

All horses officially turned older on January 1st, and this naturally affects HorseTelex’s pedigree rating. The age of the horses does not affect the A ranking, but rather the rating of younger forebears. In the ranking for youngest offspring (electronic ranking, maximum age of offspring: 9 years), KWPN stallion Zinedine (by Gedam) has been at the top since Sunday, in ranking D (maximum age of offspring: 11 years) Denzel van het Meulenhof ( by Marius Claudius in the prologue), in Class C (maximum age: 13 years) Aganix du Seigneur (by Ogano Sitte) and in Class B (maximum age: 15 years) Plot Blue (Mr. Blue), which thus remains ahead of Eldorado van de Zeshoek and Emerald van ‘t Ruytershof.

A full list of “New Stallions” is at the top of the electronic ranking. So Zinedine, bred by Jan Baumkamp, ​​is at the top of the list, with an IPV/E of 355.82, with 31 of his grandchildren taking part in international sport in the last year (January 2022 – January 2023) (for which he has far exceeded the lower limit. Out of 20 Grandchildren doing sports).

Corydon van T&L (by Cornado NRW) is in second place, followed by Sea Coast Don’t Touch Tiji Hero (by Diamant de Semilly), 4th Dieu Merci van T&L (by Toulon) and 5th Upsilon (by Canturo). Former KWPN F-One USA audition winner also ranks high with a seventh-place finish.

Denzel van Het Meulenhoff

Denzel van Het Meulenhof (Marius Claudius) has been featured in the HorseTelex rankings for several years now. Team Nijhof bought the stallion in 2021 due to the good performance of his eight-year-old offspring (who had already entered the electronic classification “a year ago”). Last year Jan started second in the e-ranking, and this year he heads the D-ranking with an IPV/D of 392.5 (with 40 active FEI-level offspring).

Denzel is not the only stallion from Joris de Brabander’s Querly Chin line to do well in the HT ratings. Read also:

He is just ahead of Christian who has an IPV/D of 392.1 (with 54 offspring). Christian (Kartani of Lord Bizzy’s half-sister, Olympic mare who knows Lily vs. Lord Liberty) was the 2021 E-ranking leader and immediately advanced to the top D-ranking spot on January 1, 2022.

Dallas VDL (Douglas VDL x Heartbreaker) follows in third.

Children of Aganix du Seigneur from the pre-Z era

Aganix du Seigneur is the new leader in classification C. This is special: the offspring of the stallion for whom he collected points last year come from the pre-Zangerscheid era (which means they were years younger).

With an IPV/C of 508.35 and 60 active offspring at the FEI level, Aganix is ​​ahead of Baltic VDL (by Quaprice Bois Margot) and Quality Time TN (by Quantum). With those 60 international sport offspring, Aganix fully meets the minimum requirement for sons to be able to participate in Class C, so its position is not certain.

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Plot Blue is ahead of Eldorado and Emerald

Plot Blue (Mr. Blue x Pilot), who died in 2019, is ranked #1 in the HorseTelex C results ranking as of January 2022. This is quite an achievement, since Marcus Enning’s previous level didn’t cover much. “No more than 30 mares a year,” says Frans Burgers, cousin of Plot Bleu breeder Frans Berger.

This year, 2023, Plot Blue has effortlessly advanced to the top spot in the B classification, ahead of the multi-storey doubles Eldorado van de Zeshoek and Emerald van ‘t Ruytershof. It should also be noted here that Plot Blue is not sure of its position as it only exceeds the minimum (80 atomics) in international sport with 81 atomics. Eldorado (211) and Emerald (243), who have also covered much more, have many offspring in the international sport.

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Toulouse at 2

In classification A, the location of Toulon was particularly noteworthy. Son of Heartbreaker was again second behind Chacco-Blue and has been in the lead time and time again in recent years.

Toulon is available at Tilleman Station and Lenaerts, where Heartbreaker also covered 3rd through 7th.

For Luke Tillman, Toulon is the successor to his father, especially because he conveys an attitude like Heartbreaker himself. “They all think they can do more than 1.60m and want to do it, even horses who really only have 1.30m. Attitude is crucial to success and Heartbreaker is aggressively going beyond that in the second generation.”

The top five is completed by Quaprice Bois Margot (by Quidam), Mylord Carthago (by Carthago) and Berlin (by Cassini I).

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