“What’s a fun vacation with two older boys and a baby?”

Eileen is a secondary special education counselor, author of thrillers for the publishing house De Fontein, mother of Louis and Miles (11 and 8) from a previous relationship and recently gave birth to her daughter Sophia with boyfriend Niels.

First of all, Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a fun and happy holiday. It was hectic here, but very relaxing and we enjoyed it. 2022 was an exciting year for us with many changes, which we look at with special feeling. Of course Sofia’s birth was a very wonderful event, but for me, perhaps the birth of a new family – with Nils there – was even more special. Now there are five of us and Sofia is the conductor.

Summer vacation booking

It’s already January, time is running fast and we are looking forward to the New Year. I work in education and have plenty of vacations, just like the kids, but Nils doesn’t. Last year we booked our holiday in February and now we may need to be in earlier than that. The question… what are we going to do?

I’ve booked our holidays through my regular travel agent for years (Tip! Really do it!). I tell her what I have in mind in terms of costs, transportation, and destination, and then she comes up with a number of options. Perfect for me, because I hate searching the internet myself. Not only because I can no longer see the wood of the trees, but also because – once you find something nice – you’ve lost hundreds of euros more just by clicking more. Oh, you only pay that price in March. Oh, you only pay that price if you go to Lanzarote with your own transport. Yes, let’s go cycling. Oh, final cleaning, bed linen, tourist tax, administrative costs, dishwasher tablets, towels, toilet rolls, etc. also add an extra five hundred euros. I don’t feel like those cases, so I credit it. Everyone is happy and I don’t pay anything for it. We have been going on holiday for years with great satisfaction and every time I am happy that everything has been arranged.

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Eid wishes for all ages

Every year my parents put on a seasonal show at a nearby campsite. Great for kids. From March, this is already a kind of vacation and the boys love to go to the campsite, where they hang out with their nephews and nieces. But this is the pre-season. Last year, Nils and I celebrated the closeness of the little boy in Sicily in the summer and the boys went on a tour of the football field in London with their dad, and then we went to Denmark with the boys for a week. We had a wonderful, but two very luxurious holidays. This summer it will be the only one. Of course I will present our wishes to the travel agent, but I don’t know what our wishes would be with two boys aged 12 and nine and a baby. What’s fun?

Priceless ideas

We traveled to the south of France with Louis when he was ten months old. that was good. When Miles was a kid we lived in Curaçao, we just went on holiday to the Netherlands (and those 10 hours flying time was so unique, I’ll leave that out for now). When I ask the boys what they want to do now, they name all sorts of priceless things. Preferably very far away or something with soccer. Neils and I love it so much, but a soccer trip isn’t as relaxing and we’d prefer something closer to home. Europe is a good drive away. Swimming is always good and the sun is nice. Just staying in the Netherlands is fine too, but the prices here are weird these days. We like to discover something new.

What is the golden edge?

What are the final tips for spending holidays with children of different ages? Are there specific parks we should see? resorts? Camping sites with nice homes or mobile homes? hotels? We’ve already seen a lot in Europe but maybe we missed something and I’m totally out of it when it comes to holidays with kids. Who has good experiences? Personal experience tells me more than anything else. If you don’t have a good time somewhere, don’t recommend it to someone else. We hope that there will be good ideas and we can go to the travel agent with a more specific package of wishes.

Anyway, next week we’ll have fun at a house in Center Parcs. We are very much looking forward to that. Perhaps this is exactly what we are looking for!

Until next time!

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