Top 10 games to earn money to invest in 2023

Play-to-win games are blockchain-generated games that reward players with digital money or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for completing challenges or succeeding in tournaments. Since the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, these GameFi titles have grown in popularity and show no signs of slowing down.

This makes cryptogaming one of the most attractive areas for potential investors with good profits even during the current BTC bear market.

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Here are the top 10 best gaming providers to earn investing in in 2023:

  • Metacad
  • sand box (sand)
  • Decentraland (MANA)
  • Avatars Unchained (avatars)
  • My DeFi Pet (DPET)
  • Alien Realms (TLM)
  • iluvium (ILV)
  • Cryptoblades (skill)
  • silk

1. Metacad (MCADE)

Metacade is a multi-title virtual arcade game created by blockchain that aims to revolutionize the GameFi industry with an innovative and multi-layered roadmap. With a wide range of addictive games to earn and other earning opportunities for users, Metacade promises to become a leader as the gaming metaverse continues to grow.

Highlights of the platform’s exciting white paper include Leading Metagrants, a funding source that game developers can apply to turn game ideas into reality after a community vote, Launching a Job Board in Q1 2024, Best Career Opportunity in Web3 and GameFi Development, Moving to A fully functional and self-sustaining decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) in the fourth quarter of 2024.

With a pre-beta that has raised $1.5 million in just over four weeks, Metacade is an excellent choice of playable games to invest in during the pre-sale. This investment is likely to yield great returns in the coming months and years.

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2. The Sandbox

Sandbox is a decentralized blockchain center with excellent accessibility and does not require an IT degree. Players can build, create, share, and exchange characters, games, and 3D metaverse worlds in an aesthetic similar to Minecraft and Roblox.

It is one of the easiest blockchain gaming platforms to use, due to its easy-to-use plug-and-play game creation tools. People without a coding background can use this intuitive tool to create deep worlds and games for others to play on the platform.

The more users, the higher the profit potential from selling and trading NFTs. With nearly 50% of SAND tokens available for purchase, SAND’s already well-established popularity among crypto enthusiasts makes it one of the most promising companies offering investment opportunities to play for profit, with excellent payout potential.

3. Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland is an open world virtual reality space that allows users to buy their own virtual real estate plots and create 3D worlds. Plots are available in the form of LAND tokens, and once purchased, users can create anything they want, from opening an online store to earning MANA tokens to creating a virtual theme park, as Warner Music did.

The platform is a DAO, which means that the fully immersive virtual reality world is controlled and driven by the community. This sets Decentraland apart from other virtual reality worlds in the metaverse, as users vote on the world’s direction and governance policies.

The Decentraland metaverse is constantly evolving with new projects being created and has attracted some big names to the platform in the world of popular culture and big corporations. Paris Hilton, JJ Lin, and JP Morgan among those who bought virtual lots in Decentraland, which has a domino effect on the price of selected nearby LAND tokens. These big names and the ever-evolving Decentraland environment make MANA an ideal choice for anyone looking for gaming companies to invest in.

4- AXS Infinity

One of the biggest gameplay titles to earn is Axie Infinity, a game of trade and battle that is similar in style and tone to Pokemon Go. Players collect, farm, and farm Ethereum minted NFTs called “Axies” before competing against other users online, with the winner of each battle earning rewards.

There are dozens of different types of Axies for players to choose from, each with endless possibilities for customization and development. The rewards come in the form of Smooth Love Potion (SLP), which can be sold for AXS Coins, the original game token.

While Axie Infinity’s user base has declined significantly during the current bear market from its peak of 2.78 million at the start of 2022, causing the SLP to lose more than 99% of its value, the game’s strong and loyal follow-up in Southeast Asia is a platform for an exciting future. .

With over 60% of the total supply of AXS coins available for purchase as of December 2022, AXS looks like a good bet for a recovery in 2023, making it a great choice for crypto enthusiasts looking for business to play. invest in.

5. Unrestrained Gods (Gods)

Gods Unchained is one of the most popular NFT trading games in the metaverse, not only offering players excellent opportunities to play, but unlike most GameFi games, it is also free to play. This makes it an excellent starting point for anyone looking for an introduction to metaverse gaming.

Players collect cards and compete against other players in battles and duels to earn rewards. Ethereum blockchain technology gives players digital ownership of their cards and allows them to manage, trade and buy to give them the best chance of success.

The platform’s native currency is the GODS Token, which allows players to purchase card packs and chests and create their own NFTs and stock tokens to receive rewards. This allows for a much deeper gaming experience than traditional card trading games can offer in the real world. With plans to release seasonal game bundles and a loyal customer base, GODS looks set to remain a leader in the competitive Web3 card business for some time to come.

6. My DeFi Pet (DPET)

DPET is the native token of My DeFi Pet, a blockchain-based game that allows users to raise virtual pets. Players from any time period will remember Tamagotchi; My DeFi Pet extends this idea while taking advantage of Web3 technology.

In addition to raising pets, players can buy, sell, and trade pets on the in-game marketplace. Custom NFTs can be created for their pets with options such as changing color, eyes, head shape, adding wings, and developing their own fur patterns.

DPET coins are used to purchase items on the game’s website or marketplace to trade NFTs and purchase pet food, clothing, or pet accessories. With only 16% of the 100 million DPET tokens currently in circulation, there is a huge opportunity for My DeFi Pet to grow in 2023 and generate profits for investors looking for games you can play with in order to invest in them.

7. Alien Realms (TLM)

Alien Worlds is the groundbreaking sci-fi action-adventure-based game in the metaverse. The aim of the game is simple. Play, play, and upgrade NFT exotics that can be used to find different items and give themselves the best chance of success.

Each player receives a shovel to start mining the original currency, Tilium (TLM), on a chosen plot of land. The TLM is then used to acquire NFTs in the in-game trading room and can be used in exchange for advice on the game’s management and decision-making process. There is also room for TLM owners to earn passive income by renting out their land, winning battles against other users and coin bets.

About a third of the available supply of TLM tokens will be in circulation as of December 2022. With Alien Worlds leading GameFi’s sci-fi experiment, this is one of the play-to-win games to invest in 2023.

8. Illuvium (ILV)

Illuvium is a best-selling digital gaming and gaming platform for PC and Mac users. Using the Ethereum blockchain, users can play this sci-fi adventure game that allows exploration of seven exotic landscapes. The goal of the game is to collect NFT creatures and compete against other users for rewards.

The game has more than 100 monsters that control exotic lands that can be collected, trained, and combined to make them more powerful. These creatures are called Illuvials. Players are offered rewards in the form of ILV tokens for completing missions, participating in events and tournaments, and deploying ILV in battles in the Leviathan Arena.

Illuvium’s attractive story is likely to attract many new players in 2023, making it an attractive investment opportunity for gaming enthusiasts to earn.

9. Cryptoblades (Skill)

Cryptoblades is a role-playing game (RPG) hosted by Binance Smart Chain that uses the SKILL token as the native currency. Players buy skill tokens to buy or craft characters and weapons to take on opponents in battle.

The idea of ​​the game is simple: create as many characters as possible and win battles against enemies to earn rewards in the form of skill tokens. These tokens can be withdrawn, sold, or used to buy other in-game assets like weapons to make them more powerful.

More than 90% of the 1 million platforms worth of token supply is currently in circulation, which means that gambling investors interested in the potential of CryptoBlades should act quickly to see the potential profits.

10- Silk (STT)

Silks is an immersive fantasy horse racing game, offering players the opportunity to fulfill their dreams of owning and training racehorses. By following a horse’s development from birth to the racetrack, Silks’ unique Web3 offering has huge potential for farming.

Players can breed, buy and trade horses on the in-game market using STT tokens. Passive income can be earned by participating in horse races and winning prize money just like in real life. With over 10,000 horses available, each with their own identity and attributes, Silks has tremendous play depth.

In addition, players can purchase land to build a horse farm, breed their horses, and participate in the real success of their counterparts. Silks looks set to break out in 2023 and deliver excellent returns for buy-now investors.


2023 is the year of continued growth in the gaming metaverse, building on the successes of 2022 despite the stagnant cryptocurrency markets. While each of the 10 games listed here has compelling selling points, Metacade appears to be the best option for investors looking for opportunities in 2023.

The comprehensive and multi-layered roadmap, plans to transition to a full-fledged DAO, and the rich earning potential on the platform make Metacade a very attractive investment option. With the pre-sale currently in its first phase and MCADE tokens available for $0.01, early profits are in for those who invest sooner rather than later as the price rises to $0.02 when the pre-sale ends.

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