The prophetic voice for 2023: measure, struggle, smear …

What awaits us in this New Year? Charisma News shares a group of 6 prophets sharing a message for 2023. Hear what Chuck Pierce, Alexander Pagani, Greg Locke, and Dr. Michael Brown, Mike Signorelli and Mark Peltz need to talk about the times ahead.

Prophet Chuck Pierce begins the video with a message about God’s glory descending on earth and His dispensation. “A great descent of God’s Spirit awaits us. It is as if God’s breath will baptize us again to prepare us for what is to come. The word breath can also be used as the word for voice. This time, this entire decade, it is about what voice will be heard, what voice will we hear to him,” Pierce said. It explains more about listening to different voices in the world and searching for God’s voice. We live in a time of war. This season, we will enter enemy territory and experience new things. So this year this year is all about the supernatural recovery.” We depend on God’s provision for that, stresses Peirce. “This provision will be followed by what God will provide anew, but also by multiplying what you already have.”

We live in a time of war.

Public relations. Chuck Pearce

The prophet Curt Landry also speaks of God’s provision. The year 2023 is about Wealth transfer [overdracht van rijkdom]. We’re already seeing that, but we’ll see it come back even more next year… As financial blessings emerge, it’s important to be spiritually and emotionally mature: to have financial wisdom about how to handle royal finances.”

new fat
In addition to financial support, there is a prophetic voice about the struggle we as Christians have to deal with in modern society. The prophet Alexander Pagani refers to the existence of obsess will stand. Pagani explains what Jiho Features. “There will be people consecrated by God who will stand up to the regimes that oppress God’s people.” They will not be religious or revolutionary, according to Pagani. Returns to Protestantism Reshape. We deliberately do not call it the Protestant Revolution, but the Protestant Reformation. Why? Because the revolutionary wants to destroy the system, but the reformer wants to improve the system. This can only happen when God appoints someone who is very direct and advocates obedience to God above all else… God will anoint manias to challenge and overthrow all kinds of systems… They will not be written off, and pastors will not say: Don’t listen to them. Why? Because in churches there is a desire for obedience and revival.

“There will be people appointed by God who will confront the regimes that oppress God’s people.

Public relations. Alexander Pagani

Rev. Mike Signorelli of New York asserts that God will ordain new people. He sees personal recovery and justice for people who have felt misunderstood or wronged for years and compares them to Joseph. Signorelli said, “The Lord will restore Joseph in 2023. A burden will be turned into a blessing and you will witness the fulfillment of this word.” In addition, he is involved in relationships. “Your social circle and the depth of your relationships will change… You will say, ‘I will be better, I will not be so bitter. As a result, God will lift you up. But I also want to warn you. The people you will meet in the coming year will not always be right up your alley at first. In 2023, I want to squeeze your heart: Don’t look with normal eyes, don’t listen with normal ears.. “The last prophetic word I want to share for 2023 is that we will see the emergence of extraordinary cooperation. There will be people of different ‘languages’. Do not reject them because they do not look ‘Hebrew’ but ‘Babylonian’ or ‘Egyptian. By working together you will be able to build the kingdom.'” more.”

be ready
The final theme is the preparation for the second coming of Jesus. “The Church is growing exponentially. It’s moving so fast that it reminds us of the Acts of the Apostles… I see how God is preparing people for these last days. It’s almost like in the story of 10 girls with oil lamps. No matter what you believe about end times and prophecies and how it will happen Everything, we have to be prepared,” Greg Locke confirms. We must understand that God intended the church to be the foundation. We must stick to the truth and stop compromising. We must stop being ashamed of the message and not hide behind all kinds of explanations. We no longer need to apologize for the power of the gospel. “

We often place our trust in things or people other than God.

Doctor. Michael Brown

Mark Peltz also points out that the church must prepare. “The way God sets us up is often by ‘throwing us in’ so we can share what’s in our hearts and minds. So don’t be shocked when God ‘throws you out’ in 2023,” Blitz said.

Doctor. Michael Brown believes that the changes that have occurred in recent years will continue until 2023. “I think God will shake us even more,” said Dr. Brown. “We often put our trust in things or people other than God… It is not wrong to get involved politically. But God will make such a noise that in the end we will only look to Him.”

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