Limburg raccoons escape death and are taken care of at Anna Bologna

Since last week, Anna Paulowna’s Landgoed Hoenderdaell has a new animal species: a raccoon. Sixteen raccoons entered a brand new enclosure last Wednesday, after the AAP Foundation took care of the animals at various locations in Limburg. Since this week, visitors can catch a glimpse of these special newcomers, even if they’re still a little shy.

Landgoed Hoenderdaell’s New Raccoon Enclosure – NH News/Kelly Blok

These raccoons, among others, were recently captured in Limburg by the AAP Foundation. The county had been suffering from the plague for a long time. The raccoon plague can have consequences for nature and the lives of other animal species. Since the end of last year, raccoons have been allowed Fired But the Stichting AAP is trying to save as many as possible and place them in suitable housing. as Landgoed Hoenderdaell in Anna Paulowna.

This property, which is already known as a sanctuary for lions and tigers, last year went to great lengths to achieve such suitable housing for the raccoons. So they are very happy about the arrival of the animals. “I think they’re adorable, they’re like little bandits,” says animal welfare officer Daphne Pilz van Henderdael.


Visitors are already very curious about these new residents, but they can’t see much of these bandits at the moment. They don’t dare to show themselves yet. Only when you look closely can you catch a glimpse of it.

LANDGOED HOENDERDAELL MAKES ROOM FOR 16 RACOONS BY Stichting AAP A group of 16 raccoons, formerly captured by Stichting AAP, will today have access to a beautiful new enclosure at Landgoed Hoenderdaell in Anna Paulowna. Hoenderdaell welcomes the hooded predator as a new species in the park. The raccoons were captured from the province of Limburg between 2019 and 2022, as they had to be removed from nature as an alien invasive. To prevent the shooting, the AAP took care of these animals and checked them for diseases. Now these beautiful and intelligent animals can be transferred to zoos with a permit to keep this species. Robert Cruyff, Director of Landgoed Hoenderdaell, expressed his delight at the animals’ arrival: “Raccoons are bold, active animals and a pleasure to watch. We hope our visitors will enjoy them as much as the animals themselves, now that they are safely housed in a brand new large enclosure. The animals they need are cared for.” To Second Chance is a common thread in our zoo. Our group of raccoons have been with us for a week getting used to the new environment in peace and quiet, and today they can finally explore their outdoor enclosure.” The AAP Foundation is also happy with the raccoon’s new home. AAP director David van Gennep: “In recent years we have held onto a group of raccoons that have been raised in Limburg. We have managed to foster close to 100 animals. We still have to find a good transport address for many of them. This is very difficult due to the strict regulations for transporting Invasive alien species in Europe. Fortunately, Landgoed Hoenderdaell, AAP Values ​​Partner, has obtained a permit to capture these raccoons. It gives us space to accommodate other animals in need, so this is a win for both these animals and animals in need of shelter!”

By Landgoed Hoenderdaell on Monday, January 2, 2023

“These animals need more time before they show themselves,” explains Daphne Bells. “I don’t know how long it will take, but slowly the brave animals of the group will emerge themselves.”

So you suspect raccoons are very fearful. “They try something really bad and then they come to a whole new place,” says Daphne Pels.

In the image below, a raccoon is hiding under the roof of its new enclosure (text continues below image).

Two raccoons are hiding under the roof – NH News/Kelly Blok

But according to the caretakers, everything should be fine with the newcomers over time. “They are very curious and can climb very well. They have strong hands and love the water very much. They love to wash their food in the water, hence the name raccoon,” explains Daphne Bells.

The property is fully equipped and also has a stream and lots of greenery. But planting is not too high, to prevent escape. “It’s very windy here and we want to prevent someone from escaping if a big tree blows over the fence,” Bils explains. “They are mischievous animals, so the enclosure is really raccoon-proof.”

“We hope that other zoos will also be willing to accommodate such animals.”

Daphne Beals – Hoenderdaell Estate

Hoenderdaell’s caretakers try to spoil the raccoons as much as possible, so they can quickly feel at home. “They’ve all been spayed and neutered and can live out their lives here,” says Bils. “We hope that other zoos will also be willing to accommodate such animals afterward.”

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