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Reality star Jimmy Weiss is entitled to two of the three expensive watches she and former rapper Lil Klein have been arguing about for some time. A third watch remained in the possession of Yorick Scholten, as Lil Klein is rightly called. The court in Amsterdam decided this.

The case revolves around the distribution of several items, notably three expensive watches (two Rolexes and an Audemars Piguet) that are now in a locker belonging to the rapper, but were once given to her by him. But during the court hearing on the subject, on November 14 last year, it also emerged that it involved everyday items such as suitcases, a briefcase, a blender obtained from a sponsorship deal, a toaster, a kettle, a set of dishes, and PlayStation consoles. and decorative pillows.

The judge said on November 14 that he was initially leaning toward awarding at least two of Jimmy’s three hours, but gave both parties until the end of November to reach an agreement. It didn’t work, so the judge had to make decisions.

Gifted to her son and to her

The decision has now been made. The court finds that Scholten donated one Rolex watch to Weiss for the birth of their son and one watch (Audemars Piguet) to their son. This is evidenced, among other things, by photos and statements on social media. Those two watches that Scholten had seized must be returned to Weiss.

There is a lot of uncertainty around the third hour. Weiss also demanded that it be reinstated, but that was denied. Jaimie said she got this watch for her birthday, but it’s unclear exactly what it was.

Suitcases, toaster and sneakers

In response to Weiss’ request, Jorik Scholten requested that all sorts of other items be returned, from the toaster to the kettle. Vaes can keep part of this stuff, judge rules, for the other part, Vaes and the rapper get a chance to prove they belong in it. For example, Lil Kleine must prove that the PlayStation 5 consoles and two bags belong to him and he must prove that she took them with her. Or she has to prove again that she got the bags. Jimmy Weiss has to pay €250 for a pair of very expensive sneakers (€795) that she sold. On the other hand, she can keep crockery and a Louis Vuitton bag.

There is still some uncertainty about the toaster, kettle and blender. Jaimie Vaes has used the stuff to promote in her Instagram posts and there will be paper proof of that, namely a Smeg brand credit note. The judge gives her the opportunity to present this evidence.

Scholten also demanded compensation from Weiss for the vandalism at his home. Damage was found after she left the house, but it is not certain that Weiss was responsible. Lil’ Klein will have to provide proof of that. Jaimie Vaes is said to have left a note with the text “go yourself”, but the judge does not think this is sufficient to prove all the damage was caused by her.

baby suit

In addition to the items case, January 17 is also a lawsuit involving their child. Parental authority rests entirely with Jaimie, since in fact both parents “forgot” to set things right when their son Lío was born. Lil demands Klein arrange a visit for his son.

Reality star Jamie Weiss (33) ended her relationship with Lil Klein (28) early last year. Pictures later leaked showing the rapper squeezing Weiss’ head between a car door. She later reported being assaulted. The investigation of this case is still ongoing.

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