Comfortable and tough New Year’s Crossloop Vorden COOP


VORDEN – In the last two years there was no New Years COOP Crossloop in Vorden due to Corona, but this year it was possible again on the old and new day before. During the 40th course, more than 40 volunteers were involved early on to design the course and distribute starting numbers to 600 runners. Participants came from all over the Netherlands and even from Germany. It was a real cross with mud and a hard climb in the beautiful forest area Grote Veld between Vorden and Lochem.

Kids Cross
According to tradition, the starting signal was given with a bang from a carbide bus. This happened for every distance. Ruurlo’s Friso Tuvanc crossed the finish line first in 3 minutes 47 seconds in the 1-kilometre children’s cross. Among the girls, Loes Rouwenhorst from Silvolde was the fastest with a time of 4 minutes 7 seconds. And a 2.5-kilometer distance resulted in a victory for the boys for Mats Levers of the AVA 70 from Aalten, with a time of 9 minutes and 30 seconds. With the girls, Kyra Lampio was also from the AVA 70 at 12 minutes 57 seconds. All over 50 participating children received a well-deserved medal, a mandarin, and an olepole with lemonade at the end.

cross run
Inspired by the enthusiasm of young runners at Kids Cross, the participants started at 15, 10 and 5 kilometers after another carbide-bus blast. Along the way, the runners were surprised by the sweet sound of the middle horn blowers from Lochem who were present on the various pitches of the stadium. The fastest 5 km runners ranked first. Agro’s Luke Noselder was fastest at 17 minutes 32 seconds. Leke Weinbergen from Nijmegen crossed the first line in the women’s race in 20 minutes 59 seconds.
Argo player Tegmen Wesselink dominated the men’s 10-kilometer race in 36 minutes and 32 seconds. Liesbeth Voorthuijsen of Athletics Nijverdal finished first in the women’s race with a time of 43 minutes and 15 seconds.
Jordi Clouet conquered the 15-kilometer Argo in 53 minutes 56 seconds. Stephen Dunn Basten won the Ton ten Have Challenge Cup for the fastest runners from Vorden over a distance of 15 kilometres. The fastest lady was Ieneke Voets from Elst with a time of 1:05:59. The fastest lady from Vorden was Ilse Winkel with a time of 1:23:12, who also won the Ton ten Have Challenge Cup.

positive feedback
The runners were very positive afterwards, they thought the different courses were great to run and also the atmosphere was very relaxing. After that I rested comfortably for a long time in the VV Vorden cafeteria. Therefore, the organization looks with satisfaction at a successful sporting event, the proceeds of which this year go to the benefit of the Vordense In de Dennen swimming pool, the Vorden snow club and the Vorden Runners. Crossloop’s New Year’s total revenue will be announced in mid-April 2023.

The award winners per distance and fastest runner per distance for Vorden are shown below along with net times (result based on total time!):
1km Cross Country Boys 4-6 years old: 1. Job van den Berghuisen 5:39, 2. Milan Nigenhuis Voorden 6:14, 3. Benjamin Wolters, Lotchem, 6:40.
1km Kidscross Girls 4-6 years: 1. Sophia Jansen Brummen 8:35.
1 km Kids Cross Boys 7-9 years: 1. Runne Heesen Hanzesport 4:35, 2. Links van den Berg Huissen 4:42, 3. Sietse Boter Hanzesport 4:47.
1 km Kids Cross Girls 7-9 years: 1. Liv Bulten AV Rijssen 4:32, 2. Anouk van Bree Eefde 5:21, 3. Viv Peters Doetinchem 5:23.
1 km Kidscross Boys 10-12 years old: 1. Friso Toevank Ruurlo 3:37, 2. Gijs Koren Hanzesport 4:04, 3. Stijn van den Berg Huissen 4:12.
1 km Kidscross Girls 10-12 years old: 1. Loes Rouwenhorst Silvolde 4:07, 2. Fiep Meinen Aalten 4:12, 3. Kiki Derksen Hengelo Gld 4:15.
2.5 km Junior Cross Boys 12-14 years old: 1. Lukas Bon-Argo 9:36, 2. Levi Klein-Vorden 9:56, 3. Nikolai Helferink-Wuppertal (Germany) 10:21.
2.5 km Junior Cross Girls 12-14 years old: 1. Kyra Lampio AVA 70 12:57, 2. May van der Linden Zutphen 14:45, 3. Ilse van Bree Hanzesport 14:51.
2.5 km Junior Cross Boys 15-16 years old: 1. Mats Lievers AVA 70 9:30, 2. Jurre de Jong AVA 70 10:09.
5km Senior Men: 1. Luke Nosselder Argo 17:32, 2. Ewot-Hilferenk Wuppertal (Germany) 18:48, 3. Gilmar Otten ASV 19:01, 10. Wouter van Ditshuizen Vorden 21:44 Fastest Vordenaar.
Men’s 5km 45+: 1. Marcel Golink Argo 19:10, 2. Stefan Scanno Argo 20:45, 3. Benno Bruna Hansport 21:26.
5 km for women: 1. Leike Feinbergen-Nijmegen 21:59, 2. Winnie Dankers-Lochem 22:04, 3. Irene Minkfield-Hellas 22:16.
Women’s 5km 45+: 1. Marianne Van Helst Steinder 22:18, 2. Chessy Klein Forden 24:05 fastest Fordensee, 3. Ryan Bildmann Deventer 24:25.
10 km senior men: 1. Tijmen Wisselink Argo 36:32, 2. Luca Greven Argo 38:33, 3. Daan Boonman Hanzesport 38:53, 20. Peter Groot Nuelend Vorden 47:09 fastest Vordenaar.
Men’s 10km 45+: 1. Wim van Helst-Stendren 42:45, 2. Martin Dov Lotchem 44:30, 3. Dave Jansen Argo 44:30.
10 km Senior Women: 1. Liesbeth Voorthuijsen Athletics Nijverdal 43:15, 2. Mariska Lenselink Wageningen 48:09, 3. Els Berenpas Vorden 51:37 Fastest Vordense.
10 km for women 45+: 1. Lia Wijnberger Ciko ’66 44:47, 2. Anita ter Hofte Hanzesport 49:27, 3. Welmoed Meindertsma Dutch Triathlon Association 51:28.
15 km senior men: 1. Jordy Kloet Argo 53:56, 2. Vincent te Brake Archeus 55:41, 3. Harald Huijssoon Athletics Nijderdal 58:12, 6. Steven den Besten Vorden 1:01:10 fastest Vordenaar.
Men’s 15km 45+: 1. Marcel Koenen-Elst Gld 1:02:02, 2. Peter Ruttjes Diddam 1:02:17, 3. Jurek Huizinga Duittensheim 1:02:49.
15 km senior ladies: 1. ieneke Voets Elst Gld 1:05:59, 2. Claudia Borjiink Borculo 1:07:38, 3. Marieke Heister Ruurlo 1:11:29, 12. Ilse Winkel Vorden 1:23:16 fastest Vordense.
15 km women 45+: 1. Constance Rose Nied 1:12:15, 2. Anneliese Weslink Zelheim 1:13:39, 3. Maria Wenink LVG 1:16:01.

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