Sex is healthy! For these nine reasons, according to science

The things we see as doors to pleasure are often not the healthiest means. You can gladly consider alcohol, sugar, junk food, gaming, or social media, whichever options are the least healthy. But according to science, there is a path to pleasure that is healthy for you on many fronts: sex.

A little side note before we get into this sex solicitation: You can of course get a venereal disease through unprotected sex and no, that is definitely not healthy. So be safe and read all the details and concepts about venereal diseases on Soa Aids Nederland. In addition, with pleasure and stimulants, one must always take into account the addictive potential. And yes, you can also become addicted to sex.

Science proves that sex is healthy

Aside from the aforementioned risks, the act itself appears to contribute to our health. in America Psychology Today Author Temma Ehrenfeld cites the health benefits of a free gig. For example, she initially referred to a study that examined an older target group that was sexually active. What did you turn? Older adults who still had sex in their lives were happier than those who didn’t. Men who still “lay flowers” more than twice a month consider themselves the happiest.

But besides the fact that a little exercise between the sheets seems to contribute to our mood, Ehrenfeld says there are at least nine health benefits of sex.

1. Movement

Sex raises your heart rate, burns calories, and gives your muscles a workout. According to Ehrenfeld, lovemaking is like a moderate form of exercise, like brisk walking. But of course it also depends on how active you are on your own.

2. Strengthening the immune system

Immunoglobulin A is produced during sex. It protects your stomach, intestines and respiratory system from the crazy creatures from outside.

3. Refreshing mood

Sex provides relief from stress or even depression. In particular, a man’s sperm appears to have a beneficial effect, according to the research. Again, please note that unprotected sex increases the risk of contracting a venereal disease or, for example, HPV. Ehrenfeld also notes that if sex doesn’t lift your mood, it might be a good idea to check if you’re happy in a relationship or if there are other personal issues with sex.

4. Helps sleep

Research shows that both men and women claim to sleep better after orgasm. For example, the substances oxytocin and prolactin have a calming effect during female orgasm.

5. Delaying menopause (women)

A large study shows that women who are less sexually active reach menopause earlier. Women who had sex weekly were 28 percent less likely to enter menopause than women who had sex less than once a month. This may be because the body associates sex with fertility and pregnancy.

6. Strengthens the pelvic floor (women)

An orgasm strengthens the muscles around the pelvic floor. These muscles are important in regulating the bladder.

7. Good for the heart

Sex lowers systolic blood pressure.

8. Reduces the risk of prostate cancer (men)

Research shows that men who had sex more often were less likely to develop prostate cancer. Maybe because of their frequent ejaculation.

9. Increase memory

Your memory may fail you sometimes, but sex seems to slow down this aging process. There is also scientific evidence for this. For example, an association has been found between sexual activity and performance on memory tasks.

Not just sex in a relationship

And according to Ehrenfeld, you don’t only experience the above benefits with monogamous sex or a committed relationship. No, “casual sex,” fling, or “one-night stands” do their job, too. Plus, it depends on whether you as a person feel good about having sex without commitment. The author concludes that you know best about your “rebound” after making love. Therefore she advocates against unsatisfying, boring or annoying sex and choosing physical contact that makes you feel good.

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Sex is healthy! For these nine reasons, according to science

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