“Don’t be a cavalry captain who can’t ride a horse.”

Rotterdam IT designs and builds digital products, such as mobile applications and platforms, for clients such as Moneyou, Heineken and Nationale-Nederlanden. Every six months, between 100 and 150 people report to Humanoids because they want to work there. About 16 of them are employed on an annual basis. How do?

“We ourselves train the specialists we need: user experience designers, front-end and back-end developers,” says Hoogvliet. This is done through a training program focused on academics Humanoids has developed itself.

Newbies get one Crash course Six weeks. You learn full-time professional and hard skills, design and programming. This is hardcore, but academics are used to digging into something and hype. They have a high level of intelligence.

Self development

This is followed by a one-year training, with four working days and one training day. The focus here is on the further development of professional and non-professional skills. You learn to give and receive feedback, give it and analyze your position in relation to your work. Personal development and reflection are essential.

self management

Within Humanoids self-management teams, it’s all about self-management and personal responsibility, communication and organization. Skills that will come in handy when experts sit around the table with clients.

The account manager often maintains contact with the client. We believe it is important for our professionals to be in contact with the customer themselves so that they can address any issues promptly. The prejudice that an IT worker sits in a corner with a hoodie over his head? Not right. With us he or she is the spider in the web.

Hoogvliet notes that millennials—the average age in the workplace is their late 20s to early 30s—primarily want satisfaction from their work. But sometimes work isn’t fun. Then you have to deal with annoying people, and face problems. This can be difficult for beginning specialists.

The IT company helps them deal with this. We spend about 25 percent of our money Billable It’s time to train our people. So, it’s a really serious time we’re putting into this.

In the top 10 fastest growing companies in the Netherlands

Nothing. Humanoids won the FD Gazelle Award 2021, placing it 7th in the top 10 fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. NL Groeit put them in the top 250 growth companies for 2022. “It’s all thanks to our training program.”

Tips for self-development

Do you also want to help your people develop? These are four tips from Hoogvliet.

#1 Make investing in people the key

Companies in the technology sector often outsource to Asia or Eastern Europe. Not necessary, says Hoogvliet. “You can easily find specialists in the Netherlands if you organize your company accordingly and dare to invest in it.”

Give the training and self-development of your employees a prominent place in your company.

This gives you a different connection with each other. Employees see themselves as part of the organization, and do not feel like slaves to pay. People who have completed our training prepare the next batch. We have a common mission. Mutual trust is there, and there is positive trust vibration. As a result, people often stay with us for longer than the three years stipulated in their first contract.

#2 Give your people confidence

Usually, as a junior in the tech industry, you are assigned the smaller jobs. “As you grow when you first gain trust and responsibility.” Therefore, Humanoids quickly places specialists at the client’s site. This trust is essential for your employees to do things as they see fit. To choose their direction in their field.

An IT company does not take a complete leap of faith. ‘We maintain a strict selection at the gate. Based on assessments and personality tests, we investigate if someone has IT talent, communication skills, and problem-solving skills.

#3 Get rid of your prejudices

We work with people who have studied physics, biomedical sciences and psychology. Hard skills can be learned. But the intrinsic passion, Leadership To work in technology? this is the most important. We find this through conversations and assignments.

Also focus on young people with no experience, Hoogvliet says. Dare to choose them and put your prejudices overboard. At first I also fell into the trap of hiring people who could actually show me a full portfolio. But I learned that inexperienced is hard shine on If you give them the right handles.

The fact that Hoogvliet and co-CEO Habermehl are specialists in and of itself makes all the difference. It is very important to be able to help people based on the content. Creates understanding among your employees, and support. “Don’t be a cavalry captain who can’t ride a horse.”

#4 Empathize with your employees

The new generation wants to work in an organization that follows high ideals. Hoogvliet says they find self-development very important.

They are constantly thinking about their lives: what is my next step, how can I add value to the world? Respond to this as a company. Yes, I would also like to follow such training that we are now offering. But no, I had to struggle at the beginning for years before I landed the cool, great jobs as a UX designer.

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