Buy without looking at designer Roos Reedijk about deviating from the norm, as a mom, too

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I noticed one day Buy without lookingStylist Rose Riddick Suddenly: Hey, I’m famous. Doesn’t matter. Otherwise, husband, the Witcher, and children Love (12) and Pine (10) will ensure she stays sober.

While the majority of Holland takes it easy this time of year, Roos Reedijk really runs around like crazy. Not very surprising, because since the inception of the successful RTL program Buy without looking – Now three years ago – he’s actually always busy, says Ross. “Fun things keep coming to me, and since I can’t say ‘no’ well and get excited quickly, I go easy on that roller coaster. Every day is different, every week is full, I don’t have enough time to think about everything. Later When I go through all the old photos, I’ll probably only see what I’m having right now.”


Ross admits that sometimes she just has to take better care of herself. “I’m a creative, messy multitasker. That’s nice, but the catch is that I often wear myself out. When I do something, I enjoy hyperfocus, but as soon as I get a little bored I let it go and jump on to the next thing. I have to learn to finish what I’m doing first.”

Especially now that the influx of fun collaborations is almost unbearable, she says. “At first I was happy to move from one job to another, but I realize that now I have to choose a direction. It’s nice when everyone likes you, but I can’t handle it on my own anymore. I need to find a better balance and set a clear vision: what I like, And what do I want to continue, and what makes me happy?

One option is to publicize her brand further and gather more people around her. Although, according to Ross, that is more difficult than it sounds. “My work isn’t rocket science, but it’s not easy to delegate: It’s all about taste and feeling. Clients demand my signature and my style. And that’s hard to part with.”

Buy Roos Reedijk without looking

Buy without looking

Ross had laughed at this problem a few years earlier. She had a nice, manageable job in the fashion industry. “I enjoyed my job, and the fact that I could sometimes be on autopilot was a conscious choice. My own life was already turbulent enough, with two young children and a man starting his own business.”

When things went wrong, Roos started her own company as an interior designer in addition to her business. Then it just came Buy without looking On her way, the program in which Martijn Krabbé helps young couples find the home of their dreams. Since Roos did not aspire to a television career, she was initially suggested to play herself behind the scenes, but things turned out differently: Roos became a famous Dutchwoman in no time.

“At first we didn’t know that the program would become so popular. Because of the corona virus, I didn’t realize it either: after all, like everyone else, I was in my own backyard. I saw some buzz on social media, but I didn’t really notice it.” Only after I came back to the world “after Corona”. I remember the first time I was driving on the highway and people in the car next to me started waving and yelling. Huh, what’s going on here? I found it overwhelming, in a good way.”

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famous dutch

Her two children, Love and Pine, are also increasingly aware of what is going on. “In the village where we live, everyone has known each other for years. But it’s different now. When my son first started high school, other kids said, ‘We know your mother!’ It was new. Just like the buzz of the market in France. Then it pushed me Statement: “Mama, they already know you here.”

They find it funny, but otherwise, the family is not impressed. “It helps that my husband also works in television, she is no stranger to this world, Martijn Krabbé comes here and there are regular cameras in the living room. In addition, my husband is incredibly level-headed. When he hears me explaining to someone that I can’t be there “Because of the recordings for RTL Boulevard,” he said, “Rose, just say you’re going to work.” In short: not much has been done about it, haha.

Buy Roos Reedijk without looking Buy Roos Reedijk without looking


She laughs that not everyone is a huge fan of Roos. Once you’re on TV, everything you do or say comes under a magnifying glass. “What is that designer thinking!” Or, more often, “What a funny voice she has!” It doesn’t affect me. I can’t hear. I think I have a crazy voice, and if it does, what do I do about it? I easily ignore this kind of ‘criticism’. I’m sure enough of myself. I know what I’m talking about.”

“It doesn’t affect me when people say, ‘What does this designer think?'”

According to Ross, it’s a plus that she’s already ‘a little bit older’ and accidentally launched into the world. “I never consciously chose this profession, so if you don’t succeed, you won’t succeed. I also have the same friends around me for years, so I don’t need a new life, I am very happy indeed.”

Open late

Ross calls herself the late bloomer. Had this success been achieved twenty years earlier, she might have been less sure of herself. “I was a shy girl who didn’t start table dancing until I was 18. Even while studying, I didn’t really ‘open up’ until last year. I come from an ambitious family with brothers who are good at everything, study, exercise, everything. I did.” That too, but I had to do my best for it. It made me insecure.”

“I was a shy girl who only started dancing on the table when she was eighteen.”

At the same time, having to compete against her brothers made her stronger. “Not only in terms of profession or success, but also literally: I was always cheated and beaten, and a brother was waiting for me at every corner of the ladder. It was loving, but it was a constant fight. I was born with the desire to prove, but it was never my job.” To be successful. I didn’t have big dreams like my brothers: just let me live a smaller life, I thought, I’d get there at my own pace, my own way.”

Just like her father, he is also an entrepreneur. “At the age of forty he thought: now I have to do it. Then he started with himself. At the age of forty-five I thought: if I still want something in my life, I must do it before the age of fifty.” Buy without looking It turned out to be a lottery ticket, but it could also have been a failure. It is a mixture of happiness and belief in life itself.”

Buy Roos Reedijk without looking Buy Roos Reedijk without looking

Combine old and new

On the show, Roos is often challenged to bring together things old and new. And let this be exactly one of her qualities. “In this I distinguish myself from others, someone Interior Designer He often has a penny to spare. But in most cases, there is no money left for a new sofa after renovation. I just want to point out that it doesn’t have to be so expensive. Creativity also goes a long way. Don’t throw away your grandmother’s old chair, upholster it. Also in the context of sustainability, take a look often at the thrift store or at Marktplaats.

Ross notes that young people in particular want everything that is new and true. They’d rather empty out an entire showroom, but there’s no character in that. Moreover: you have to leave something to want, something to save together, right? You find so many homes soulless these days. “In my living room, everything has a story or a memory; An item we saved together, a precious birthday present or a pimp light from Grandma; that make your home your home. I have a cute pink bench, just from the thrift store, perfectly clean. This makes me happier than something delivered fresh in plastic at home. It saddens me to see that people are no longer creative, and I’d like to help with that.”

Bedouin existence

Looking for pretty things is no stranger to Ross. “My parents used to scour the town and country for unique parts for our boat. Until I was 10 years old I lived with my parents and brothers on an old sea in Zwolle. My father single-handedly refurbished this boat and made it completely ready to sail – every holiday the mooring lines would come loose and we would sail around the world “My parents made obvious choices: They spent their money on their passion. So later we lived in a nice house, but drove an old car. We didn’t go on winter sports, but saved up for nice sailing trips around the world.”

Buy Roos Reedijk without looking

Money conscious

They taught Ross how to handle money consciously. “I remember my friends getting three Levi’s jeans at once, while my mom said, ‘Order your birthday.’ The money was there, but I also had to work for it. If I wanted to go on a skiing holiday with friends, I had to save up myself.” It wasn’t taken for granted that my parents added money, although they often did. They paid for my education, but for all the fun things about it I had dozens of jobs.”

“If my son wants designer clothes, I tell him to look at Vinted.”

Ross also wants to pass this awareness on to her children. “We live in a society where kids are used to getting a lot—I make sure my kids do chores around the house, and don’t just get everything. Now that my son is in high school, he suddenly starts talking about designer clothes:” Mom, they all have one of those compass jackets.’ Then I think: Hey, do you know how much a jacket like that costs, he’s really not going to get it. I let him install the Vinted app, so he can see if he sees something cool in there.’

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