“Suddenly I had a very dangerous pregnancy”

And suddenly you’re standing there with a baby in your arms. From wanting a baby to pregnancy to motherhood: Bringing a baby into the world is one big roller coaster. Valerie (34 years old) had a high-risk pregnancy due to placenta previa. She and Matthew (36) are now Julia’s proud parents.

“The first months of my pregnancy were a dream,” says Valerie. I was very tired, but other than that I had no ailments. Unfortunately, when I was thirty weeks old, I did not receive good news. My gynecologist thought I had vascular prolapse, a pregnancy complication where one or more unprotected blood vessels of the fetus from the placenta or umbilical cord are located in front of the birth exit, causing bleeding and death of the baby.

High-risk pregnancy

“We sent a gynecologist to the hospital for additional examinations, where they decided to accept me until childbirth so that, if necessary, quick intervention would be possible,” says Valerie. “My pregnancy dream turned into a high-risk pregnancy in one fell swoop. After a few days of hospitalization and various examinations by specialists, they could say with certainty that it was placenta previa as the placenta implants too low in the uterus, which can cause severe bleeding. It remained a high risk pregnancy, but the risk to the baby is not life threatening in this case, so I was allowed to go home again.

They decided to hospitalize me until delivery so that quick intervention would be possible if necessary. My pregnancy dream turned into a high-risk pregnancy in one fell swoop.

“Because of this risk, we decided to deliver our baby at 37 weeks by planned caesarean section,” says Valerie. I didn’t regret it for a moment, because everything worked out so well. Before I knew it, they showed our daughter through the opening of the surgical curtain. After being examined by a pediatrician, she was placed on my chest and they sewed up my stomach. That moment was indescribable, our new life with Julia could begin.

It’s hard to leave her

“I thought motherhood was too short,” says Valerie. Many friends were happy when they were allowed to go back to work, but not me. I loved every minute with Julia and our time together could have been longer. Sometimes I feel like I’m missing out on a lot of things while I’m working. I never thought I would have such a hard time leaving her.

I thought my motherhood was too short. Sometimes I feel like I’m missing out on a lot of things while I’m working.

“I’m a really caring mom and I’m still sitting on a huge pink cloud,” says Valerie. “Everything around me is less important, because Julia always and everywhere comes first. The relationship between a mother and her child is very special. You really build on that when you’re in your stomach, but once you’re in your arms, that bond becomes even stronger. When you look into my eyes and start laughing, I feel like the happiest person on the planet. Matthew and I really want a brother or sister for Julia, but they recommend waiting a year after a cesarean section to get pregnant again. Just enjoy it with the three of us, so! “

Matthew and I couldn’t wait for our little bud to arrive.

Photographer: CAPPture

Bold belly baby

I am so glad I have such a beautiful keepsake of a very special pregnancy.

Photographer: CAPPture

Hi Juliette

On this day she was only two days old. I took a lot of pictures of her really (Laugh).

home sweet home

When to go home. I was still going through the caesarean section, but I was ready to take Julia to our dacha.

Papa is proud

Mateo is such a sweet dad and gives her a kiss on the head every night before bed. fusion!

Baptismal sugar

We made the birth announcement and sugar baptism ourselves. It had to be demure, yet elegant. I am very satisfied with the result!

Newborn photography

When Julia was a few days old, we photographed the newborn. I am very happy with the pictures because they are growing so fast.

Photographer: by Little Wonders Photography

Favorite photo

This photo is one of my favorites from the newborn photo shoot. Julia pictured here is absolutely beautiful, really!

Photographer: by Little Wonders Photography

little girl

Julia has already grown into a cute little girl. Our hearts are overflowing!

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