She was beaten by a young girl and arrested for human trafficking and rape

There’s almost no day left in 2022, but it still treats us to a wonderful surprise: It was not only the year of the sharp rise, but also the hopeful demise of Andrew Tate. After the former kickboxer and current asshole faced his worst nightmare earlier this week and was crushed by a cute six-foot Swedish girl, he hasn’t had time to get back on his feet. Late last night, he and his brother were taken away by the Romanian authorities on suspicion of human trafficking and rape. Dick for energy indeedGreta.

Matthew Mainten

Because time goes by so fast, Humo chooses the most amazing parts for you, which are neatly explained in “The Moment”.

when? After a wasted argument with Greta Thunberg He is Andrew Tate Now also on suspicion of human trafficking and rape

where? Pictures of the arrest circulated on Twitter

Why is it so eye-catching? Andrew Tate is having the most disastrous week of his life, and the internet isn’t feeling too sad about it