Leonor, 32, has been threatened by her friend for years

Terrifying phone calls from an unknown number, strange voices around the house and death threats in the mailbox… these are just a small selection of all the misery that Leonor has had to deal with in recent years. She went through it completely and decided to move to another city, but nothing helped. And worst of all: her best friend did it to her.

hair salon together

“Kellie and I have been friends since elementary school,” Leonor began our conversation. “We lived together in the neighborhood and always played together after school. We were inseparable. We wore the same clothes, we liked the same boys and we wanted to start a hair salon together when we were growing up.”

When the girls go to the same high school together, their bond remains strong. They may not be in the same class, but their popular idea of ​​starting a hair salon has remained. “Even when Kelly failed her final exams and I did, we held on to our dream.”

Great talent

After high school, Leonor began training as a hairdresser. Kelly is still in high school redeeming her senior year. “During my training, one of my teachers quickly realized I was an amazing talent. My teacher had her own successful hair salon where she did the hair of many famous people. I can’t name names here, but they are people you definitely know from TV.”

Leonor’s teacher offers Leonor a job after graduation. After graduation, she asked me if I wanted to work in her salon. It was an amazing opportunity and of course I said yes right away.” The following Monday I went straight to work. “It was everything I expected and more. I learned a lot quickly and was allowed to get rid of my most important clients after just a few months.”

class skipping

Meanwhile, Kelly also begins training as a hairdresser. “With Kelly everything was less easy. She was very insecure, and found her haircut scary, and thus made many mistakes. She began to miss school more and more. In the end, with much pain and difficulty, she graduated. She could cut well.” But really good? She definitely wasn’t!”
Leonor was in great flow and enjoyed her work. She was so preoccupied with it that she didn’t even think about meeting Kelly. “I knew we once had an agreement to open a salon together, but the levels and types of our clients were so far apart that I no longer considered it a serious option.”

Private lounge

During the early years, Kelly did not mention when they dated. Until Leonor himself opened a luxurious hairdressing salon in the center of Amsterdam. “I learned a lot from my former mentor and after five years of work experience I thought it was time to make my dream come true: my own salon. Soon there was a storm with clients and I had to hire several stylists and hairdressers to be able to serve all clients.”

Leonor was still in contact with Kelly, but much less than before. “I often called her to make an appointment, but she kept saying she couldn’t.” Leonor and Kelly have not spoken to each other for over four months when Kelly suddenly finds herself in Leonore’s salon. She begged me for a job because she was fired from her previous employer. Unfortunately, I had to put her down: her level was too low for us in the salon. ” Kelly leaves Leonor’s salon without a word.

Weird things

In the following weeks, strange things start to happen. Leonor receives torn photos of herself in the mailbox. “Very annoying, but it didn’t scare me. It got really scary when I got a call from an unknown number and I heard someone being killed on the other end of the line. No one was actually killed, but a piece of music or a movie was being played in which someone was killed.”

Leonor is terrified. “I don’t dare sleep alone anymore, I’m afraid someone will come to my house.” Leonor also hears crazy noises around the house at night and sometimes the doorbell rings. “When I looked out the window, I saw a person dressed in black with a covered face. I couldn’t see who it was and didn’t dare open the door.” Leonor called the police several times, but they, too, could not figure out who was behind the pranks.

Private detective

This goes on for years and Leonor hardly ever leaves the house. I just went to work and the supermarket. I was so scared.” The action was filled with not only being harassed at home with scary phone calls and lewd messages from the bus, but also when her living room was splattered with paint. “I decided to hire a private investigator to find out who made my life hell.”

The detective immediately sets to work and only after a week finds out who is making Leonor’s life miserable. “A week later he called. He was sure it was my friend Kelly. I didn’t know what I had heard and called her. At first I denied everything, but when I started threatening the police, she admitted it. She was the one who scared me for years in my house.”


Leonor is furious and has a long phone conversation with Kelly. “I told her if she stopped now I would let the police out. This worked. I immediately stopped and apologised. I couldn’t do anything with those excuses, but I was glad he stopped.”

Why did Kelly make Leonor’s life hell? “She was just jealous. Jealous of my life, jealous of my salon. It still seems to bother her that we didn’t make our dream come true together. She blamed it on the fact that her career never really worked out. Luckily I know better and I can put her behind me. I don’t need a vision.” Kelly again.

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