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BAAK – DOG Baak is a dance and gymnastics club for kids, seniors, and all ages in between. DOG Baak offers a variety of gym, gymnastics and dance classes, where everyone can participate at his or her level. During the “Move More for Seniors” hour, a gym class is offered from a chair.

Written by Alice Rothurst

“More and more merrier! Yeah right?! Isn’t that the case? You keep moving,” says Tini. “It’s fun and you hear the latest news,” think Jozefien and Dinie. The four exercise on Monday mornings at DOG Baak during the chair gymnastics course “More exercise for seniors”. Like the association, they would like to welcome their new fellow athletes, men and/or women, so that the valuable social hour of exercise is preserved. Because the hour is important to them. Besides the fact that they move steadily Normal and so they remain more resilient and work on their condition, the social component is the same or perhaps more important for them.

Every lesson is a surprise
The quad faithfully attends a gymnasium at Concordia every week. Just like leader Sandra Nikkels from Eerbeek, who has been associated with dance and gymnastics association DOG Baak since 2004. “Every week we do something different. She destroys us every now and then! No, just kidding. It’s possible, but sometimes it’s too hot and that’s how it should be.” Is. The surprise was always what Sandra came up with. She has so much imagination! Only the calm is always the same. Otherwise we never know what we’re going to do,” the women say excitedly. Sandra listens to the comments with a smile. There is a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. The latest news is shared and in the meantime we are working hard. Sitting on the chair, the ladies begin with the exercises, which Sandra explains and demonstrates. First of all, warm-up exercises and then (game) with or without attributes, such as this lesson with a rope and a bag of cherry seeds. Balance exercises are done standing behind a chair. Everyone participates at their own pace and according to their own capabilities. Once there is more serious work to be done, the talking stops and all focus is on the exercise. The background music is more audible. Not only muscles are involved, but also the brain is trained when his beanbag has to be thrown to the neighbor on the left or right and at the same time he has to catch the thrown one. Cerebral gymnastics, coordination, muscle strength and gripping skills in one exercise.

Gymnastic chair for people with reduced mobility
Sandra Nikkels has been teaching various sports classes in different places for many years. She is a very experienced leader, she can correctly assess which exercises are suitable for the group and at what level. “The number of people participating in this hour was much larger when we started, but because of a move or a death, the group has gotten smaller and smaller,” says Sandra. “Unfortunately, no new players have registered yet. This is too bad. Maybe because of the name of this watch or because the gym is a chair, I don’t know. If this is a reason not to participate, it is not justified. This watch is not only suitable for seniors , but it is useful for all people who are less mobile and in particular not only the elderly. For example, for patients with multiple sclerosis, I only call the group, this sports watch is also very suitable. In fact, when mat exercises are no longer or too difficult, gymnastics is on The chair is the solution. You train the same muscles, just by sitting or standing behind the chair. We hope that people from Baqat as well as from the vicinity, who belong to this target group and for whom this lesson is suitable, will find their way here. You do not have to become a member immediately. Interested parties can always take a look first without obligation and take part in two trial lessons for free.”

Wide range of gym and dance classes
Do you want to exercise more in 2023, work on your physical fitness and stay fit and energetic? DOG Baak has a wide range of gym and dance classes for different groups in different age groups.

Gymnastics classes are for toddlers, preschoolers, girls, boys, ladies and choice classes for girls at a higher level. Adults can work to the music on Monday mornings by performing various exercises during a Bodyheat class. Or in the evening during ladies gym hour or combination class afterward where ladies and gentlemen do gym and volleyball together

Dance Workout Trial Lessons
Adults who love to dance can work on their condition and train their muscles on Tuesday evenings from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm during a fun dance practice class. Are you interested in a trial lesson? You are very welcome to take our free dance practice class this January. Check out the DOG Baak website for a full set of lessons and times.

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