How do you raise your child financially? Experts give advice

It starts with giving pocket money and ends with asking when to turn off the parental money tap. In the “Educated” section, where Anime Leclerc puts readers’ questions to experts, many questions about financial education are answered. Norwegian Refugee Council Eight selected.

1Do you tell the child how much you earn?

One reader hesitates whether she should break the taboo on saying how much she earns, and her ten-year-old son can — oddly enough — tell her her salary. According to the experts in one of the episodes of Raised, it is better for the mother not to mention tangible amounts. She can use the moment to inform the child about the income differences, for example.

Expert explanation How do you talk about your income with a child?.

2Can you ask an adult child for food and lodging?

What to pay and what not to pay for a child of 18 years old, who studies and works part-time? This is what the reader studies with his daughter. She receives pocket money and clothes, and her parents pay for other necessary expenses. However, she does send tikkies for groceries and food on the go. Can a father charge so that his daughter can better understand the value of money?

How do you teach a child what the costs of life are? According to experts, there is More convenient ways of ordering a plate.

3Is it wise to give an amount of money for a good report?

The reader gives money to his grandchildren with a good report. I noticed that the two who attend high school place less importance on subjects of lesser importance, such as physical education and crafts. Can you motivate grandchildren in these subjects by donating money for success in grades?

Experts say money is not a sustainable motivator for good school results. Read what works.

4How to prevent the child from wasting his inheritance?

The reader’s 15-year-old son spent his birthday money on sandwiches in the school cafeteria and other non-private expenses. The money ran out within a week. His mother is worried: in three years, the son will receive thousands of euros in inheritance from his grandparents.

Can you make sure that the child spends his inheritance beneficially? Parenting experts offer advice.

5What if your child does not spend anything?

With pocket money and clothing money, kids can practice how to handle money wisely and independently as adults. However, the reader’s daughter saves the contribution she receives. Is the monthly allowance now exceeding its target, her mother wonders.

If the child never buys new clothes, Can you precondition the clothing allowance.

6Clothing allowance: when do you start with it and how much?

How much clothing allowance a child receives can depend on their age, how much the parents can save and what the child has to pay for it. A mother of a 13-year-old wants to give her daughter a clothing allowance. What is reasonable?

In this episode of Raised, you can read the instructions To donate clothes.

7How do you decline a request for money?

An application with a request to pay for a sandwich, a movie ticket or a piece of clothing. The reader finds it difficult to say “no” to her 18-year-old daughter at such moments. She does not want to fight and is afraid that the child will distance himself. At the same time, money does not grow on the mother’s back. What can you do?

Two experts tell you how to budget with your child To provide insight into income and expenses.

8Can people over 18 years old go on holiday for free?

When is the right time for children to pay for family leave? A mother with four daughters pays and arranges everything. Meanwhile, three of the kids are over 18 and the reader thinks that’s enough to make the holiday just as easy, especially now that one of the girls has brought her boyfriend too.

In this episode of Raised, experts or parents discuss You must pay for family vacations for adult children.

Do you have questions about raising your children or other children (grandchildren)?

In the Raised section, we present our readers’ dilemmas anonymously to the best experts. We drag copies of Other Parents Do Something Too, a compilation of the first volumes of the department, among our question participants.

This section is anonymous, because the difficulties of upbringing can be sensitive. When you submit a question, you will always receive a response from the author of the Raised column.

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