From relatively unknown to prominent in 2022

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Before January, few people knew their name, but this year they have played a prominent role in news, sports and culture. Six “newcomers” in a row will make their mark in 2022.

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    The Queen shakes hands with Truss in Scotland
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    Khalfan shakes hands

Liz Truss, the prime minister who had to restore faith in the Conservatives

The book was supposed to be published around Christmas: the success story of the new Prime Minister Liz Truss, England’s third female Prime Minister. But when Truss abruptly resigned at the end of October, the resume had to be rewritten hastily.

Throughout her political career, Liz Truss has reinvented herself time and time again. As a student she is still the leader of the Liberal Democrats at her university, but in the end it is the Conservatives who will enter the House of Commons. And even if she still votes in 2016′remainAs prime minister, she presents herself as a convinced Brexiteer.

When the Queen appoints Truss prime minister on September 6, it will already be tried and tested in Westminster. She held ministerial positions under David Cameron and Theresa May, but Truss only came into the picture with voters when she was appointed as foreign secretary by Boris Johnson. In this role she earned praise, which eventually led to a premiership.

With the support of the country’s 160,000 Conservative Party members, Truss was able to leave fellow party members Sunak and Mordaunt in the leadership battle. But her fiercely contested economic plans and the subsequent demise of her cabinet mean that Truss has to leave the field in record time.

After 45 days, Truss closed the door to 10 Downing Street behind him. Then it’s still Rishi Sunak’s turn. He still has two years to lift the Conservative Party out of the doldrums before a general election looms. Regardless of whether he succeeds or not, he can set at least one advantage in the coming year: He will then be prime minister for a longer period of time than his predecessor.

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    Noubert is on the reserve bench behind Kees van Wonderen in September 2021
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    Norbert and Macy

Andrés Neubert, From Nobody to Turin van Juri

Slanted and obviously bored. His 2.03-meter body is pressed against the chair behind coach Kees Van Wonder. Just a year ago, Andries Nobert was a backup guard for the Go Ahead Eagles. From no one on the fringes of professional football to the Orange goalkeeper who just has to bow to Argentina’s Lionel Messi after five stellar World Cup appearances.

Nobert keeps Heerenveen youth, but he can leave there without a transfer in 2014 when he was 20 years old. In NAC, Italian Foggia and Dordrecht, he has not played more than sixteen matches in six years.

Due to a serious injury, he is without a club and asks Father Fukko if the time has come for a “real job”. Andres isn’t that far off yet and is delighted when the Go Ahead Eagles sign him as a backup goalkeeper in early 2021. Coach Van Wunder isn’t immediately impressed. Nobert trains moderately, talks follow. The button turns on Noppert the The rest is history.

He will be the first choice goalkeeper at Deventer in January, will move to Heerenveen with Van Wonderen and impress Louis van Gaal there. Burj Al-Jour, as it is now called, is the first choice in Qatar. Nobert’s experience: 32 Premier League matches.

The Argentine penalties are too strong for Norbert, but the boys’ book has been written. The supermarket in Joure sells Noppert burgers during the World Cup, there is a Noppert pastry and in his hometown of Marum there are plans to rename the bridge to Andries Noppert Bridge. Norbert himself may soon play with Ajax.

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  • France Press agency

    Zelensky addresses the NATO Summit in Madrid digitally, June 2022

Volodymyr Zelensky, the now respected “inexperienced” president

An excerpt from Ukrainian Satire will be released in March Abdul Shaab (server of the people) from 2017 Internet. In the series, Goloborodko’s character, who unexpectedly becomes President of Ukraine, suddenly receives a phone call. It is former chancellor Merkel who tells him that his country can join the European Union.

This scenario is now fictional. But mainly through the efforts of the “real Goloborodko”, President Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine works closely with the European Union as well as with NATO.

In his home country, Zelensky – in addition to being an actor, comedian and entrepreneur – has been a familiar face for years. In 2019, he won the presidential election and moved into the presidential palace in Kyiv, although he was not taken seriously at first due to his lack of political experience.

This year it changes radically. After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine at the end of February, Zelensky addressed NATO several times during the year and Western world leaders, including former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, never miss an opportunity to have their pictures taken with him. Just before Christmas, Zelensky made a whirlwind visit to the White House to thank him for the massive US military support and to ensure it would continue.

Famous magazine time Zelensky names December “Person of the Year”. A reporter for the magazine notes, “Aides who used to see him as a lightweight now praise his strength.” “Some miss the prankster with his boyish smile. But they know he must be different now, tougher. Otherwise his country may not succeed.”

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    Golden Band in the Lowlands in August
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    Goldband during the 40th edition of Parkpop at Malieveld in The Hague

Goldband, a trio that broke out in the post-pandemic summer of festival

Is he gone nowtwists or goneSpace saver? Lovers don’t care as long as they make it contagious emergency But sing. And how. Between big names like Arctic Monkeys and Stromae, the group from The Hague can call themselves one of the best acts of Lowlands 2022. Coming after the performance emergency (“This is an emergency, help me!”) She immediately entered the Top-40.

Goldband isn’t exactly new: the trio from The Hague have been active in music for three years and have previously found success with songs like white sink. But this festival summer they will finally break through to the general public in the Netherlands (and Flanders).

The group’s story is now known as Chorus emergency. Three plasterers from The Hague (Milo Dressen, Karel Gerlach and Boaz Cooke) found each other in music. Even during the pandemic, they’ve kept releasing songs, waiting to take the stage. “People discovered our music, but almost no one saw us perform. The audience was just waiting for us,” Gerlach told Trouw at the beginning of this month. “I thought all this time: we will keep our word.”

They’ve now hung up their spack knife, only the band’s name (a brand of plaster cast) still refers to their old career. They hint that the guys are not at all sorry about this. Because next spring they will perform three times at the sold-out AFAS Live.

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    Farmers at the minister’s house in July

Christiaan van der Waal saw tractors appear in front of her house

background console. This is how people from her environment describe Christiane van der Waal when she takes over as a minister in early 2022. And then she will be appointed “project minister”, so without her own service.

Van der Waal gained political experience as an alderman for the municipality of Harderwijk and as an MP for the province of Gelderland. About the latter position, she told De Stentor in 2020: “I have hard work and I do it out of my passion. But one day you’re the hero and the next you’re rubbish.” This wisdom also seems to apply to her first year as a cabinet minister in the fourth roti.

In the summer, van der Waal becomes the minister who has to deal with the cruel and explosive nitrogen dossier. You must navigate carefully between the interests of the building industry, farmers, and nature.

In June the government – with van der Waal as the “front woman” – entered into a collision course with the farmers. The government will then announce plans to drastically reduce nitrogen emissions. Van der Wal’s nitrogen map, on which a reduction target is set for each region, works like a red rag for a bull for farmers.

That same evening, the farmers drove the tractors to the minister’s house, where van der Wal spoke to them in front of the door. Things turned sour later that month, when rioting farmers broke through a police cordon in front of her home. They were sentenced to community service and given a suspended prison sentence.

Van der Waal says he understands the agricultural sector. However, it backs up Remkes’ nitrogen determination: Hundreds of peak lifters must be purchased. After a month of protests at her door, she told that she wanted to talk to farmers, but would not agree: “I’m not doing this because I enjoy doing it so much, because legally they don’t have a choice.”


Koldweyer in an Amsterdam court, April 2022

Yvonne Coldveyer, Holland’s Famous Horror

Anyone who heard the word “spy army” before 2022 probably didn’t imagine a viewer-fueled gossip channel. However, this is exactly what Yvonne Coldfer, who jokingly likes to call herself “Alberta Verlind”, is famous for.

Coldeweijer is already working as an actress and vlogger when she returns to YouTube in December 2020. She focuses on sharing gossip about Dutch celebrities, which turns out to be a gold mine. Gossip Coldwire describes himself as juice It regularly contacts its “spies” (informants) to gather news.

For example, Coldeweijer is the first to spread rumors about Marco Borsato, who is allegedly guilty of sexual misconduct towards underage girls. She is also the first to post camera pictures of Jimmy Weiss after the abuse by her then-fiancé, rapper Lil Klein. The national media catches it juice collectively.

But the gap in the gossip market has a downside, too: Koldoyer must appear in court in April. After she stated in one of her videos that singer Samantha Stenwick lost weight due to the use of illegal diet pills, the artist initiated summary proceedings against the blogger. Coldwire must correct her statements.

The vlogger doesn’t hold back, seeing the judge’s ruling as a helpful hint: “What I’m very happy about is that I’ve now had evidence of my own juiceshe replied on Instagram. I don’t have to give conclusive evidence from the judge, but just to make it plausible.”

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