These celebrities will have a baby in 2022


Rapper Boef, also known as Sofiane Boussaadia, shared in an Instagram post that he became the father of a daughter for the first time on January 1. It was also the last thing he posted about the little girl. “I want her to grow up in complete secrecy, so that later she can decide for herself whether she wants fame or not,” he wrote. That is why he keeps the name of the girl and his girlfriend secret.

Robert Goossens

Our media expert Rob Goossens became a father to a daughter on January 5th. ‘She’s here! Mia Linney and Lucy Parmon just decided to go out at 5:05pm on the fifth day of this new year, Rob wrote. “Mother and daughter are doing so well. And Mia is really a cannonball, so Veronica and I are so proud to call us her parents!”

Louise’s family

Singer Famke Louise’s greatest desire to become a mother came true on January 9 when her son, Nówie Storm Slager, was born. She and her friend Denzel Slugger left the viewers of her reality series Famke and Denzel See how the contractions began, but they did not imagine the final delivery.

Diana Brooks

Louis Fernando, this is the name of the second son of presenter Dianta Brooks, who was born on February 23. Davis’ brother and partner Mick gave her sleepless nights. “The first weeks when Louis wouldn’t sleep through the night, we agreed before bed who would go out that night. If you didn’t, you were going to get into fights at night because you still had a completely broken argument.” Mom Cookie.

Eve Simmons

After a difficult birth, singer Eva Simons gave birth to her first child, daughter Rosie Nova, on March 1. After 3 days that seemed like an eternity, I thought we weren’t going to make it. But God had another plan. We are very happy to have such a wonderful team of specialists around us at such a critical time,” she shared the baby news with the rest of the world. The baby, which she had with her partner Sebastian Zurtz, is “already the best thing that ever happened to them.”

Kimberly Clover

Kimberly Claver “He’s Here” announced the arrival of her second son on March 5. The boy is named Danny Jäger Magnus and is the fifth in the family she forms with her new husband, Michel van den Berg. They had a son Julius in 2019 and he already has three children from his previous relationship. “Everything went well and he’s doing well,” she wrote with a quick glimpse of herself, Michelle and baby.

Joshua Nollett

The beginning of spring, all things anew, If the stars can sing, they sing of you. Through a poem, Private Chef singer Joshua Nollette announced the birth in March of his daughter Coco Georgia Henry, whom he has with girlfriend Caroline Perkins. A songbird in the making, evidenced by a photograph in which the little girl instantly opens a huge teardrop.

Bibi and Waylon

Bebe Brigman gave birth to her son, Chester, Teddy’s brother, on May 23. “This week has been magical. Chester has made way for me to have more butterflies in my stomach.” Unfortunately, the baby’s happiness is overshadowed by Partner Waylon’s cheating. “I’m stupid,” the singer later wrote on his Instagram. low!

Bob bang

On May 31, Doi Pop became a father for the third time in six months. Together with Anouk Van Schaik, whom he recently proposed marriage to, he has a son, Elias. “We’ve been trying for nearly three years and been successful for almost five months,” the singer wrote with the announcement. Doi gave birth to her daughter, Bobby Lou, in December 2021 with artist Louis Van Delft, and her daughter, Ziggy, from a third wife, in the same month.

Najin Mersahi

“Nothing beats this love,” Negin Mersalhi wrote after giving birth to her first son, Sam Edward, on July 11. The influencer of millions, who has been with her great love Maurits Stipe for more than fifteen years, took part Vogue Holland Her difficult journey to pregnancy due to early menopause.

Ellen Hay

She also gave birth to former hockey player Elaine Hogg in July, before boyfriend Naomi Van As. The girl has been named Sev Lexi Jo, and the overjoyed mom wrote, “We are absolutely in love” with a snapshot of the baby and her older sister Bowie Mae, who was born in March 2019. Ellen is married to former soccer player Kelvin de Lange.

Naomi and Stephen

Former international hockey player Naomi van As and former skating pro Sven Kramer welcomed a son on August 10 after announcing in early March that she was pregnant with the second. The boy was named Dexx Bynt. Sven and Naomi already have a daughter, Kai Robin, who was born on October 21, 2018.


Tiësto and his wife, Annika, became mom and dad for the second time in August. I am happy to announce that my son, Viggo Tiësto Verwest, has been born. Although he arrived earlier than expected, Anika and Viggo are doing well, Tejs Viewest, as DJ is really called, wrote on Instagram. Their first child was born two years earlier: daughter Viola Margaret.

Demira van der Zeeuw

Elaine Jane, that’s the name of the daughter of the influencer Di, or Damira van der Zeeuw, who saw the light of day on September 11th. “Guys, we are very much in love,” she shared on behalf of herself and boyfriend Lars. I did not get pregnant naturally. On her YouTube channel, she spoke candidly about three miscarriages she had, including one due to an ectopic pregnancy.

Toprak Yalcener

Hooray girl! Actress Toprak Yalciner gave birth to her daughter, Liva Su, on September 19. She already has a son, Miro, with her partner, Mats van der Sluijs. We all do well especially Miro is very nice to his sister. She wrote in one of her Instagram posts.

Danny Froger

‘there she is. Our beautiful second princess Scotty,” Danny Froger captioned a photo of their family of four. Partner Ann Dominique gave birth at the hospital Sept. 29, becoming Fallon’s sister. Everything went so well and I’m so proud of all my girls. “Now we’re going to have fun together,” said the happy dad of two. some.”

Marty Baumen

Former hockey player Marty Baumen and her fiance Savannah Hamming became mothers for the second time on October 7. The girl’s name was Lua Leaf. Marty and Savannah, who also conceived the baby this time around, already have a son together, Saif Sun, who was born in early 2021.

Shari Ann Neville

Pink Mice by Shary-An Nivillac on Oct. 9. On that day, she gave birth to her daughter, Claes. She already had a daughter, Billie, with fiancé Nina Creeper in 2021. “We’re enjoying every moment together at our daughters’ house,” the happy mom wrote on Instagram.


Singer Tabitha Foen-A-Foe announced at the end of October that she had become a mother for the second time. “Today you were with us for a week, at home in our warm nest, we were allowed to hold you in our arms. Our present, our little daughter,” she captioned the photo. She did not disclose the name of Imaya’s sister.

Vivian van den Assem

After her birth, RTL Boulevard presenter Vivienne van den Assem and partner Arne also welcomed a daughter on October 28: Anouk Ellis Ina. “I am so happy to have her here doing everything you would expect from a one-week-old toddler,” said the proud mum. Son Guus couldn’t believe his luck either. “He’s so proud, and he can’t wait. So nice.”

Sondos Al-Ahmadi

“Secretly the son’s mother for a week.” Comedian Sondos Al-Ahmadi announced the birth of her second child in an Instagram video. When the exact same brother of her eight-year-old daughter, Aliyah, was born, named, she likes to keep to herself for a while.

Nathan Ack

Nathan Ake, star of the Orange finals last year, became a father for the first time at the beginning of November. His wife, Kaylee Raman, gave birth to a girl, whose name they have not revealed yet. The most special feeling in the world. He wrote on his Instagram account, “We love you so much, baby girl.”

Mary Singa

“We really do have a dream baby,” Marieke Elsenga said of her son, Jeb, who was born on November 9 at 6:11 a.m. “On the morning show,” she joked. Jeb is the first child for Marieke and boyfriend Sander, who have been together since the end of 2020. She told Qmusic the delivery went well, but that it “just hurts”. “It’s a force of nature, and a very special experience.”

Roman battle

On November 11, model Romy Strigid gave birth to her daughter, June. She and lover Laurens van Leeuwen already have a daughter, Mint, who was born in December 2020. Romy has previously shared via social media that she fears she will never be able to conceive, because she has PCOS and hasn’t had a period for seven years.

Jimmy Trinette

RTL Boulevard reporter Jamie Trinity became a father for the first time on November 13. Naomi Van Rossum’s friend gave birth to her son, Rafael, that day. “You really are such a hero and my mom and I love you more than words can describe. It feels like you pooped all your diapers in the middle of the night,” he wrote on his Instagram.

Han Verbruggen

Across the border, K3’tje Hanne Verbruggen gave birth to her son, Julian, on November 14. “Suddenly there you are, little guy,” she wrote on her Instagram. After all these months we can finally hold you in our arms. It is unreal, overwhelming and at the same time very endearing, informative and charming.

Anouk Hoogendijk

“We are so in love and complete, I still can’t fathom it,” former soccer professional Anouk Hoogendijk wrote after giving birth to son Jeb on November 16. And Anouk and his friend, Peter, have already given birth to his son, Sonny, in October 2020. In 2021, she becomes pregnant again, but loses the fetus due to a miscarriage.

Nick Blass

And there was baby number three. On November 25, YouTuber and actress Nienke Plas gave birth to her daughter Harley Imani Nia. A storm of contractions. “Bath had a wet bottom hence this baby was ready,” she wrote online. “Girl, you are indeed the princess of the family.” Nienke already had two sons, Novi-Jaxx and Frinky-Dean, with great love Resley, whom she married in 2020.

Florin Hofste

There is no pink baby cloud for real-life Gooische Florine Hofstee. She and partner Jeroen welcomed their second son, Don Jean, on Dec. 7, but the baby had to be returned to the hospital because it turned out he had jaundice. The newborn was immediately placed under four lamps. “Everything will be fine,” she said, “but for God’s sake, what a shock as a mom and dad.”

Yuki and Lizzie

New member of the family. We love you forever,” Amsterdam foreman Yoki Kempis and influencer Lizzie van der Ligt wrote about the birth of her daughter Suki on December 7. The girl was born in the hospital because the birth of her daughter, Jagger, was a horror birth. Yuki said earlier in an interview with Thank you.

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