Top 22 Visions of 2022

Knack Weekend asks acquaintances each week about their view on life. These were their most prominent statements this year.

Best quote about… humor

In humor there is treatment. If you can make a joke about something, it means you’re past a certain point.”

Dutch comedian Jan Jaap van der Wal presented the satirical canvas show De Ideale Wereld for four years. He handed the torch to Ella Lyers in May of this year. Read the full interview here.

Best quote about…self-reliance

“Being able to plot your plan is a strength. No matter how good your environment is, you have to make many steps and decisions in life on your own, and no one can do it for you.

Sophie Lauers had been the general director of the Bozar Art Center in Brussels for five months when she passed away unexpectedly on May 29. She has been associated with the Brussels Art Center for more than twenty years. Read the full interview here.

Sophie Lowers © Jeff Jacobs

Best quote about… creativity

Nobody benefits from the myths surrounding creative geniuses who supposedly invented everything from scratch. Nobody lives under a bell, so why do we tell artists and fashion designers that they can only achieve creativity this way?

Madison Cox is President of the Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent Foundation, the foundation that this year celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Yves Saint Laurent fashion house. Read the full interview here.

Best quote about… enduring

A good idea is worth pursuing. It starts with convincing yourself and you have to be decisive, but then you have to protect your idea. Often the people around you with the best intentions try to weaken your idea, and sometimes they don’t even believe in it.

Photographer Frieke Janssens is known for controversial series on smoking (baby smoking) and drunkenness (animal alcoholics) and presented new work this year at Foto Knokke-Heist. Read the full interview here.

Best quote about…failure

Falling and getting up is not a shame. If something fails, it will not affect your identity. Compare it to a carrot in the ground. If a stone gets in the way, this root will find another way. As long as you have enough to eat, you can continue to grow.

Feminist art pioneer Anne May van Kerckhoven (70) celebrated her 40th wedding anniversary this year and exhibited at the Zeno X gallery in Antwerp. Read the full interview here.

Anne Mee van Kerckhoven © Damon de Backer

Best quote about…sustainability

People could be a little more materialistic. It’s essential to stand up for the environment and against exploitation, but surround yourself with sustainable things that are made for a fair wage and that you can use for a long time. These principles quickly disappear when consumers have a cheaper alternative.

Designer Michaël Verheyden showed his latest designs this spring at the Pierre Marie Giraud Gallery in Brussels. Read the full interview here.

Best quote about…getting over yourself

“For me, it is only the match against myself that counts. People often measure themselves against others: as long as they are the fastest, the smartest, the strongest, the most well-traveled. That is a good way to feel disappointed, because there is always someone better than you. Then I prefer to outdo myself.” , in knowing that there is nothing beautiful.

Sophie Lennarts is a police inspector, the face of the road safety programme Be careful and the first woman in the Benelux to climb the Seven Summits, the highest peak on any continent. Read the full interview here.

Best quote about…motherhood

On the plane, first put on your own oxygen mask before you put it on your child. After six months of motherhood, I think this is a good guide to life. It’s okay to think of yourself first, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to be there for others either. I want to give my son everything he needs and work with the same dedication as before, but then I also have to feel good about myself.

Hanan Shalouki, an expert in mass communication, was nominated this year for the Marketing Book of the Year award. Read the full interview here.

Hanan Shalouki © Titus Simmons

Best quote about… self care

Saying Fuerte is the nicest form of being kind to yourself. If I don’t feel like answering emails in the evening or if I feel like the focus is off, I don’t — it goes faster in the morning with a fresh head. We learn a lot from nature in this regard.To survive, a lion must hunt, but first it sleeps for a day.

Health expert and co-founder of lifestyle platform Leadlife Servaas Bingé published his sixth book this year the recipe. Read the full interview here.

Best quote about… doubt

You can only have a good conversation if you dare to doubt. I do it all the time myself, and love it when other people do the same. You rarely have a great debate with people of unchanging certainty, who assume they are right.

Siegrid Demyttenaere is the co-founder and creative director of the international journal of contemporary culture DAMN° and this year has curated the new festival Design Fest Gent. Read the full interview here.

Best quote about…knowledge

The more you learn, the less you know. No matter how hard you get attached to something, in the end your knowledge is only superficial and in the meantime you miss a lot.

Foreign correspondent Leah van Buchhoven published her fourth book this year, Great Britain. How power and myth tore apart the UK. Read the full interview here.

Lia Van Buchoven © Lorna Milburn

Best quote about… zest for life

“Life is not a rehearsal” is a beautiful English saying. You only have one life. Get it all. You can learn every day. I can’t imagine saying on my deathbed: enough.

Galerist Xavier Hufkens runs three galleries in Brussels, one of which reopened this year after a renovation. Read the full interview here.

Best quote on… Walter van Berendonk

“Look does not necessarily mean who you are. Especially in his younger years, people would see Walter as the stern or extroverted type, but the opposite is true: behind his tough exterior hides a gentle, sensitive, and quite shy man.

Artist Dirk van Saigne, 63, is the life partner of fashion designer Walter van Beirendonck and guest lecturer at the Fashion Academy, which Van Beirendonck led until this summer. Read the full interview here.

Best quote about…leadership

As CEO, it’s not about your title, it’s about what you do. Just sit in this chair and control things from above: it doesn’t work. You only get respect from your employees by standing in the mud with them.

This year, Claire Tilkerts said goodbye to Flanders Investment and Trade, the Flemish agency for international business she has been leading since 2012. Read the full interview here.

Claire Tilkerts ©Titus Simmons

Best quote about… being yourself

If you are afraid of being yourself, you are also afraid of life itself. As a gay man, it took me years to get rid of this fear. For example, I never had a childhood sweetheart – as a teenager I knew no better than these battered gays with horrible lives.

The Antwerp City Guide published its new book this fall Elixir Enfer, about the herbal liqueur of the same name from the FX de Beukelaer distillery. Read the full interview here.

Best quote about… youth

Young people need to know that they are allowed to have their own vision. Many of the successful people I know have strong opinions of their own and aren’t afraid to speak them up. When you’re young, it can be intimidating.

Costume designer An D’Huys has worked in theatre, opera and dance productions worldwide. As a permanent member of the team around Ivo van Hove, she also worked on his latest production Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahogany. Read the full interview here.

Best quote about… doing your own thing

“One of the best things I ever did was to give away my ideals. I was a fan of Hergé as a child and discovered Iver Meulen and Juste Swarté around the age of 12. At first I also worked with their obvious line in Sint Lucas, but the teachers laughed at it. Since then Then, I always started from painting with colors, and that was my luck. If I hadn’t developed my voice, I would never have gotten this far.

Photographer Tom Champ released his latest photobook this year, The happiest and greatest book of all vehicles. Read the full interview here.

Tom Champ © Titus Simmons

Best quote about… ambition

The biggest pressure doesn’t come from the outside world, it comes from myself. I constantly want to outdo myself. I can never be satisfied with a job for too long, but it’s healthy. To be 100 percent satisfied, and no longer challenged: Why even begin?

Artist Ben Sledsens presented his fourth solo exhibition at the Tim Van Laere Gallery in Antwerp. Read the full interview here.

Best quote about…emotions

“By rationalizing feelings, you make them more extreme. When feelings unexpectedly overwhelm me in full force, I don’t hold back. For example, I might suddenly have a fit of crying on the train, or a fit of laughter. I have known people who have deprived themselves of all feelings.” It’s sad.I think they are in more pain than those who sometimes allow themselves to cry.

Wided Bouchrika is a copywriter and content strategist who published her first novel this year tar. Read the full interview here.

Best quote about… where you are at home

“Your environment somehow determines the direction you take. As a young teenager I moved from Angola to Antwerp. It shaped me and gave me countless creative impulses. Also, very early on I was surrounded by a good, creative circle of young people with ambition. If I moved to New York tomorrow My work may look different.

Bertone da Silva is the founder and creative director of streetwear label Arte Antwerp. This year he released the second part of his capsule collection, in collaboration with French rapper group 667. Read the full interview here.

Bertone da Silva © Titus Simoes

Best quote about…tolerance

Normal is always relative. Many of the world’s problems begin there: because we cannot or will not accept that everyone has their own background and therefore their own point of view. Why wouldn’t this be okay? We shouldn’t necessarily impose our lifestyle or our opinions on each other.

This year, fashion and magazine photographer Mousse Lamrabet was a guest at the Museum of Photography, Amsterdam, with the exhibition Blessings from Mousganistan. Read the full interview here.

Best quote about… resilience

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” The economic crisis after the fall of the Soviet Union, the violence during the pro-European protests of 2013 and 2014, the annexation of Crimea: my generation always had to take advantage of that. Sometimes you just have to get through it as best you can.

Venya Brykalin is the Head of Fashion at Ukrainian Vogue and chaired the jury for the latest Belgian Fashion Awards. Read the full interview here.

Venya Brykalin © Renaud Callebaut

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