These shepherds are happy with the wolf: We are not supernatural | internal

“we are not supernatural”

To protect their flock, Németh and Pot use wolf-proof nets with electrical wires running through them. As soon as the wolf starts digging – the animal would rather do this than jump – it receives an electric shock. In this way the wolf learns that sheep are not a source of food.

The sponsors also sample two networks in quick succession. This makes the wolf more difficult to penetrate.

If we learn to live with the wolf, eventually there will be room for at least sixteen packs in Holland. The Netherlands currently has four groups: three in Veluwe and one around Drents-Friese Wold.

Wolves are beneficial to biodiversity. They keep deer and pigs healthy. Also, deer no longer dare to eat in certain places for fear of the wolf, giving the young forest a chance to grow. This, in turn, is beneficial to insects, birds and other animals.

Bot concludes “We have to realize that we are not above nature, but we are part of it. The wolf is simply part of that.”

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