Everyone was talking about showbiz scandals this year

2022 was a strong year for Hollywood. From The Voice Under Fire to Waylon Willingly Rejecting: We list the scandals for you.

sound under fire

The year 2022 started with a bang when Tim Hoffman released his documentary on January 20th Boss: That’s the sound Online, where he got rid of the abusive behavior of the coaches and staff at The Voice of the Netherlands Starch. The episode was watched seven million times in half a day and had devastating consequences. Not only was the program stopped immediately, but the Public Prosecutor’s Office also launched a criminal investigation against four suspects: coaches Marco Borsato and Ali B., musical director Jeroen Reitbergen and director. It is now known that the latter will not be prosecuted, and the other three cases are still pending.

Martijn Krabbé on The Voice of Holland: ‘I’m ashamed of it’


Glennis riots

Let my mom solve this Glennis Grace must have thought when her son got into a fight over an e-cigarette that he wasn’t allowed to smoke at Jumbo in Amsterdam’s Jordaan. I went for a story with friends, which ended in a common quarrel. Glenda, as the singer is really called, would have played a major part in this, since she struck the first blow. “Am I sorry? Yes, of course,” she said later, but that didn’t stop her from receiving 200 hours of community service. It probably won’t fill the boxes.

“Community service and training sentences are a big blow to Glennis Grace’s son”


Lil’ Klein’s loose hands

After previous rumors of abuse, Jorik Scholten finally fell into the basket on Feb. 12 when he pulled fiancé Jaimie Vaes out of the car during an argument and slammed her head into the door. This time there was no denial or evasion, as the action was filmed. The rapper was thrown in jail, but so far he has not been prosecuted. Just before the accident, he was given 120 hours of community service for an earlier attack in a club. “Everyone makes mistakes, including me. And everyone is allowed to correct their mistakes. That’s how I look back,” he said at the start of October. secretly.

Quiet Lil Klein Reports to Court: ‘Don’t Hope It’s a Fight’


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Johan’s candle riot

Johan Dirksen came under fire at the end of April when he arrived indoors today He told that he had pierced a drunk, unconscious woman with a candle. He later downplayed the incident, which he himself called a “juvenile sin”, by saying that he had placed the candle on a pedestal between her legs. “I wanted to show how people of my generation became naughty and went through a period of debauchery. I put my hand in my lap,” he said. However, the Public Prosecution Office opened an investigation, but decided to dismiss it in June because it could not be proven that it actually occurred.

Rob: Johan Dirksen can only save his own skin by quitting


The doo-bop trio

Doi Pop turned into Dutch soap opera’s Nick Cannon this year after becoming a father three times in six months with three different women. At the end of May, he announced that his son, Elias, had been born to his fiancée, Anouk van Schaik. At the end of 2021, Doi also gave birth to a daughter, Bobby Lou, from Loes van Delft, and a daughter, Ziggy, with a woman who wishes to remain anonymous. “It’s a little funky,” said the singer, “but I’m so happy and happy.”

Doi Pop on Children of Multiple Moms: “It Works”


Sniff the juice

A video of Taltiha Muuse “sniffing” went viral in May when Yvonne Koldewyer posted it on her muuse ​​channel. Although she stated that “it might have been fake,” she was still wet when it turned out that the presenter had previously recorded the video. BNR News Radio Staged to show how easy it is for juice channels to get out with lies. Yvonne later said, “I’m not BNRI’m not Norwegian Refugee CouncilI am not an investigative journalist. I’m just a juice channel. If I get a video of someone sniffing, I just post it. It’s just juice. This is. “

Rob Goossens: Juice channels only fear John de Mol


Waylon refused

Baby Brigman had barely given birth to her second child when it leaked Dad is a child She cheated on Waylon while she was pregnant. Although he initially denied, the juice channels turned up so much evidence that he had to reach a guilty plea. He wrote on Instagram: “I love my family more than anything else and this is what I did wrong.” He himself blamed the demons in his head. An interview later revealed that these demons were elsewhere Dorset farm. “Because of life, because of whatever, obstacles popped up in my head,” he explained there, “so it doesn’t work well downstairs anymore.”

Waylon is convinced he and Pepe will get out of a relationship crisis: ‘Love is greater than hate’


Nick without Simon

Showbiz land shocked when Nick Schilder and Simon Keizer announced in August that they would be taking their hit musical act Nick & Simon on hiatus in 2023. What followed were numerous rumors of a feud and a very awkward interview. Genk‘, with Nick in particular appearing to cast frustrated glances at Simon. But there he said: “We do not argue, it is not true.” Simon said the initiative to quit came from his side: “The fun’s gone.”

Friendship Nick and Simon according to Aran: ‘Not through the door’


Violations in DWDD

Culture of fear for years due to ‘outbursts of rage and public humiliation’ from presenter Matthijs van Nieuwkerk in The world is moving forward. search who the Volkskrant Published in November was not tender. It caused the talk show host to come under heavy fire. In their article, the researchers concluded that his behavior led to stress, feelings of insecurity, and even burnout among employees. The NPO launched an external investigation and Matthijs had no choice but to resign immediately. Although he still mocks his former employer. “The fact that my employer openly doubts my sincerity makes further cooperation impossible,” he said via the National Ports Agency.

Thumbnail preview

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Thegs behind bars?

When a young woman came forward with allegations of abuse towards Thess Roemer, the actor initially denied: “The story of a fourteen-year-old girl whom I had contacted across the border, as the father of a teenage daughter and a sane person, is a bridge to me. So far.” It wasn’t the end of stocking, as it turned out later. In November, the Public Prosecution Service announced that it would prosecute Thege for offending sexual conduct. It was alleged that three women, minors at the time, accused him of sextortion, a form of sexual extortion.

Alleged victims’ attorney Thijs Römer has ‘strong evidence’


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