December 29th. Just arrived: Jef Valkeniers was born, from VU to VLD

2018 Death in Berta’s Truck (Groningen) Hans Heres (73), Dutch communist politician. He became an alderman in the former municipalities of Berta and Ridderland. In the council elections in Ryderland in 1994, he and his party won an absolute majority, making Ryderland “the last communist stronghold in the Netherlands”. Until his resignation in 2001, he was officially the last communist alderman in the Netherlands.

In Flanders he was the most comparable politician Willie Minbo (1944-2012), Communist Municipal Councilor of Borcht from 1971. In 1991 he moved from the Belgian Communist Party to Green colorand became mayor of Zwijndrecht (Waasland) from 1994 to 2012. You can also call him the first green mayor.

1972 The latest issue of American Photography Magazine life appears, after a “life” of 36 years. Trading numbers and advertising revenues fell. However, in 1978 the magazine was revived, now as a monthly magazine, until May 2000. From 2004 it has been life A weekly weekend supplement to a number of American newspapers, incl Los Angeles Timesthe Chicago Tribune And the news day.

1966 Death in Habay-la-Neuve Truck Pierre Nothumbe (79), Catholic and conservative Belgian politician. Lionel Baland wrote a biography on him.

1963 He was born in Bunningen (Gelderland) on Joan KuijmansFamous TV presenter. She is best known for her work on KRO Radio, A.S Awakened World, The Breakfast Club, Theater of Feelings, Time for Two, Title Unknown, For One Night, Deja Vu And on Radio NOS with Three tracks (1988-1990). Presented on KRO TV Breakfast TV, Holland is coming home And the This also!

Marianne Faithfull (° 1946) at the beginning of her career

1946 Born in Hampstead (London) Marianne FaithfullEnglish singer and actress. The daughter of a baroness and a former spy. Include her well-known songs As tears pass, Come and stay with me, This little bird, Summer nights, Lucy Jordan’s song, Sweetheart. Featured in movies When Pigs Fly, a story of ghost, moon, intimacy, etc. Her life is marked by drug problems. Ex-girlfriend of Mick Jagger and Allen Ginsburg. She doesn’t know much about politics. In 1979, Faithfull got the no broken English From the album of the same name, dedicated to the terrorist Ulrik Meinhof. Her biography: sincerely (1994). Of course you can’t miss a name like that.

1932 Born in Schepdaal (Flemish Brabant) from Jeff Falknersand a physician, neuropsychiatrist, and Flemish national politician. As a youth, he was a member of the Catholice Studentenactie-Jong Vlaanderen in his youth, where his Flemish affiliation received an extra boost. After his studies he joined Volksunie (VU). He became head of the VU (1962-1964) for the Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde region. Success in the 1970 municipal elections made him mayor of Chipdaal for a six-year term in 1971. Subsequently, Falkners became a Member of Parliament (1974-1985), a Senator (1985-1995), and a State Secretary for Brussels responsible for the environment and social housing and Work (1988-1989).

As a Flemish Brabander, Falkners voted in 1977 against VU joining the government on the basis of the Egmont Agreement. In the same year, Dilbeek Schepdaal sucks. From 1977 to 1988 and from 1995 to 2018 he was a councilor for the municipality of Delbec, where he was mayor from 1982 to 1988.

When it was decided at the turbulent VU conference in Leuven in September 1993 to steer a more progressive social and economic course, he turned to the VLD for reasons of principle. He was followed by, among others, Jacques Gabriel, Bart Somers and Andre Gaines. Since 1995 he has been a Federal Member of Parliament for the VLD. In 2017, he announced his departure from domestic politics.

After the death of his wife, Carla Kempeneers, in 1989, he remarried in 2002 to South African physician and politician Audrey van Zyl, who was elected to the Flemish Brabant District Council for the Open Vld in 2007. Jef Valkeniers has always had a great love for South Africa . He lived there for years and was a member of Protea. His daughter runs the Altydgedacht wine estate in South Africa.

Nettie Rosenfeld (1921-2001).

1921 The birth of the documentary filmmaker in Amsterdam Nettie Rosenfeld, a leader in its field. Originally, Nettie Rosenfeld was a nurse at the Central Israel Medical Care Center (CIZ) in Amsterdam, but went into hiding during World War II. She has worked in radio at Radio Heruizend Nederland, AVRO, VARA, NRU, NOS and VPRO. On October 5, 1951, she presented the first telecast of AVRO, and then, in the 1960s, she presented a number of programs on Radio Luxembourg. In the 1970s an employee of the KRO cabaret program Diagonal. She has made several documentaries for Radio NOS and VPRO TV, among others. She passed away in 2001 at the age of 79.

1901 No mention of “working horses” should be made. He was born in Van Vorst-Kempen Marie Delphine Nicassi. As in the 1920s, she was involved in the founding of the Social Service of the Flemish House in Brussels, and thus closely involved in the administrative functioning of the Flemish National League (VNV). During the occupation, Nykaci was the head of the secretariat of the Flemish National League of Women (VNVV).

After her return from Germany, Nikasi was sentenced to three years in prison. She was released at the end of 1947. Through her lawyer, Frans van der Elst, she became the secretary of Algemeen Vlaams Oud-Hoogstudentenverbond (AVOHV). Since the founding of the People’s Union in 1954, it has been entrusted with secretarial work. She remained there until the end of 1968. Acquainted with her second husband, August Peters, Peter-Jan Verstreit formed the focus of Volksony’s internal party activities. She passed away in 1992, at the age of 90.


Jameson is captured after the raid

1895 the Jameson raid. At the end of the nineteenth century, under the perfect storm of colonial greed for African land, a country full of mineral resources under the rule of unruly Africans was a thorn in the side of the British. But first they had to learn to take the Boers seriously as an opponent. The British offensive operation began on December 29, 1895. Under the command of Sir Leander Starr Jameson (1853-1917), former physician and current Administrator of Southern Rhodesia, more than five hundred British troops invaded the Transvaal Republic on horseback. It will be a complete failure.

1894 Guido Giselle Notes:

If the French don’t take and take,
It seems to him that he forgot something.

1832 Swiss colonel Nicholas von Gumons, who had voluntarily submitted to the Dutch army to assist in the defense of the fortress of Antwerp against a French force majeure, died at the age of 42. His tomb, a massive obelisk depicting Antwerp Castle, is still admired in the General Cemetery in The Hague.

1810 By order of the French occupier: in French Flanders, Dutch-language newspapers may not appear unaccompanied French translation.

1443 The Duke of Saxony renounces his rights Luxembourg in favor of Philip the Good. Thus, Luxembourg joins the Netherlands.


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