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1 deadA train carriage of a passenger train derailed yesterday afternoon in Tenray, Limburg, after colliding with a car. One death occurred. The train hit a road sweeper at full speed near the Spoorstraat. An eyewitness says that the railroad rails fell too late: “It happens often in that place and I also reported to the police.”

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The sweeper driver was seriously injured after the collision and had to be resuscitated immediately. However, this was in vain. still dead. “We feared for his life. He didn’t look good at all,” says Gabe, 43.

“it was so bad”

Gabby and her four children watched the crash from their car. “We saw the approaching train from a distance as the railroad barrier lights were just going out. The barriers were not fully closed when the train reached the level crossing. Of course this is not true. Unfortunately, it is more common at the designated railroad crossing. I always warn my children not to this place “.

After the collision, Gabe saw several motorists come out to administer first aid to the victim and the three other injured people. ,, My kids and I saw the sweeper driver. Horrible to see.” Gabby reversed her car to protect her children. “In my opinion, enough people were there already and I thought it was just too hard for my kids. As a caregiver, I’m used to something, but a 4-year-old shouldn’t see that kind of thing.”

Victim support

The accident occurred at the junction with railway barriers. It is still not clear how the road sweeper train and the train collided. The police will investigate this further. Among other things, he flew a drone over the accident site. Pro Rail is also on site. It will check if the track is damaged and if the train can be put back on the rails.

Gabe suspects a defect is the cause of the accident. “I was barely able to see the road sweeper, but I’m sure the train got there faster than the barriers closed. I mentioned it to the police. I hope they can do something with my information.” Gabi considers asking for victim support for her children. “It’s not something we’ve seen. Those sweepers—I thought it was a little car at first—turned into wreckage. People are running and panicking everywhere. It’s all starting to come down a little bit now.”

The train derailed

The driver of the train sustained a head injury, and three passengers suffered minor injuries. One was taken to the hospital, two others were checked at the scene by paramedics and did not need to be taken to the hospital. Initially, the emergency services spoke of two injured passengers, but according to the police there appear to be three.

The train partially derailed at the front. “It was a huge mess,” says Gabe. “There was so much dust that I couldn’t even see the train properly.” According to the security area, he was the train driver and 34 passengers on the train. The passengers were removed from the train at around 4.15pm and taken to the town hall of Horst aan de Maas. They are being taken care of there, the spokesperson said, and there is support for victims where necessary.

She confirms that the relatives of the victims can contact Gabi. “I can imagine they have a lot of questions. I am willing to help them as much as I can.”

Big alert

A police spokesman could not say exactly how the accident occurred at the railway crossing at the Spurstraat. “This has not yet been investigated,” he said. It is not clear to the police if the train collided with the road sweeper or vice versa. “The church ended up on the side of the road about 30 meters away,” the spokesperson said. The train stops about 100 meters away. According to the speaker, this indicates that it was a big hit.

The accident occurred at around 2:40 p.m. Emergency services raised the alarm.

no trains

According to ProRail, the accident caused extensive damage to the infrastructure. The damage to the track is extensive. This makes train movement between Venlo and Venray impossible. “The initial estimate is that the repair work will take until Thursday at the end of the day,” ProRail said. NS has stated that no trains will be running until at least 6pm on Thursday. Buses run between Venray, Blairrick and Venlo.

The railway crossing at the Spurstraat was closed for a few hours on Wednesday evening in connection with, among other things, an investigation by the police.

previous incident

A sad event occurred earlier this week in more or less the same place. A train driver died during a night journey on Christmas Day between Nijmegen and Roermond. It is possible that he had a heart attack after he stopped the train in Tenrai due to being hit by a deer.

Police and firefighters are investigating with the sweeper. © Edward Media

Emergency services are located at the place where the train car derailed.  The passenger train collided with a lorry near the Spoorstraat.
Emergency services are located at the place where the train car derailed. The passenger train collided with a lorry near the Spoorstraat. © ANP

A train carriage of a commuter train has derailed in Tenray (Limburg).
A train carriage of a commuter train has derailed in Tenray (Limburg). © Track88

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