These Celebrity Couples Didn’t Survive 2022

Jade Dubois and Ricky Lucassen

It gave us hope that “Tempation Island” love exists. Sadly, though, Jedi and Ricky’s relationship didn’t last at the end of the year; At the beginning of January, they announced that they were separating after a year and a half. “We don’t have any fights at all and we love each other so much,” they wrote in their Instagram posts.

Later, Jaydi stated on “Eating With My Ex: Going Dutch” that she saw Ricky as her “dream man”, but his negative behavior stopped her. “He mostly wanted to lie on the couch, and I just wanted to get out of it.”

Marco Borsato and Leontine Reuters

After a new opportunity and “shaping out”, Marco and Leontine’s relationship finally comes to an end in 2022. Through all the dangers around the sound and allegations of sexual assault against the singer, he said a story I said it’s better not to be in a relationship for a while.

Leontyne found happiness again later this year with millionaire John Huberts. Marco has also been spotted several times with a blonde lady, but whether this is also his new girlfriend is unknown.

Jimmy Weiss and Yorick Scholten

Their relationship has been on the blink of an eye for a long time. But it finally came to an end after Yvonne Coldeweijer shared a video in February showing how Jorik assaulted Jaimie during an argument in the car.

I filed a report and left for Ibiza with their son, Leo. To this day, exes battle it out in court over their estates. “He’s so sick for words. He even asks Lío back,” Jamie said of their son’s expensive watch on her reality series. Jimmy Weiss: In Weiss Lane.

Dirk Zellenberg and Sues Schenk

It’s a bit of an irony: the wedding officiant who gets divorced. In March of this year, Dirk Zellenberg and Seuss announced that they had decided to end their marriage.

the divorceThe actor has three children with his ex-wife, Zoëy, Kees and Bobby, and he doesn’t want to go into the details of their separation to protect them. However, he indicated that he will continue to work as a wedding officiant.

Renzi Klammer and Dina Florence

A year after Renzi Klammer made his relationship with Dhena Insta official confirmed it was over and done with. He said of the split: “Our ambitions and their practical implementation are no longer in sync, but we still love each other.”

Later this year, Renzi was spotted with a new lady named Claire, but they never officially confirmed their relationship. He was previously married to singer Pearl Josefzon, with whom he has two children.

Anna Noushin and Nassim Zita

“Dear all, Nassim and I have decided to separate with great sadness but also with great love,” Anna Noushin wrote on Instagram Stories in June. After a relationship that lasted about four years, the cake is over, to her dismay. She continued, “My belief in love will always be there and I will cherish the time we had together.”

Fortunately, Anna did not have to feel lonely for a long time, because it is said that she is now with actor Theges Bormans.

Thomas van der Vlogt and Merrill Becks

Like a laughing teenager, Thomas van der Vlogt declared love to Meryl Becks while at it singles. “I’m really in love and never have,” he said. But after a few months, the juice channels already showed the first pictures of Thomas who was also having a great time with other women.

Meryl responded with an emotional message: “I feel so embarrassed.” “My heart is broken.” To which Thomas comes to this painful conclusion: “Unfortunately, sometimes things don’t go the way I initially envisioned.”

Rose Bertram and Gregory van der Wiel

They seemed like the perfect couple, but model Rose Bertram and former soccer player Gregory van der Wiel didn’t quite make it together either. “I am currently Single and ready to minglesaid the mother-of-two on the YouTube series in July Open the map.

I later explained the break in Grazia’s Winter Book. “I lost myself a bit. And finding that in my relationship is no longer possible.”

Soon, Gregory was seen with British model Arabella Chi. Rose is linked to World Cup top scorer Kylian Mbappe, but has not confirmed the relationship yet.

Richard van der Meulen and Simon Steinbacher

The whole of Holland fell out with Richard and Simon B&B with love. She was the first female B&B owner candidate in Portugal, and she never left. Unfortunately, their early love did not last.

“I didn’t feel what I wanted to feel,” said Richard, who ended their relationship over the phone. Simon seemed to have more trouble with the breakup than he did, but she eventually accepted him too. “He wants to go for gold, I want to be a diamond. I want to shine and someone has to make me shine. He didn’t,” she added. Genk.

Frank Jansen and Roger Smit

After a protracted divorce, Frank Jansen and Roger Smit announced in August of this year that they are now officially divorced. Program in-house designers Prikke’s Palace They stop making television because they can no longer separate their work from their own problems.

“Rogier is asking for a very high alimony, and he wants me to pay him 10,000 euros a month,” angrily Franck said earlier this year. He was looking forward to his life as a bachelor. “I can now flirt freely with the whole world again.”

Quinn Verweg and Jota Leerdam

At the beginning of August, long track skater Jutta Leerdam announced that she had ended her relationship with Olympic champion Quinn Ferroy after more than five years. It is said that he rode a crooked sled, but the couple did not want to explain anything about it.

Jota stuck out a stylish statement on her Instagram Stories. “We are at different stages in our lives and we are no longer the match we once were. I wish him all the best,” she wrote. Very disturbing that they bought a new villa near the Thialf skating rink in Heerenveen just before their breakup.

Gutti Verbruggen and Kaas Hueger

They were the biggest winners Love Island This year, however, the love between Jotti Verbruggen and Cas Hooijer didn’t last long. The breakup rumors started after juice channels revealed that Cass was also flirting with other ladies online.

Although he initially said that “cheating was out of the question”, he later admitted: “I wasn’t nice and didn’t actually show how much I loved her. Those letters were just the last straw at that. Fé and Lennert, the runners-up, seem happy.” together.

Jochem Meyer and Marlos Nova

Although they have been separated for some time, comedian Joachim Meijer and singer Marlos Nova only announced their separation in December. They “parted in love,” Jochem wrote on Instagram. “We think our soul mate comes out best in this form.”

The former lovers, who have been together for sixteen years, share a son, Melle, and a daughter, Limoni. They didn’t release the news earlier “so we can get used to our new life in peace.”

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