Chief columnist Jout after criticism for “glorifying the mother” Morocco

In Last Minute, The Country’s Christmas Riot, starring Roseanne Hertzberger, a columnist for The New York Times Norwegian Refugee Council. She took the full blow after she wrote a column criticizing Moroccan mothers in the newspaper this weekend. The column’s disapproval was so massive that it even pulled out of Twitter, where the comments are the fiercest. Although she also gets a lot of support there.

In her column this Christmas weekend, Herzberger expressed her dismay at the “glorification of the mother” that emerged after the success of the Moroccan national football team in the last World Cup. Many people liked it, all the pictures and videos of soccer players dancing on the field with their moms.

For example, photos of football player Boufal dancing with his mother went viral. When they returned home, the mother was also honored. Together with their sons who were part of the Moroccan squad, they were allowed to meet the king. Roseanne Hertzberger had something to say about “mother worship.”

Hertzberger’s Column: “Stop the Glorification of Mothers”

In her column, she called for an end to this “glorification of mothers”. Because behind the cult of the mother, according to the writer Hertzberger, there is a “pessimistic picture.”

She says, “Moroccan women are too much of a mother, and nothing else.” According to her, Morocco still has a whole world to gain in this field. “More than half of Moroccan students are women, but all this talent, ambition and creativity is locked behind the front door after marriage.”

Being too much of a mom? “There is no possible way”

She touches a chord with this. Being too much of a mom? Many people don’t understand the “terrible” column you wrote. under her column Norwegian Refugee Council She always says that Roseanne Hertzberger is a microbiologist. “Would that be a smokescreen for her stupidity?” says Henk Spahn. Another writes: “Stop demolishing our culture and customs.”

Last year, the microbiologist was also a topic of discussion on Twitter. It was after she raged against Thierry Baudt and Wyprin van Haga over the coronavirus.

Columnist support: ‘They didn’t understand anything about the column’

But the columnist also gets a lot of support. “Those angry rants about Roseanne Hertzberger’s mommy column didn’t get any of that column at all. It’s not about honoring your mom, it’s about mommy in general and putting motherhood on a pedestal. As if that’s the primary role of women,” someone says.

Column co-author Sander Schimmelbenik also agrees with his message Norwegian Refugee Council-Colleague. But despite this acclaim, Roseanne Hertzberger seems to have had enough of the social milieu. her Twitter account does not exist anymore.

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