Verstappen happy with de Vries in the Red Bull family, Newey considering leaving for Ferrari | GP fan summary

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The world of Formula 1 does not stand still on Christmas Day either. Mario Andretti, for example, has announced that he has two drivers in mind if Andretti Autosport is accepted into the top division. Romain Grosjean tells in an interview with GP fans He believes there will be copies of the Red Bull RB18 on the grid next year. Meanwhile, Pierre Gasly is grateful to Red Bull for the role the team has played in his career. The Frenchman has now left for the Alps. Aston Martin Ambassador Pedro de la Rosa talks about the signing of Fernando Alonso to the British team. Max Verstappen says he is delighted to welcome Nyck de Vries into the Red Bull family. Adrian Newey explains why he is considering leaving for Ferrari in 2014.

Andretti reveals the drivers he will target if the team is accepted into Formula 1

The Andretti Autosport team has not yet been officially accepted into Formula 1, but Mario Andretti, 1978 world champion and father of team boss Michael, already has two drivers in mind. The Italian-born American said this in an interview with Soybean drive. Read more? click here!

Grosjean: “Many cars that will look like Red Bull next year”

Romain Grosjean predicts that there will be several copies of the RB18 on the starting grid next year. The Red Bull Racing car turned out to have the fastest concept in the first year of the new regulations, so the Frenchman expects many teams to develop in the same direction. in conversation with GP fans Grosjean explains: “I think everyone will imitate Red Bull in a way, because it was the best car in the race. Ferrari might have been a little faster in qualifying, but Red Bull was the best car in the race and that’s why you want to make a copy of it.” Read more? click here!

Gasly praises Red Bull’s role in switching to Alpine: ‘Grateful for their understanding’

Pierre Gasly, 26, will not compete under the Red Bull banner for the first time in his Formula 1 career next season. The Frenchman will be racing to the Alps next year and was ready for a new challenge. Despite the fact that Gasly still has a contract with AlphaTauri, Red Bull has cooperated in the transfer and the Frenchman is grateful for that. in conversation with GP fans At the end of the season, Gasly said of his last spell at AlphaTauri: “When I came to Formula 1 [en] When I got back from Red Bull, I tried to play the best possible role as an ambassador for Red Bull. However, he finished with the coaching staff: “It made sense to say, ‘Now we have to close this.'” Give me a chance to move forward in my career and of course we don’t know what the future will be like. But we didn’t end up on the wrong foot.” Read more? click here!

De la Rosa saw quick move from Aston Martin: ‘Alonso lured in a few days’

Former Formula 1 driver and Aston Martin ambassador Pedro de la Rosa has revealed that the signing of Fernando Alonso was a last-minute act. The announcement of Sebastian Vettel’s retirement also came as a surprise to the team and so the team had to act quickly to secure the two-time champions. De La Rosa expects Alonso and Lance Stroll to make a great pairing. He added, “We can’t underestimate Stroll’s speed and experience. This will be his seventh season, so overall I think they make two good drivers and get along very well.” From. In Alpine, there sometimes seemed to be some friction between the Spaniard and Esteban Ocon: “The relationship with your teammate ultimately depends not only on the team, but also on the drivers themselves and mutual respect.” Read more? click here!

Verstappen happy with de Vries as part of the Red Bull family: “He’s fantastic”

Next season, for the first time in a long time, two Dutch players will be active in Formula 1 again. Max Verstappen is bidding for his third world title at Red Bull Racing, while Nyck de Vries can show what he can do at sister team AlphaTauri. The two-time champion is happy that De Vries has finally made it to Formula 1, because he knows the former Formula E champion well. href=””>Read more? click here!

Newey on the brink of leaving Red Bull for Ferrari: ‘We were stuck with a bad engine’

Adrian Newey, the lead designer of 13 Formula 1 world championship-winning cars who has been an employee of Red Bull Racing for more than a decade, said he went through a disincentive at the start of the hybrid era in 2014. While Mercedes looked unbeatable, the Austrian team was stuck with a deal with Renault did not offer the best power units. Read more? click here!

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