“Mama is the most beautiful nickname I have ever received”

And suddenly you’re standing there with a baby in your arms. From wanting a baby to pregnancy to motherhood: Bringing a baby into the world is one big roller coaster. Naomi, 29, had a smooth pregnancy and delivery. She and Flip, 27, are now the proud parents of Emmylou.

“We are currently busy building our dream home,” says Naomi. “The plan was actually for her to be pregnant after we moved in, but I was pregnant much earlier than we could have imagined. We still live with my parents, so it was hard for us to pass on the good news to ourselves. This is why our parents told us after six weeks that we were expecting a baby. We’ve done this with our personal onesie. They were over the moon! ”

back cramps

“We asked my sister to be godmother, and as godmother we chose Flip’s best friend,” Naomi continues. They both fell out of the blue because we asked this question at the same time we were told we were pregnant. For the first three weeks I suffered from morning sickness,” says Naomi.But then I really dreamed of pregnancy! I had no ailments and felt very good in my own skin.

Our baby was a stargazer, so the gynecologist used the plunger before birth.

“I was two days late when I started having contractions at night,” says Naomi. “I wanted to keep it a surprise until my dad left for work, and I also waited to tell my boyfriend until his alarm went off. In the afternoon when the contractions got worse and worse, we went to the hospital where it turned out I was already four centimeters dilated. Once I got there, I had contractions again.” Another one and it hurt a lot more than the previous one.So I didn’t hesitate for a second to ask for an epidural, so I could calmly prepare for this big moment.


Our baby was a star rider, so the gynecologist used a plunger during the birth,” says Naomi. The push itself only took half an hour, pushed hard about ten times, and our daughter was born. Holding her in my arms the first time was an amazing feeling. It was Friday the 13th, but that was our great luck! “

“The motherhood period also went smoothly,” says Naomi. “Because I still live at home, I had a lot of help from my dad. This way my boyfriend and I can enjoy our baby to the fullest. We chose the name Emmylou. We both have very different tastes in music, but we both love hearing an artist: Vance Joy. He has a song called Emmylou.” Emmylou And that’s how we came up with the idea.

to melt

Naomi says: “Being a mother is the most special feeling I have ever had in my life. The love you have for your child is so amazing. I also miss her when I barely have her with me for an hour. The moments when she falls asleep in my arms or starts laughing when she sees me are the most beautiful moments.” Also when Flip hugs her, I melt and fall in love with him even more!

When Flip hugs our little girl, I just melt and fall in love with him even more!

“There are times when Emmylou cries when nothing happens, and of course it’s not cute,” Naomi says. But that certainly doesn’t outweigh all the lovely moments together. Flip and I would love to have another child. We used to always say we’d start again soon, but I’ve changed that. I do not like the combination of a family with a baby and a small child. Firstly fully enjoy Emmylouand when you go to school, mom and dad will take care of a little brother or sister.

pregnancy announcement

pregnancy announcement

With this romper we announced to our parents that we are going to be mom and dad. Flip is the guitarist for the cover band “clochards deluxe” and their uniforms are black and gold. Emmylou wears this suit to watch Dad perform.

Expose on social media

With this picture, we announced on Facebook that we are pregnant with a girl. I’m very bad at keeping silent, so we immediately revealed the sex.

Photographer: Margoun Van Photography by Margoun

Bold belly baby

I got a tattoo on my grandmother’s ribs, her lucky number was 13 because she was born on the 13th. Emmylou was also born on the 13th and I’m sure the grandmother had something to do with that.

Maternity photography

This photo exudes all the love that Flip already had for our little girl at that moment.

Photographer: Margoun Van Photography by Margoun

baby shower

My best friend organized a surprise baby shower with my sister and mom. It was a pleasant afternoon!

Birth card

The birth announcement was designed in part by my husband on Hip Birth Announcements. The card says “You are loved”, which is part of the lyrics to the song “Emmylou”.

Baptismal sugar

Zusje Lief has designed an amazing sugar baptismal concept based on the birth announcement.

Small family

my beautiful family. Love exudes from this picture.

Mama's feeling

This picture shows the love of a mother for her child! Mama is the most beautiful nickname I have ever received.

Our miracle

Emmylou with her favorite game “nynemans”.

Photographer: Marjon Lijnen from photography bymarjon

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