Politician of the Year 2022 for Basiehov

If you take a look at the list from 2021, you’ll see that little has changed this political year. Well she is Thierry Baudt Dipping deeper down the rabbit hole, he’s now cheering for reptiles and staging lunar landings, but this is a first Prime Minister Jr ‘t Loden Dalertje for the third time in a row. Opinion polls also show no positive movement in terms of funding versus funding. Already knows a party member and “teetotaler” Gideon Van Meeren He put himself in the spotlight for, among other things, drunk driving through Hofstad on three wheels before his arrest.

head of the chamber Vera Bergkamp It also extends John Leerdam’s trophy to most useless politicians. The meetings are still a mess, the difference from last year is that its writer and management team has resigned and so has his predecessor Khadija Arib. HellEven the entire government withdrew during general considerations!

De Eikel is still a member of D66 Chord ‘Dubya’ Sjoerdsma If it weren’t for the fact that he would now have to share his address with spreading fake news and fascist shouting Striped de Groot. And of course with the party leader Sigrid Cage MeToo would Frans van Dremlen Totally out of control. Dram66 also works with its smelly sister VOLT to ban entire parties, which certainly doesn’t contribute to the party’s popularity.

Farid Azrakan And the Sylvana Simmons They, just like last year, the most elegant MPs, Geert Wilders still threatens and Peter Umzicht Peter continues to do Omtzigtdingen. It is worth noting, perhaps, the former courier Sophia Hermans Who, as the head of the VVD party, clearly chose the wrong profession and Caroline van der Plas who actually eats CDA. But other than that, there is a slight change to the menu, Mark Rutte The first among his peers remains the most forgetful.

An abundance of crises

The difference from last year is that the country suffers from several crises, the House of Representatives is completely fragmented, and riots follow after riots. It would not be fair to blame the entire current situation on politicians. Even The Hague has little influence on the global repercussions of the Corona crisis and a confused idiot in the Kremlin. However, Cabinet and Chambers could have done more about preconditions in 2022.

Because how is it possible not to get the Dutch to pay their energy bills without falling into poverty, but to bring ISIS terrorists and their viper descendants into the country? Why do environmental activists control nitrogen technology while farmers who want to buy it have to wait because national government districts are not allowed to offer tailored solutions?

The citizen swings from the energy crisis to the refugee crisis to the nitrogen crisis to the housing crisis to the youth care crisis for the benefit of the Hugo and Swart crisis to the slave crisis and the climate crisis to the purchasing power crisis and the crisis of confidence in the end. Confidence in the Cabinet (19 percent) and in the House of Representatives (35 percent) is quite low at the end of this year, according to the figures. one today.

And he became a Basehov politician for 2022 …

Is everything gloomy in The Hague? Yes, by and large. However, there is a bright morning star in the political skies. A bright sun can serve as a navigation, a point on the horizon, and a sign of hope and optimism. And let it always shine, shine, shine.

Because there is one politician who keeps courage. Ever cheerful and in the letter, He never participated in riots, and there was no Bolognese on his body except for a strange tunic. And all this on land, sea and air.

Member of Parliament VVD Daniel Korhuis He is the Basehoff Politician of the Year 2022.


And he also turned out to be a reliable guy.

Merry Christmas!

Politician of the Year by Aus der reihe Bassiehof

2011 Beth Hein Donner (CDA)
2012 – Frans Timmermans (B Vida)
2013 – Frans Timmermans (B Vida)
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2016 – Mark Root (VVD)
2017 – Klas Dijkoff, Jesse Claver, Lillian Marijnissen, Tonahan Cuozzo and Thierry Baudet
2018 – Theo Hidema (FvD)
2019 – Peter Umtzigt (CDA)
2020 – Martin Bosma (PVV)
2021 Ludewijk Asscher (BVDA)

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