A market full of Christmas packages, KLM employees see the trade in exclusive Christmas sweaters

For those who have been a huge fan of KLM for years and have never flown around the world with another airline, this year’s Christmas sweater is a true collector’s item. Employees have seen this too, because the piece of clothing they can buy for a small sum as a Christmas gift is now frequently offered on Marktplaats. For about 60 euros.

66 times to sell

You can see the KLM logo on the jacket, along with the KLM plane being flown by Santa Claus. It says: “All I want for Christmas is blue.” Not every KLM employee agreed, at least 66 people don’t need clothes anyway.

On to that other blue company: Coolblue. The staff there received a big bag filled with lots of merchandise. Two of these packages are now on sale for 80 and 75 euros.

Lego delivery truck

For this money, you get, among other things, a bag, a frisbee, a megaphone, a bath towel and a Lego brick delivery truck. This chassis is also for sale separately 19 times, for 10 to 50 euros.

Another Christmas gift employees would rather lose than get rich: a book about mussels. DPG Media has presented the gift, along with goat wool socks, thousands of times in their Christmas packaging.

Sergio Herrmann’s book, Hommage, was not popular. Since this week, the book — still new in plastic — has suddenly gone on sale 47 times on the used site, and that can’t be a coincidence, right?

Of course, employees at the Pathé cinema chain didn’t receive a book, but at Marktplaats you can see what they got: a special Pathé edition of Monopoly. Dorpsstraat, Barteljorisstraat and Kalverstraat were replaced with the names of the cities and streets where the company’s cinemas were located.

“Unique for a Monopoly Collector,” writes the employee who prefers to sell the game — as one of the few it turns out. The highest bidder wins, there is currently a bid of €45.

Christmas parcels were also distributed at the Ministry of Defence. In addition to a box full of candy, an apron was also distributed. The nice thing about it is that it’s made from recycled military tent fabric. The Defense logo is also depicted on the apron.

However, not everyone had to have it. Where one hopes to sell the apron for 40 euros, the other gives it away for a box of Pringles.

On Dutch railways, drivers and conductors also received a present this Christmas. And this is not an axiom, because in 2020 the employees themselves – along with the Merci box – did not receive a gift. They received two first-class train tickets to give away to family or friends. The company will save tons with it.

NS package this year after all

There was a lot of fuss about this last year. Therefore, this year the employees again received something on the carpet: a puzzle, a scarf and a hat in the style of NS. Dozens of ads on Marktplaats show that not everyone felt like putting their cardboard pieces together. In some, the puzzle can be obtained for free, while in others you will pay 11 euros for it.

The scarf and hat are also on sale and popular: a Breda employee has already received an offer of €43 for the complete NS package.

Then you have the companies that don’t customize their Christmas gifts, but buy from the big Christmas gift chains. At Total Gift Christmas Packages, the “Christmas package with bicycle backpack” has proven to be popular. But not among the employees who got it.

45 euro bike bag

Collectively, they offer the Norländer bicycle bag – with a sales value of about 45 euros. The one with a rationale: “Although I realize it’s an expensive gift, I also know that due to two chronic illnesses I won’t be cycling long distances (which is what this bag is specifically designed for),” writes one of the sellers. She hopes to sell the bag for 40 euros.

Another writes: “I wouldn’t use this, I ride a motorcycle.” Then sell it, just as dozens of others think.

the lastBut definitely not the least: a traditional Christmas gift. Cardboard boxes filled with bottle of wine, tapas and the well-known Marktplaats nuts are also served, although there are not many of them. The good thing about this is that it is offered for free. “For families with children who don’t have much and really need it,” writes a recipient from Nijmegen offering a huge package.

The ultimate Christmas spirit

Another is to give away a tagliatelle, profiteroles and potato chips, among other things, “to someone I can happily be happy with.” There are also different packages online on the Facebook Marketplace. For example, someone from Alvin Ann Den Rhine shares the ultimate Christmas idea: “For those who don’t have scale, I’d like to give away a portion of my Christmas package!”

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